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Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 11:13:10 -0500 From: "Terrence Thoman" Subject: "Premire Hits" on and lyrical interpretations To: Gary Numan Digest *BEWARE* This post may contain subjects that may be just too boring for or deemed inappropriate by some readers. To avoid any resulting nastiness that may result from wasting ones time reading this post please refer to the following table of contents so that you may skip to the areas that interest you or skip to the next post. 1) Gary Numan songs available at MY-CD.COM 2) My comments on lyrical tag lines 3) My commentary on "The Seed of A Lie" MY-CD.COM This may be of interest to those people who were discussing the various compilations and their inability to get all their preferred GN tracks on one CD. is a web site that allows customers to choose songs from their music library to create custom CD compilations. Surprisingly "Premire Hits" is among the albums that are available. I find this encouraging to see a service aimed at mainstream tastes to include Gary and find it even more encouraging that Beggars is willing to allow their material to be distributed in this way. I emailed their customer service to express my satistfaction with Gary's inclusion and to express what other artists I'd like to see added to their offerings. I got an almost immediate email reply thanking me for my suggestions including a 25% discount on any purchase. Hopefully they'll be receptive and BB (and Eagle?) willing to include more GN material in the future so that each fan can have it his/her own way. Hope this didn't sound too much like a commercial for as I have never bought anything from them. This was my first visit to there site, but I intend to keep checking back and perhaps I'll even email BB to encourage them to allow the recently remastered albums to be made available. It certainly wouldn't do any harm for us all to show strong support for Gary by asking to increase its Numan library. USE OF LYRICS IN TAG LINES On a different note, I for one enjoy posts that end with Numan lyrical passages. I find myself running the song through my head as I read through the digest and it usually stays with me the rest of the day. THE SEED OF A LIE And since I making this out to be a long post anyway and to further thumb my nose at the recent backlash of "proper" or "boring" subjects I'll state this: While I don't rate Sacrafice as the best album Gary has ever produced, I think "The Seed of a Lie" is one of the most riveting songs he's ever done. I love the darkness of the song. On much of Sacrafice percussion gets front stage, but on this song the dark and brooding synths really come to the front to set the mood, and the lyrics are very powerful, especially toward the end where he sings: Do you remember? I said to you, love is a mountain But harder to climb It should be forever, but love is unkind To me. I literally get a chill up my back when he gets to the "to me" part. Up to that point it's just a general commentary, but then he personalizes it with that line. Then he goes into a desparate state just chanting over and over, "Don't let me down", concluding with sinking into an even lower state with "and you let me down". I get a visual of Gary curled up in the fetal position on the bare floor of a stark prison cell, just rocking back and forth chanting this line. It leaves me feeling very cold and isolated and I guess that's what music's all about isn't it? A feeling, an image, a state of mind, and Gary is a master of conjuring up those feelings and images. That's why I continue to listen and anxiously await the next installment of what Gary has to offer. And he's always got something different to offer. Take "Walk in My Soul". On the same album Gary can go from this very upbeat, warm feeling that reads like a Danielle Steele novel to "Seed" which is so utterly desparate and cold. || THIS WAY TO THE NEXT POST || \/ \/ Terrence ...the only one, September, she knows I can feel ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 21:16:52 -0000 From: "Phil Marsh" Subject: Asylum Blahdyblah To: Whilst showing due attention to the rules of this list, I'd like to respond to Daniel Turner's mail in the last Digest. If Dave Datta wants me to edit any of this before its posted - Dave let me know, not my intention to flame anyone. I did indeed suggest there were people I knew of who'd ordered from Asylum and not received anything. One in particular is a subscriber to this list, and I have absolutely no intention of using his name against his wishes, as he's a mate. > I'd just like to tell Phil Marsh to shut this trap Which trap is this? Oh, I guess you mean MY trap (to those overseas, this translates as I should "shut my mouth"). > I can tell you about the > two hundred people who have received their orders and are delighted about > them too but I probably haven't got the space. Shame none chose to write in your defence after my mail...maybe someone will in this Digest, instead. > Yes we do sell bootlegs, why hide from it?, although they probably only take > up about 3% of our list. You used that same line when I first had dealings with you - and the list I saw at that time showed what a naughty lie that was then. > And whats wrong with bootlegs anyway, the Depeche > Mode fan club positively endorse them!. When I was a collector I loved > bootlegs. And I've got me fair share, and I'll make the same point now as then - everyone I know swaps boots or does them for the cost of a blank tape. If there are still people daft enough to pay prices like you were charging at that time, then you're ripping them off - regardless of whether or not you delivered the goods. > Unfortunately, Phil's got a little grudge about us, I won't tell them what > it is Phil because it's so childish everyone would probably fall about > laughing. Tony Webb didn't think it was especially funny at the time, and he left me in no doubt as to his opinions of what people like you do. And without wishing to disappoint you Daniel, I've not given you a minute's thought since our little spat, but when there's a post recommending you on the Digest, I can't see any harm putting across someone else's experience - people then can make their own minds up. And I certainly don't intend raking up old history - you couldn't understand the reasons for my concern before, and from the tone of your rather strong outburst you won't understand why I'm writing now. If you've cleaned up your act, then all well and good. Perhaps some of your "200 satisfied customers" are on the Digest and will support you. If that's the case, I'll gladly apologise. Finally - you really shouldn't say something in an email you wouldn't say to someone's face; so don't tell me to shut my trap, because I'm absolutely certain you wouldn't say it to my face. Have a nice day now... Phil PS oi! Tik Tok Man! Any better? No? Oh well.... ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 21:36:17 -0600 From: (Paddy) Subject: boredom To: i would have to say that to some degree the messages are kind of boring. however, i can't imagine where I would be without the digest! I gues i shoudl not have put that out in such brod manner. uh, what I meant to say was, i don't know where my record collection would be today without the Digest. getting the latest on releases and websites to visit is invaluable to me, as . .. well you know how it is with Numan most places - no one knows nothin. My body screams - YES My mind just keeps its peace. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 05:38:54 +0800 From: Jean Burgess Subject: Boring To: Gary Numan Hi Y'all I've just read the last two digests and found some curious comments about it. If people don't like the subject matter then I think they need to be proactive and make suggestions or start the ball rolling on a more favourable topic. I think people also forget that the fans on the digest are very diverse, you only need to look at people's choices regarding favourite and least favourite Numan and whether least favourite is an allowed topic of discussion. There will be people on the digest who are happy to read about releases and discuss the old tracks, I'm rather cut off here and appreciate hearing about compilations etc and I like talking about the old times being an old timer. If it wasn't for NIN and Manson I would have been stuck in the 80's permanently. I read comments on the digest I'm not happy about, but I keep it to myself because everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm happy to get into any topic, ie people's personal experiences meeting Numan, a funny thing happened to me on the way to a Numan concert type stories. I prefer positive interactions with people on the digest, but one can't demand it. So if those of you falling to sleep right now, write in something that sets the ball rolling on topics you would like to discuss. One last thing. I most people didn't like what was on the digest the digest would fizzle out and I'm not aware of it fizzling out. I will be able to post that X-Press interview next time I'm on. I'm only revising now, no more assignments to hand in. I'm looking forward to your constructive suggestions for future topics of discussion. Buyeeee! Jean ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 20:09:06 -0000 From: "Stephen Page" Subject: Boring ? To: I have to admit to finding the digest boring of late. It also annoys me = to see people say that we can't discuss this or that cause it might = offend or it goes off too much at a tangent.=20 At the end of the day, as grown up Numanoids we should be able to = discuss all aspects relating to Gary, his music etc. People moaned about = the discussions regarding the homoeroticism, well like it or lump, the = images were there. For some people that may have been important and = therefore they have every right to discuss it in a place like this. = Let's not get ourselves into a state of narrow mindedness and let's = discuss all the issues that we feel we want to discuss. I want to be a member of Boys Like Us too ! and be proud of it ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 06:43:01 EST From: Subject: boring ????? To: Fellow Numanoids, Has the Digest become boring ????? I don't think so. God knows I was bored shitless by the religous, homowotsit and name calling..I scrolled through most of it .... However I think that Numanoids enjoy talking about things to do with Numan. Lyrics, images, fav tunes etc ( mainly because where else are you gonna do it ????)..Sure there is more than enough room for the more "serious" stuff.... But once it all gets too serious I start ascrolling.... Regarding Asylum merchandise...I don't know the person who runs it but I have nothing but praise for the geezer...I've ordered stuff off them and never had a complaint..I've always got my stuff and the prices are fair....well done Asylum. Tony J I still reckon "This Wreckage" is sooooo awful.. It was duff in 1980 and it is now;-) Everybody's Infected.....'cept me ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 13:18:54 -0500 From: Ken Subject: Boring Digest? To: Hello All! I don't find the Digest boring at all lately. I find it more enjoyable now without all the name calling and childish temper tantrums. At the last concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Gary said he planned to return to the US in a few months. Has anyone heard about when and if this may happen? I've put together a Gary Numan tribute site. You can find it at Best wishes! Ken ___________________________________________________________________ __If evil be the food of genious, there aren't many demons around._ ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:07:28 +0000 From: Tom Gorham Subject: Boring Digests To: "Gary Numan" The digest is admittedly a little boring, but that's simply because there's nothing going on on the Numan front at the moment. Maybe TikTokMan could brighten things up by rehashing his past emails about hearing Numan tracks on obscure B-Moview soundtracks in darkest Russia. That one really had me on the edge of my seat I can tell you. Regards Tom Gorham ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 07:33:21 -0500 (EST) From: "Michael R. Ward" Subject: for sale To: numan digest i have a couple more items for sale if anyone is interested. numan "like a refugee" (both versions- one with live extra track and other with acoustic version) i would like to try to sell as a set numan "asylum 1" still wrapped (sealed, unopened) numan "stange charm" original numa records release ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 10:49:02 +0000 From: Andy McHaffie Subject: immature To: Numan Digest I'm a friend pf Phil Marsh's and he's NOT immature.Is NOT is NOT is NOOOTTT *stamp* Andy -- -- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 13:48:10 EST From: Subject: looking for help on numan video"s To: hi, im looking for any numan video that other fans can trade with me . will trade for anything for numan Video. and also . if anyone like to know --on nov- 10 - 98. Cleopatra -is releasing -- the Fury - .on CD . ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 15:56:54 -0500 From: "Warren, Sam" Subject: My mirror's tarnished with 'no help' To: "''" Oh my, I've been mentioned in the Digest, and without much prodding on my part. I feel positively famous! ;-) There seems to be some debate over the quality of Gary's masterpiece (IMHO, of course) This Wreckage. Several people have opined that it simply isn't Gary's best work. Well, that's okay, I can live with a difference of opinion (even if you guys are wrong ;-)). However, before this whole controversy erupted, I had already nominated this much-maligned composition as Song of the Week on Joey Lindstrom's World Wide Webb site. "Oh dear," I thought, "now everyone who visits that site will know what bad taste I have." ;-) "Wait," I thought (almost immediately after), "maybe his site will be mysteriously unavailable during that week (it actually was, but I swear I had nothing to do with it) and no one will know my shame. Next thing you know, I've been outed by a fellow Numanoid! Joey himself wrote: >I agree - the song's pretty good. I wouldn't put it on my top-ten list >of Numan songs but it's not the piece of shite people here have been >saying it is. Last week it appeared on my Webbsite (in RealAudio) as the >"Song Of The Week". Y'all can blame Sam Warren in NYC for that choice. :-) Uh oh, the jig is up! Ah well, if I'm to be known all over the world, I suppose there are worse things to be known for than as a fan of what some consider a piece of shite. After all, a cartoon show called South Park got huge ratings when they featured a piece of shite that talks and sings (but unfortunately, it didn't sing This Wreckage ;-)). Joey also says that three different people wrote him to say that he must remove the offending song from his site. Gee, you guys hate the song so much you can't even deal with it residing quietly in cyberspace (unless you have RealAudio)? Wow, that's pretty serious! Well, nothing much I can do about that. I just think it's a really cool song that expresses some really cool thoughts on several really cool levels. So now we've all had our say. And that's really cool. ;-) Sam (who's secretly happy that he's suddenly made a name for himself) ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 13:07:34 -0800 From: Subject: Numan slagged in press, again?! To: Numan News Digest Hi All, Here's something to hopefully add zing to the scintillating content of the Digest. In this week's edition of the San Jose (California) Metro "Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper", film critic Richard von Busack reviews the new Todd Haynes movie VELVET GOLDMINE. The review mainly consists of his slagging of the film as a poorly done recreation of the life and times of Ziggy Stardust. This I had no problem with - I'll probably see the movie anyway - but he ends his review with this line: "....this film fails it's ambitions; it aspires to be David Bowie, and it's more like Gary Numan." The whole review can be found at and letters to the Metro should be sent to: I think that if the Metro gets enough mail from irate Numanoids about this obvious slagging that may be we can convince them to do a story on Gary...what do you think? Lisa ________________________ ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:42:19 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" Subject: Poll Update To: I am thinking of brining my poll (ranking the albums from 1 to 16) to a close a couple of weeks early because of Andy's poll on the net. Having voted on it myself, it seems like THE Numan poll, albeit the albums get ranked depending on individual song tastes rather than the album as a whole. Anyway, anyone desparate to change thye rankings (eg you think Machine+Soul is the best record of all time! ) please vote before Sunday 15. Nov. comparing the results of the two polls will be interesting. THE DIGEST IS NOT BORING!!!! I thought this was the kind of thing we were supposed to discuss! ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 13:06:29 +0300 From: "Peter Enright" Subject: Report from Moscow To: "Digest Numan" from: Scoop Newsworthy Reuters, Moscow Sat. 7 Nov. 1998 AUSTRALIAN MAN FOUND IN COMA Moscow Metropolitan police reported today that Australian expatriate Peter Enright was found in a deep coma in his apartment this morning. Police immediately suspected foul play, "It was a very strange scene," said the obviously shaken Detective Sergei Dorenko, "we were responding to numerous complaints that very loud music had been keeping his neighbours awake for several hours. So when there was no answer to the doorbell we had to break into his apartment. We found him slumped over his laptop computer apparently unconscious. He had programmed his CD unit on continuous play so that it was booming out capitalist punk music by some foreign singer called Numan." Then things became even stranger. Dorenko continued, "We then discovered that his computer was displaying some English e-mail list called the "Numan Digest", and one of my men who speaks English, began translating what was on the screen, but after several sentences, he collapsed out of sheer boredom and had to be rushed to hospital. I've never seen anything like it in all my years in the Militsia." Dorenko burst into tears at this point and had to be sedated. Mr. Enright is now recovering in Mental Clinic Number Twelve on the outskirts of Moscow, although it may take some time according to the clinic's director. The laptop was confiscated by military officials who intend to investigate the possibility of using this Digest program as a new weapon of mass destruction, possibly as a replacement for Russia's rusting and outdated underground nuclear missile silos. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 18:07:50 -0600 From: Doug Finney Subject: Sharpe+Numan - For Sale To: Gary Numan Speaking of Sharpe+Numan - anyone interested in buying my copy of "automatic"? Only played a handful of times, plus a couple more by the previous owner. I don't want to screw with a real auction but to make it fair to all here's the drill: Make me an offer (min. $25). The disk will go to the highest bidder for $1 more than the _2nd_ highest bid. I.e. Joe bids $100, Mary bids $50 -> Joe gets the disk for $51. WARNING: this means you should NOT bid higher than you feel is reasonable in hopes of beating all reasonable offers as someone else may make an unreasonable (but lower than yours) bid and I'd expect you to pony up the cash or be bad-mouthed on the list. :) I'll cover the postage to just about anywhere in the known universe as long as you can pay me in U.S. funds. Offers must be received by 12:00 p.m. CST, Saturday, Nov. 14, 1998. Doug ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:34:17 -0000 From: "Urban Lundqvist" Subject: Sister Ray To: Sister Ray is now on-line: Best Urban ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 13:45:31 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" Subject: This Wreckage To: A lot has been said about This Wreckage lately. I certainly think it;'s not rubbish, but Gary's certainly done better, but it pisses on 3 tracks on the same album (especially the horrible dirge of a title track). The intro, however is great-as Martin Purvis says "like a battering ram"-very powerful. I reckon Gary also uses synth like a battering ram on Berserker- just listen to the title track on White Noise :-) I'm also going to comment on a much-maligned Numan song: "I Can't Stop" Why do loads of people hate it? I happen to really enjoy it, I always sing along (in my head) whenever I hear it. But it just seems to get dismissed as being crap. I'm a sucker for catchiness. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:07:25 +0000 From: Tom Gorham Subject: This Wreckage ain't shite! To: "Gary Numan" said on 5/11/98 7:00 am >I agree - the song's pretty good. I wouldn't put it on my top-ten list >of Numan songs but it's not the piece of shite people here have been >saying it is. Although I criticised This Wreckage, it was the fact it was chosen as a single. There were a few more catchy tunes on Telekon than this: what about I'm an Agent? I even liked Kenickie's version... Regards Tom Gorham ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 19:48:17 -0000 From: "Phil Marsh" Subject: Volariam/Boring To: Hello, bodies One:- From: >Page 45, paragraph 5, line 4, word 11, Ray Colemans >authorised biog. from 1982 -- VALERIUM >I thank you. Aah, fancy being named after a typo...sweeeet! Me, I'd sack the proof reader... :-) Two:- Boredom on the list, eh? Hmmm...maybe it hasn't occured to some people, but maybe SOME of us just see the list as a place to exchange lightweight banter/info on Numan related topics. Maybe some of us get our in depth and/or serious discussions in the real world, or on other forums. The Digest does get bogged down sometimes, and "The Digest Asks Gary" is rather sorely missed, but I don't depend on it to keep me going. Get yourselves a life and treat it as the 'net candy floss it is. >I think discussions of religious views or homoeroticism >are probably the most vital and challenging exchanges >one is likely to find on any artist-related site Funny how the number of complaining emails along the lines of "shut up about homo-eroticism/religion" went up at that time wasn't it?! There IS an easy answer though - go and start your own list. Here's the address:- Now, all of you who really find this list more boring and banal than you can stand, organise yourselves and off you go. I'm sure you'll be far happier. And don't bother flaming me by saying I have no right to force you off the list - I'm not, but you now have the opportunity to create your own list where you can dictate what you talk about, so why not go and do it? Toodle pip Phil ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************