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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 00:21:48 -0800 From: Derek Langsford <> Subject: ADMINISTRIVIA To: THE DIGEST ASKS GARY - AN EXPLANATION OF THE SITUATION I've seen several mentions that subscribers miss The Digest Asks Gary feature that started soon after Gary went on-line. I admit I do too. After about a year it faltered due to my not being able to tend to the feature (new job without internet access) and Gary's increasing workload. After a hiatus, Gary agreed to start again, but after a single session the US Exile Tour rehearsals and tour came first. Since then, I have been unable to elicit a response from Gary via email to anything. In addition to his lack of updates on NuWORLD (last one was to say Extended Exile is postponed to Nov 23) he appears to have stopped reponding to my emails (and in some ways I hope others' too). I can ask him again if he has time to deal with 10 to 20 questions a month, but unless he responds in the affirmative, there is nothing more I can do to regenerate the feature. With his schedule to get the new album ready by January, I think the probability of him saying "yes" is next to nil. Any subscriber's disappointment is matched by mine over this state of affairs. RESTRICTING DIGEST CONTENT A few subscribers have criticized Dave or myself for limiting the debates on the Digest. I think we would plead guilty but we feel that it is justifiable. The Digest, as indicated in the welcome message, is a forum for fans to discuss anything related to Gary. The religious nature of the lyrics was fair game, as was the homoeroticism in the lyrics. Where we drew the line was where it strayed from discussing the lyrics, what they meant to people etc, into debates about religion in general and homosexuality in general, and often with insults aimed at other subscribers. While not subscribing to the Reaganesque "though shall not speak ill of another Digest subsriber" flaming or being controversial without it relating to anything related to Gary or his music is not what this forum is about or what most subcribers expect it to be. For those reasons Dave and I intervene. We have only done it on three occasions since 1993. FYI, Dave and I met for the first time last month. It had only been 8 years since we first emailed (when the Asylum sets came out). I hope it doesn't take that long for us to hook up again. DIGEST BORING? The Digest is only as good as what the subscribers post. There tend to be only a small propertion who carry most of the load. I used to post at least once each Digest, but kids, a real job, household responsibilities have taken their toll. I applaud those who post regularly to the Digest, but considering it has been going for over 7 years, and is approaching its 500 issue it's not hard to understand why it flags between album releases. And with the time between them now more than a year, that lull is inevitable. So, it's up to each and every one of us to make it interesting. Peter's satire was a very funny way to express his dissatisfaction. If everyone was that creative discussing how boring the Digest had become would be fun and interesting :-) There is a lot to write about really: What do fans think about Gary's hints for the new album - real drums, fewer drum loops, a more direct sound, more guitars? Should Eagle reissue the live or extended albums? Should they be remastered? Should we inundate Cleopatra with emails to release the recording of the Exile Tour show in LA (sans Marilyn Manson)? Why are we still fans of this guy after 20 mostly very hard years? Does Gary wear boxers or briefs? I could go on......but I won't. Regards, Derek -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derek Langsford Ph.D. Environmental Management Specialist County of San Diego, Dept. of Planning and Land Use 5201 Ruffin Road, Ste. B San Diego, CA 92123 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 14:21:32 +0000 From: ANDREW WHITNEY <> Subject: Asylum To: Gary Numan <> Phile i hvae had no problems with Asylum in all my dealing's with them thay have alway ben hobest and have never let me down so leave them alone and pick on someone else if thats all the fun you have in your sad life Keep up the good work Asylum Andy ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 13:33:30 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: Asylum - I dont think so To: On the Asylum front, several friends of mine have had very poor service from the organisation. Although I was tempted to order, their tales of horror ensured my cash stayed with me! One friend assumed he'd lost his money after Asylum moved out of central London. Some months later the order was successfully completed once Asylum was tracked down in North London. Other friends have had to wait many weeks for orders. It seems that Asylum uses strategically placed people in other organisations to wrap their items and pay the postage! But perhaps the most serious incident was when the infamous Sacrifice Live CD was on sale. The Fan Club wrote to all members about bootlegs - and I believe Asylum was very close to being dragged through the courts. Overall, I would never want anything to do with Asylum - especially looking at some of the prices... *************** *Nick Hadfield * * I'll show you things you've done and then I'll ask you why ---------------------------------------------------------------- Get your free email from AltaVista at ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 16:43:32 +0000 From: "Turner, Daniel" <> Subject: Asylum Merchandise To: "''" <> Thanks for the reply Phil, doubt it's convinced too many people of your argument. Still waiting to hear from this guy who's order I never sent, he must be a bit stupid. I know if I ordered something and never got it I'd at least ask where it was. I wouldn't say Asylum has cleaned up it's act, there was never anything to clear up, and I never did hear from Tony Webb either so I doubt he's that bothered by 'people like me'. Imagine how bloody boring the Numan scene would be if it wasn't for people selling bootlegs and fanzines, especially when he was releasing one single every four years, you should be thanking me not chastising me. As everybody seems to be complaining that the Digest is boring I suppose we could start quite an interesting debate about what people like me do. I offer a service to make money and people can take it or leave it, I twist no arms, nobody has to buy what I sell and if they think what we sell is shit we give them their money back, where's the problem? I'm not running an extortion racket! If what we did was shit then I very much doubt that after 6 years I'd have any customers left. And finally, I'm not a hypocrite either and I would happily say to anyone's face what I had written in an e-mail even if it meant being pistol whipped. The reason i'm having a go is because you are trying to create a bad image about what we do and you have no tangible evidence or justification for your comments. As this will probably run and run that's all I have to say on the subject, I've made my feelings known so i'll just say that if anybody wants to contact me for cheap excellent quality Numan merchandise just drop me an e-mail. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 20:23:48 -0600 From: Valerie Iglar-Mobley <> Subject: a tosser tosses and turns To: The Gary Digest <> We may have gone "three full weeks without some tosser banging on about homo-erotic lyrics," but apparently we can't let a single Digest go by without some homophobic bigot trumpeting his gratitude that the faggots have been silenced. I wonder if you straight boys could enjoy your victory without having to keep high-fiving each other about it? Benjamin Iglar-Mobley *** "They broke him down into a torn old queen." ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 12:22:55 -0500 From: "Troy L. Walters" <> Subject: Bravo To: Gary Numan <> Bravo to Scoop Newsworthy for his Sat. Nov. 7 1998 report on Peter Enright! Although I personally do not allow myself to become bored by the Numan Digest (I simply CHOOSE to scroll past that which does not interest me), I found the humor to add to the recent Digest's content. -- Troy L. Walters Indiana, USA Heading straight for the Numan-llennium -- Beware of the IDGAF Syndrome... (c) ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 15:42:07 EST From: Subject: Gary Numan Digest To: I recently lost my connection to the Internet and have now lost connection to the digest, please could you add my name back on the list. Many thanks, Jooles ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 12:24:06 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: GN Discography To: Fellow Numanoids, After nearly a two year absence of updates (mostly due to the birth of my son) to the Gary Numan discography, I've made an enormous amount of corrections and updates for your viewing and/or printing pleasure! The "Dave Datta/Jeff Tolva Gary Numan Discography" as it's sometimes referred to is exclusively on Joey Lindstrom's excellent World Wide Webb site. It's under the Music Archives section, and can be found under the navigator label entitled "Compleat Discography" within the frames area of his page. The updates and corrections for almost two years was quite a task, but I beleive you will find a VERY complete discography of the musical works of Gary Numan. This inlcudes an absolute load of reissues and compilations over the past several years, plus an up-to-date tour listing of all of Gary's tours (including his OMD support gigs in 1993 and the V96 Festival gigs in 1996). If you have any further corrections or updates to this discography, please feel free to forward them onto me, and I will make every effort to incorporate all valid changes with each revision of this discography. This document is ever growing and ever changing, therefore it's ALWAYS a "work in progress". As this discography is one of the most complete which I've ever seen (and had the pleasure of maintaining), I need your help in identifying corrections and updates. Enjoy the updates! Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 9:03:52 +0000 From: Victor Gannon <> Subject: Mechanise To: Hi, I went to see Gary at shepherds bush=2E However I was unable to attain a =20= =20 T-shirt from the concert (I'll be quicker next time)=2E Can these still be= =20 purchased from somewhere? Regard Victor (yes there are fans of Numan in Ireland) =20 ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 19:52:37 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: Numan Sarcasm/Exile "Extended" To: <>, "Jim \"The Machman\" Napier" <>, Is Gary being sarcastic when he invites fans to call Eagle to find out the latest on Exile "Extended" or what?!! >From Nuworld News (9 November): "We now here (Typo Alert - actually that should be "hear") that the Exile Extended Mixes album is to be released by Eagle on November 23rd. We also hear that it will now be made generally available and not just via this web site and selected Numan friendly music shops. For the most up to date version of this story just give Eagle UK a phone call and find out what's going on because it seems to change daily. Good luck." That's 2 weeks away and Eagle can't even confirm to Gary what's going on? Give me a break!! Those in the UK, please ring Eagle! Those in other countries, spend the money and ring Eagle! Let see what they have to say to the fans! Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy P.S. Yes, I've been out of touch and lazy in updating the site...I know, I know, but even the "Numan Fan of The Year" needs a rest. : ) ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 06:13:33 -0500 From: Michael Custer <> Subject: Numan slagged in press, again?! -- Reply To: In the last Digest Lisa wrote >In this week's edition of the San Jose (California) Metro "Silicon Valley's >Weekly Newspaper", film critic Richard von Busack reviews the new Todd >Haynes movie VELVET GOLDMINE. The review mainly consists of his slagging >of the film as a poorly done recreation of the life and times of Ziggy >Stardust. This I had no problem with - I'll probably see the movie anyway >- but he ends his review with this line: > >"....this film fails it's ambitions; it aspires to be David Bowie, and > it's more like Gary Numan." > >The whole review can be found at and letters to the >Metro should be sent to: > >I think that if the Metro gets enough mail from irate Numanoids about this >obvious slagging that may be we can convince them to do a story on >Gary...what do you think? I wrote him a note as follows: Subject: Uncalled for hit on Gary Numan Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 19:01:02 -0500 From: Michael Custer <> To: Dear Richard von Busack, I find it unnecessary for you to take a swipe at Gary Numan in your review of the movie Velvet Goldmine. Mr. Numan is not a cheap rip off of David Bowie as you suggest, but an accomplish artist in his own right (it is not as if Bowie never lifted things from others before). I wish you would have put a little more thought in to this subject before you wrote. Mike C. Here is his reply: Subject: Re: Uncalled for hit on Gary Numan Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 16:43:26 -0800 From: (Richard VonBusack) Organization: Metro Publishing, Inc. To: Dear Mr. Custer, Believe me, I did put a lot of thought into mentioning Gary Numan. I was an enormous fan of Numan during his heyday==the Tubeway Army recording is something I especially loved, and I even made my grandma listen to "Joe the Waiter" thinking she'd like it (what was I thinking?!?); no one did more with less until Billy Bragg. But Numan--who started out, you'll recall, in a band called "The Monkees, Jr."--always was an artist who liked to imitate other musicians. So was Bowie when he started out, but Numan stayed that way. Still, just because I think he's inferior to Bowie doesn't mean I don't have a soft spot in my heart for such tunes as "Down in the Park," "Cars" and especially "Telekon"--the very listening to that number always puts me into a blind depression, so evocative is it of a miserable period at college. Anyway, thanks for writing; I didn't mean to offfend a fellow Numan fan, and I'm pleased that someone remembers him. Sincerely, Richard von Busack>>>>>> It sounds like he's a fan, but not very up to date. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 19:59:21 -0800 From: Jeffrey Sopko <> Subject: PTTA To: Does anyone know of a US based place where I can order a copy of PTTA in paperback. Thanks for the help! ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 16:24:07 +0300 From: "Peter Enright" <> Subject: Report from Mental Clinic #12, Peredelkino, Moscow To: "Digest Numan" <> As a reaction to the new patient who was admitted in a coma, the new clinic director has issued a call for increased vigilance at all times. The security of the community must be protected. "We must constantly be on guard against enemies in our midst" he declared, giving a stern warning against possible subversion. "The keynote of the hour is vigilance" said the director. "We do not necessarily know where our enemies are, or who they might be. Therefore it is the duty of all of us to be on the constant lookout against traitors who, behind our back, seek to undermine and destroy us." The director warned that no mercy would be shown to those who, against the interests of the community, sabotage "our great achievements." "Let those who think they can strike when our guard is down take heed," said the director. "We are never asleep. We will never relax our guard. We know there are those who believe they can get away with their plots and conspiracies. They will learn a sharp lesson." "Not only the conspirators, but those who look the other way and do not report their suspicions would be treated as traitors," said the director. "It is the duty of each one of us to fight this menace and those who know more than they tell are high on the list of guilty ones. No mercy will be shown to anyone who shirks his duty to report his neighbour's secrets. Vigilance is not only requested, it is ordered. Be vigilant day and night. Let us root out the conspirators. Security is the keyword of the moment. Security is the responsibility of all of us. Security is our duty. Be vigilant or the consequences will be severe. No other warning will be given." I am Dr. Zolotov, Head Clinical Neuropsychologist and I am in charge of treating all paranoid schizophrenics at this clinic. And in all my 35 years I have never seen a case stranger than this one. This new patient, a foreigner named Peter Enright in his passport and various identity documents, insists on being addressed as "The TikTok Man" and since his miraculous awakening from a deep coma, has been pestering the female nursing staff for his laptop computer. But unfortunately we have no idea where it is, and all attempts that I have made to locate it have led to dead ends. Oddly enough, within 2 days of Mr. Enright's admittance, several high ranking members of the top secret Ostankina Military Weapons Research Academy were admitted also in deep comas. I have allowed Mr. Enright the use of my computer, to send the following e-mail as part of his on-going therapy: to Phil Marsh: Yeah! Now we're getting there! That was definitely not boring and quite interesting but didn't have much to do with Gaz or his music ... but you're on the right track. I did not lapse into a coma reading it. to Jean Burgess: Good, good, yes, let's work on suggesting some intellectual Numan-related topics to discuss ... hmmm, just as soon as the sedatives wear off, I'll think of something ... My contribution to the "This Wreckage" bollocks: try this simple test - take Subject A, make sure that he/she/it is a non-Numanoid. Let's call him Craig Testperson. Place Craig in the optimum acoustical position for maximum reception relative to your big-bollocks sound system. (Note: this test works is more accurate if Craig is given a cold can of XXXX or Carling Black Label prior to the test). Play the Living ornaments '81 version of "This Wreckage" (1st. track) at a suitable decibel level and carefully observe the effects. See how Craig loses all control of his basic neuromotor skills and begins to jerk spastically. Surely proof that this track is worthy of much praise. Independent tests have confirmed that non-Numanoids enjoyed this track twice as much as inferior products. to Tom Gorham: nobody ever solved the riddle of this martial arts flick, I've given up asking Numanoids to give me an independent confirmation of my observation. to Andy McHaffie: snigger snigger to yes, worthy of the Digest. Let's get this non-creative garbage film critic Richard von Busack by e-mailing the letters page as suggested. I loathe film critics, they are degenerate scum, the worst form of life on the planet, lower than whale shit; most are frustrated filmmaker wannabes who can only feel superior by slagging off other people's work. Oh Richard von Busack you are so lucky you don't live in Moscow ... (insert sound effect of grinding teeth) Oh fuck not the Valerium thing again ... the pain, the pain. If only they'd just st- (message terminated at source) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 08:47:39 -0700 From: "Joey Lindstrom" <> Subject: SOTW and Digest Archives To: "Gary Numan" <> Coupla notes from The World Wide Webb: First, in an effort to stir up a wee bit more interest, I'll likely start announcing the weekly "Song Of The Week" nominees here. If this is unwelcome, please let me know via email. You can listen to the Song Of The Week at The World Wide Webb, which is currently at: (but will relocate to sometime in the new year) Anyhoo, this week's Song Of The Week is: "She Cries" Nominated by, or rather on behalf of, Suzie Purvis, who is the newest member of the Purvis family, of which Martin is the head (and chief perpetrator of the "Outland" website). Moving on, many of you already know that the Webb archives all the back issues of this very Digest online, so if y'ever miss one, you know where to find it. Anyways, I've made a slight change in the way I archive them as of late and I'd like your feedback (positive or negative) - namely, instead of just slapping 'em online as a text file, which looks rather ugly in a web browser, I now insert a bit of HTML, do a bit of reformatting (particularly with emails written with non-compliant email clients, such as the posts by Sam Warren, Stephen Page, Doug Finney, and Urban Lundqvist in last Sunday's Digest) to make 'em look a little prettier, and then... slap 'em online. :-) I'd like to know what you think about the look and whether or not you feel I should be "tampering" with the Digest - I don't edit any content, just straighten 'em out a bit so they display better. So come have a look and see whatcha think. Oh, and before you ask me why the colour scheme clashes somewhat with the rest of the site, this is in anticipation of the moving of these archives onto the Numan Server, which will use a different colour scheme than the World Wide Webb does. Try viewing these HTML Digests in a new browser window to get a better feel for it. Gracias! / From Joey Lindstrom / Interocitor Dot Net / / The other day, I was walking my dog around my building... on the ledge. / Some people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths. / --Steven Wright ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 23:46:04 -0700 From: "richard carter" <> Subject: so where do we go from here????? To: "gary numan digest" <> HOWDY !!!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE..... ok, TIK TOCK MAN may have a point, so don't rip him, just take it as an opinion... so....where do we go from here??? tik, you feel it's boring, what should we talk about? If you start a subject we will all answer.... so they might tell us we cant talk about that subject or cencer the posts about it...worry about that if and when it happens... if we have to make it less boring, we have to start somewhere.. give it a shot....... "go on, the raspberries taste like raspberries, the SNAUSBERRIES taste like SNAUSBERRIES !!" "who ever heard of a SNAUSBERRY????" "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams....." -WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY --- King Richard The Kingdom King Richard's 80's Musical Kingdom: Stay for dinner next time...we're having barbecued iguana! Check out the interview from THE CHURCH at KING OF 80'S MUSIC Angelfire for your free web-based e-mail. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 00:55:20 -0800 From: Pythoness <> Subject: Still More Boring To: Bored? You know whose fault that really is, don't you? It's Gary's. The blase old blighter is just pissing around in his new studio, dusting, I imagine, whale-watching, and toying with HTML. Come on, guys, when was the Digest last really exciting? Gosh, err... for me it was when.. let's see.. oh yes, when Gary was on his first American tour since 1982. That got me all excited anyway. After that I saw the same old Jo the Waiter squall on the horizon, and since then, things have been--let's not say boring, let's just say pipe-and-slippers, ok? Comfy, eh? I *like* the Digest like this. I *like* to hear about people's favorite tracks and how they misheard lyrics ( "Just a bad innuendo and an old lamp by my pillow"). It's not urgent, but it's *friendly.* (I like the homoerotica discussions, too, until everyone starts screaming. So there.) But what else, exactly, is there to talk about right now? How many whales *did* Gary see on his trip to Scotland? Until things start cracking from his direction, we can all go stare at TikTokMan in his coma in Russia, and try to track down once and for all where that track on the obscure martial arts film really came from. Until there's some more news from Mr. Webb I guess I'll just sit here very, very quietly, since I've nothing else whatever to do to engage my attention, like all the rest of you... zg Ziggy Blum ___________________________ Love is a mountain, but harder to climb It should be forever, but love is unkind To me --G. Numan ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 08:26:20 -0700 From: "Joey Lindstrom" <> Subject: Telekon ain't shite either! :-) To: "Gary Numan" <> On Sun, 8 Nov 98 01:00:02 CST, James Chapman wrote: > A lot has been said about This Wreckage lately. I certainly think >it;'s not rubbish, but Gary's certainly done better, but it pisses on >3 tracks on the same album (especially the horrible dirge of a title >track). The intro, however is great-as Martin Purvis says "like a >battering ram"-very powerful. I reckon Gary also uses synth like a >battering ram on Berserker- just listen to the title track on White >Noise :-) > > I'm also going to comment on a much-maligned Numan song: > >"I Can't Stop" > > Why do loads of people hate it? I happen to really enjoy it, I >always sing along (in my head) whenever I hear it. But it just seems >to get dismissed as being crap. I'm a sucker for catchiness. Just days after you nominated one of my fave songs ("Berserker" live from White Noise, the one you mention above) for Song Of The Week, and thus making me think you had great taste, along comes THIS little missive to blow away that perception. :-) I absolutely love the song "Telekon". Can't really say why - it's one of the ones I play over and over whenever the Telekon CD is in the player. It's definitely one of those "ya either love it or hate it" songs. So far, however, nobody's nominated it for Song Of The Week. :-) As for "I Can't Stop", I think it's not well liked by Numan fans for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it SOUNDS like Gary was trying desperately for a catchy radio hit. It lacks "Numanness" in many ways, and that chorus just drives me *NUTS*. There's another song bein' played right now (to death) on our local rock station, called "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. Same thing - good enough song but the chorus just drones ON and ON and ON and ON until you're sick to death of it. Maybe it's the stuff that pop music is made of, but it's not the stuff that Gary Numan music is made of. I personally don't have the problem with the "wailing female vox" that many others do, so that's not my reason for disliking "I Can't Stop", but that's another that others cite. In many ways I thought the female vox really helped on a number of songs, notably "I Wonder" - still my fave Numan ballad, btw. Strange Charm was a very incoherent album in many ways - seems like he's set out to accomplish too many widely varied things with this album, and yet he only coughs up eight songs. There's some high points, notably "My Breathing" and "This Is Love" (I know I'm gonna catch hell for including THAT one!), but "I Can't Stop" just doesn't come close. And that annoying false ending *REALLY* bugs the hell out of me... :-) And now for something completely different - there's a new band out there that I think should be the next band to cover a Numan song. They're called "Rammstein", and they've got a single on the radio right now called "Du Hast" - they're from Germany, and depending on which station you listen to, they've got both English and German versions. To describe Rammstein.... well, imagine going back in time to about 1981, and getting the members of AC/DC and Depeche Mode together to cut an album... and then, after the band members have gone home, double the speed. :-) If yer at all interested, go to and look up Rammstein under their album "Sehnsucht" - there's some RealAudio clips there including "Du Hast". :-) / From Joey Lindstrom / Interocitor Dot Net / / "All beings are defined by their capacity and need for love." / --Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Babylon 5 ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 22:59:53 +0000 From: "Michael J. Damrath" <> Subject: Telekon and This Wreckage To: Gary Numan <> Oh well, time to throw in my 2.5 cents in... Excepting I, Assassin, Telekon is still my favorite GN album of all time. I can still remember playing it for the first time. The opening tones of This Wreckage just sent a shiver down my spine. Telekon - the album - is an absolute brilliant peice of work, and This Wreckage was an inspired way to kick it off. Especially if you contrast it with the last song from TPP. Does it work as a single? Well, probably not. But you'd have to admit it was a pretty ballsy choice. I also have to likewise defend the title track. Telekon sets a fantastically dreary tone. It's creepy, it's dark, and it's brilliant. >From the beautiful Polymoog backdrop to the solo piano on top. The lyrics fit the mood perfectly - anxious, paranoid, and alienated. I have always thought it was the foundation song for the album. Just my humble little opinion. Mike Damrath ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 07:05:47 EST From: Subject: Thanks for the Images To: Hi just a note of thanks to Tina Freeman and her great Principle web site. A great source for Numan photos and thanks for all the real media files of the Images series. I'd never even seen these before. I think the 7b download is a duplicate of the 7a, (I downloaded it twice and both times the file that unzipped was called 7a and was the same size) but I'll take what I can get! Thanks! Also, "This Wreckage" is great! It's essential Numan, IMHO. I would be very pleasantly surprised if Numan ever recorded anything that good again. What's wrong with everybody! Anyway, I don't think discussion of Numan's music is boring, even if I often disagree with people's opinions. That's what it's all about! ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 05:40:24 -0600 From: Harper David <> Subject: THE GARY NUMAN FAN PROJECT To: "''" <> Numunoids... Since the Gary Numan Fan Project appears to be a dead and buried subject, as a contributor I would be willing to swap tapes with any other contributor as I am still interested in hearing what might and could have been... "And we all fall down...(I can't believe it...)" Martin Harper ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 09:30:19 +0000 From: Andy McHaffie <> Subject: This Wreckage To: Numan Digest <> Well with This Wreckage being discussed a lot, as of 9 Nov 98, it stands at number 98 on the Numan Poll. Out of a total of 210 songs polled, it seems as though its seen as a fairly average Numan song. Perhaps because it was a single it gets more attention... Andy McH -- The Poll-- ------------- -- -- ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 16:36:29 -0500 From: "D&T WHEELER" <> Subject: vote To: "Numan Digest" <> Hi all, My picks... fav tracks: 1. down in the park 2. we take mystery (12 inch vinyl long version) 3. dark 4. bleed 5. exile 6. cold warning 7. my shadow in vain 8. cars (e reg extended) 9. play like god 10. metal beat least fav... 1. telekon 2. i can't stop 3. i nearly married a human 4. 1999 5. on broadway (live) ...that's all so far! Thanks, Tim =20 ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 10:58:44 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: ways to make it less boring To: I think the only reason some people find the digest boring isbecause there's not much going on Numanwise at the moment. I think a good idea would be to bring back topic of the month, like in 1996. Although that already seems to have happened by default-but instead of covering an album it just seems to be one song-"This Wreckage" :-) However they'll be a lot to talk about soon when Exile Extended comes out. I really do enjoy polls! ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 05:30:25 -0500 From: Brian Moloney <> Subject: What the Digest means to me To: Gary Numan <> I have contributed to the digest around a dozen times in the last 4 years= or so. = Is it boring? You get out what you put in, I don't respond to polls, GOD or sexuality = posts but I've got out FAR more than I put in! Klaus sent me an MP3 file of a missing track I wanted Alex made me a CDR from an old tape I downloaded Sean=92s observer midi file (which was great) along with man= y more I've downloaded MP3s and video I've never heard or seen from the Replican= t I've had every question I ever asked answered within 3 days I don't want to make money out of being a Numan fan and it's great that people want to share or trade to complete a collection of noise, find answers to question or chew over the latset news. The internet is the perfect vehicle - it's instant and it's cheap. The digest pulls it all together and has made being a Numan fan more fun. = Thank you Regards Brian ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 19:45:17 +0000 From: Duncan <> Subject: Whitenoise To: Hi I've recently subscribed to the Gary Numan mailing list and I just wanted to introduce myself. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far and found it very interesting. I've been listening to Gary Numan since 1979 and have continued to buy his material up to and including Exile. I've been a keyboard player since 1982 and I am also a self-taught guitar player. Now, I was wondering if anybody was at the 1984 gig that was recorded for the Whitenoise album and could tell me what got Gary laughing at the end. I realize that this was the last gig of the tour and I have seen some of the things the crew have got up to on subsequent gigs but unfortunately I was unable to make that one. Duncan ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 01:27:30 +0800 From: Jean Burgess <> Subject: X-Press Interview To: Gary Numan <> Hi here's the interview which I'm going to attempt to send as an attachement. Ben has suggested putting it onto the fencing web site if it doesn't work. Happy reading WAKE UP PETER! Jean Gary Numan Interview by Stephen Herbert The year is 1979: Ayatallah Khomeini returns to Iran after exile; Margaret Thatcher is the UKís first female fascist; large chunks of space junk fall on us; disco officially ësucksí; Racey are Number One and, yeah, ëphony Beatle-mania has bitten the dustí. And then there was Gary Numan Ö a 20 year old ex-punk from West London who, by no fault of his own, became an overnight success story and the worldís finest synthesizer hero in thel ate ë70ís, long before the ë80s advent of glam and pretty-boy synth bands. Although his career continually divided public perception (ëI did very well for the first two years and then it started to get somewhat difficultí) his very image --- part cyborg-like Bowie incarnate with a fondness for android icon clams, keyboard-led autonomy, theo ther part panstick preacher droning on about the modern life sterility and sci-fi alienation that would later influence Visage, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Human League and, er, Howard Jones to perform robot-dancing, spikey-haired electronic music --- was either revered by his Numanoid fanbase or reviled by critics wanting to inflict scorn. >From his neo-futurist, brooding synthscapes of Are ëFriendsí Electric and >Down in The Park under Tubeway Army, to his mascara and trilby-trapping >days of Cars, We Are Glass, I Die: You Die and his self-confessed downward >spiral of 18 Top 50 UK albums: The Pleasure Principle, Telekon, I >Assissin, Berserker and Warriors, etc, Numan struck continual ridicule, >personal suffrage and a decline. Only worldwide Numan diehards kept the >faith. While he maintains that his life has been ë95% luck and 5% songí, Numan has now become tred\ndy again. Thanks to the rash of tribute albums, dance remix projects, ë90s eulogising from The Prdigy, Beck, Fo Fighters, The Orb, Bis, Smashing Pumpkins and, more figuratively, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and other industrial shock merchants craving androgeny-by-numbers, this is the start of (another) new beginning. Famous more for his collection of aircraft and flights of literal fancy, he is uncle to a new generation, responsible in the embryo of all things techno and keeping Max Factor 28 in constant demand. Promoting his return-to-the-fray album, Exile, this X-Press Interview was conducted over the phone and is a mere 30 minutes of an hour long conversation with the riches-to-rags, 40 something icon. He got in firstÖ. Where are you calling from? >From Perth, Western Australia. Oh, I went to Perth once. You did? Yeah. I was very ill. It wouldíve been around 1980/81, I remember I was really ill on the flight from Adelaide to Perth and I got paralysed for two hours and a doctor had to meet me at your airport and sort me out. Yeah, quite an adventure that, takiní a little aeroplane around the world. Youíve had many adventure in aircraft by the sound of it? Ha! Well I did get impounded in India in my Cessna, and the authorities there wouldnít let me have it back for a while. I had another plane called a Navaho --- so we went back to England, got that one, and then continued my journey from there. Youíve become quite the Biggles, havenít you? I hear youíre now teaching other aerial daredevils how to perform death-defying, cloudbursting feats? Becoming a Display Pilot has been quite an achievement for me. Iím actually an Examiner now and I teach people how to fly combat aeroplanes at low level, upside down and formation. Iím one of a very few civilians here thatís actually got a license to teach. Whatís the Numanoid fanbase like these days? Youíve picked up three decadesí worth of worshippers. Not many can lay claim to that. The resurgence in my career has left me breathless. Iím trying to approach it like Iím at the bottom of the ladder and Iím trying to build my career back up. Iíve done a European tour and also an American club excursion and I donít really care where I goÖ Iíve just got to get back out there and prove myself all over again to a new generation of people. I was like the last apple on the tree. Over the last ecade I'íe questioned everything in my life... I got rid of my old girlfriend and met someone new whom Iíve since married. Yes, you married the very girl who was, and still is, your Number One fan --- the soulmate who apparently vowed at 12 years old, that she ìwouldî marry you. The UK press certainly picked up on that angle, especially the age factor between you both. Yeah, I can thank Gemmaís father for that. He was a security guard a Warner Records who snuck her into the offices one day and after, to my fanclub conventions. The press have picked up on that but everything now, Iíve simply reconsidered. Musically, Iíve gone back to writing from the heart and stopped making songs from a commercial viewpoint. I got so insecure I used to think ëshould I write a ballad?í. I became a very sick man, I had so much emotional baggage hanging around me and itís the kiss of death really. Do you find it strange times indeed that you ---Gary Numan --- are still here, 20 years on from Are Friends Electric and My Love Is Liquid? I think luck has shone on me. Towards the end of the ë80ís I thought I was gone. I really did. I ran out of money, bloody near bankrupted myself and was on the verge of getting my house repossessed. It affected my writing. I did a really shitty album in í92 (Machine & Soul), that should never, ever have been written. I was honestly at a low ebb, but then things changedÖ people started doing cover versions of my stuff which spawned numerous compilations and other bands started saying nice things about me which had a knock-on effect in my revitalised comeback. Itís no coincidence that your musical output has influenced a wide range of recording artists. I mean, bands like Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Foo Fighters, Hole, Billy Corgan from Smashing PumpkinsÖall made a big difference. To be name checked by so many current ëcoolí and ëhappeningí people is just a brilliant thing and itís given me the confidence, credibility and respect I had lost. The British music press virtually sammed me through most of my career, so itís down to these bands and techno deejays and I tell ya, Iím definitley not quite the wanker I was --- I ran out of money fast; I couldnít afford to promote myself and guys like Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson and bands such as Weezer have drawn me back into this industry. Strange innit? Iíd been selling jackshit all these years! Are you finding that people are now going back to The Pleasure Principle and Telekon? They could be deemed cult records, especially as they caught the tail-end of punk and disco and the inception of ë80s nu-wave and glam. Yes, they seem to be. In fact, the record company have just released my whole back catalogue; all remastered. Obviously, thatís cool, and Iím grateful that these records are given recognition, but I want that recognition to be focused on my current stuff also. Iím now playing to a predominantly young audience now with a majority, 21 or under, and thatís the key element in me being a viable act instead of some boring fart hanging on from the ë80s. My career was on the slide from when I first recorded Tubeway Army and Replicas. A lot of people hated me then because I wasnít weird ëenoughí. Iíve kinda always been paranoid. I got sent to a hospital when I was 16. In my first year, when Are Friends Electric went in at Number One in Britain, I started receiving death threats, petrol bombs and my mum had kidnap plots as well. I mean, I sold a million copies of that record in England alone. I figured that must mean one in 60 people bought it and there were 60 million out there who probably hated me for it. A majority of people donít like what you do, so I had to keep both feet on the ground --- it stops you from being a pretentious twat. Do you understand the enormity of your influence though? Not just on the new-wave of, err, new wave(?), but the dance and electronic world as well. Tracks such as Cars and Films have been sampled and even Snoop Doggy Dogg and Sir Mix-A-Lot took liberties with your works. Itís amazing. The thing that Iím proud of about all this is not just the current wave of electronica people, but itís across the board. From hardcore black music to heavy while industrial and goth music through to the pop and Republica ñ you just wouldnít expect this notoriety from a white, spotty blike from England who had a passion for synths and leather trousers. ExactlyÖ I would like to be modest and say ëOh, itís no big dealí, but it is. Iím really happy that everyone is now paying me back with acknowledgement, so I canít express the gratitude enough. The Carling Premier beer adverts some years ago, utilising interpolations of Cars, was probably influential in your comeback, was it not? I guess so, because people were going into record stores here looking for ëthat songí from the lager advert, but these people thought I was some new act. Some never realised that this was the fourth time Cars had been out, so that ultimately helped as well and the fact that I donít drink either made the situation all the more ironic. As well as your Exile album, I hear youíve been making the transition to celluloid also. Are movie roles another alternative career move for you? Well, we have a comedy series here called Men Behaving Badly. Martin Clunes from the show is now directing this film called To Hunt A Thief and theyíve got me to do a small part in this new comedy. I was so frightened at first as acting isnít my forte. I actually had to pull out of another film called The Kinsmen because I was so busy touring. Having done this small part, there was no way I could play a lead drug-dealing vilain in a feature film. I had to pull out. Was it quite a garrulous script also? Yeah. I was the main villain. Iíve never acted before so it looked quite intense on paper. In this new comedy though, thereís one sequence where Iím in a toilet and all I gotta do is accidentally wee on this blokeís boots and apologise. I had two or three lines and sweated blood for weeks; it felt like an execution. You have a fliar for writing though. What of Praying To The Aliens, the Gary Numan autobiography that Andre Deutsch had a hand in conceiving. It all started through a friend of mine called Steven Malins who wrote a book on Paul Weller and the publishers then asked him if there was anyone else he wished to write about, and he said me. He was going to write a biography and I was flattered, but then Andre got involved and thatís when it turned into an autobiography. I didnít realise how much work went into it. As a result, I didnít have much time to explore the past. Did you want to go into every crevice of your past with the book. Leave no cold facial expression unturned? Yeah, I wouldíve liked to have more time to develop the thoughts about those times and why I wrote ëthoseí songs. Even now, I think thereís treemendous amounts of honesty and detail in there. It should be coming out in paperback format soon with an extra chapter. Who inspires you musically now? Iím definitely into a lot of industrial sounds. Iím a big Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) fan. That certainly shines through on Exile, your latest album. Thereís all manner of brooding ambience, distressing clatter and religious themes coming through. Itís a theme album I guess. Perish the thought, but itís a concept thatís much like storytelling. My new album will hopefully be more darker and dynamic --- less rhythmic, loop driven and more sequenced mentally. I want to turn all my albums intoÖ Öa novel? Yeah, Exile is almost documentary. Itís a vision of this man telling God that thereís gonna be a Second Coming that will be more destructive than the first. I didnít quite finish the story enough though. I love the dark side but Iíll stay clear of the religious side next time. What of your mum, does she still have the upper hand in the daily running of your fanclub? The whole Numan operation has always been family-based. My dad is still the manager. My brother is no longer in the band and heís now an airline captain, and yeah, me mum still handles the deluge of fan mai. Are you still conscious about your image --- icy stare, early Nazi-like d cor, neon futurist chic, robotic droner, paranoid popstar, etc. Do you dwell on the fortunes and misfortunes of the ë80s? From the mid-ë80s to í92, I think I lost touch completely. I was so conscious of the fact that I wasn'í a good keyboard palyer and became embarrassed about my creativity loss. I was getting more and more people involved with each album, I was losing fans. It was only when I made Sacrifice that I began to find form and through sheer desperation, itís been the most driving force. Now though, Iíve got Trent Reznor wanting to work with meÖ oh year, Iím supposed to be working with Afrika Bambaataa. He was the first to say I was influential in hip hop and Iíll be doing something with Dubstar for their next record. To be honest, people are trying to now recreaste noises I was making 20 years ago and itís all ares. People have alsways seen me as arrogant, non-diplomatic and pretentiousÖ I never really got big-headed about this music business and I never wanted this ëstar treatmentí bollcks. Getting pampered, you know Ö Iím quite capable of opening a fuckiní door on my own. So many misconceptions, one would imagine? I wouldnít know where to start. Thereís also the one about me crashing planes which ainít true either. I was in an accident in 1982 and I wasnít even flying the thing, so there was much interest in that. My career had been shit for such a long time that Iíd become a joke and every time youíd say ëGary Numaní there would be a snigger attached to it. Iím paranoid now that Iím gonna fuck this opportunity up again! --------------70F974A238D7-- ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 23:09:01 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: yes, it is boring To: Hello. First I want to thank all of those who have written to me in the past few months. I have been SO busy I truly haven't had time to respond to anyone, but your messages are all on my hard disc and I will get to them when I can. I have been working on several non Numan releases and have been keeping very busy. Cleopatra decided to stop issuing the Numan releases for the year and end with The Fury which will come out in the US November 10th. I have been working on the Berserker reissue for some time now, trying to get bonus tracks that have not appeared anywhere before, including the UK box set and the fan club eps. I wanted to include some rare remixes (all currently out of print) and have had such a hard time getting clearance for them, despite the fact that they are not available anywhere. I finally got a letter from Gary himself (!!) requesting that I NOT use this material on the reissues and stick to tracks from the aforementioned box set and Babylon series. So I am back to square one and will have to respect his wishes. I have however secured some previously unpublished photos which I will use in the artwork, which will also include complete lyrics and photos from the original LP and 98 box set. Meanwhile... Thanks for the comments regarding my baby Remodulate. It has been selling "consistently" if not spectacularly so I suppose I should be happy. I of course never expected it to make the Billboard charts but had been prepared to be pleasantly surprised (??!). Benjamin Iglar-Mobley wrote and suggested a "Hits" compilation. While I will suggest this, along with the other ideas many have sent me, to the label heads, I meanwhile do have some comments. Originally Cleopatra approached me with the idea of doing two separate cds, instead of the 2cd Remodulate set. But they soon realized that in the US at least, none of the material from the Numa years would be familiar to potential buyers here. (obviously, since none of it has been released here, none of it would have been heard on the radio or clubs or wherever people hear Numan music (VH1 One Hit Wonder Flashback not withstanding). Realistically in the US Numan is known for Cars, then maybe AFE and DITP and then list drops very fast. These are the essential tracks that Cleopatra said must appear on the album if anyone outside of diehard fans were to purchase the cd. As we only have rights to Numa material, live versions had to be used. I decided to separate the live tracks from the studio tracks for cohesion, but the label insisted I release them as a set. The whole point of Remodulate was to draw in fans who may have liked Numan at some point but not heard this material. Cars and AFE and DITP are listed on the back cover, so they have heard of them. Plus a whole new cd of tracks they never knew about! Each of the tracks was selected to hopefully best represent each album from Berserker to Sacrifice (which was not easy at all) and entice the listener to be interested in purchasing each of these albums in turn, possibly (and hopefully) all of them. The decision was made in light of Beggars reissues (6 of which appeared in the course of two months) NOT to release the entire catalog all at once. From a marketing standpoint, the label felt that the Numan section in the average record store should not realistically go from one or two titles to 16 in less than six months. Especially (realistically) unproven titles which would have no media support or radio play to help with sales. The tour was designed to promote Exile and The Mix and that was pretty much that. I personally would love to see a chronological 'hits' album from the Numa years (I love Premier Hits and indeed bought both versions), or as has also been suggested, a 12" version album, to follow the Numa studio and live albums releases, and I will suggest such packages. At this point, however, anything beyond even Berserker (February?) is tenuous at best (even the extended Exile is highly unlikely), and ENTIRELY based on sales figures for the titles we have done so far. I would also love to get the rights to the IRS cds and release them as well, but that is a step even beyond that. Besides which, we will hopefully have a new Numan album to promote next spring/summer. At this point I have no idea how deep Cleopatra's commitment to Numan's back catalog will go. As a fan and artist I am trying to do the best I can, putting out what I would like to see and from what feedback I have gotten from people on this list and in person. It is very frustrating process for me, as neither Gary himself nor Cleopatra (in the larger sense) is really interested in his older material. The bottom line unfortunatly, as in any business is sales. If you would like to see ANY more Numan releases you MUST buy the ones that we have released. And please feel free to write me with any feedback, which I will forward to the label. Thanks. Respectfully, Rod Los Angeles >Benjamin Iglar-Mobley wrote: >So, on that note, I am going to offer THE definitive career move Gary >needs to make at this point to cement his return to success. Are you >ready, fellow noids? Despite my complaints about 'Remodulate', I think >what would really give him a boost right now is... another compilation. >[Okay, let's pause here for a moment to let all the groaning subside.] > >Not just another mix of various songs, though, I mean another singles >collection, the follow-up to 'Premier Hits'. Think about it, Eagle/Cleo >only have access to the Numa catalog, and the 'Premier Hits' disc stops >exactly short of there. It's a perfect opportunity. They could compile >onto one disc all the singles he's had since (minus the ones from 'Metal >Rhythm' and 'Outland' I suppose, for copyright reasons). If they were >track-listed in chronological order, it would make a nice roadmap of his >recent music, particularly if the booklet listed their respective >albums, with maybe a minor plug for each. > >The general public loves these 'best of's. I was in a strip mall music >store last night, and 'Premier Hits' was the one title they had by Gary. >And with the holiday season looming, given that such a disc would >require no new remastering or recording, this would seem like a perfect >opportunity to break into the broader market. It could include the >single versions of "New Thing From London Town" and "Absolution" to give >it some distinction, but just imagine: a compilation without "Cars", >"Are 'Friends' Electric?" or "Down In The Park"! I get goosebumps just >thinking about it. [Okay, okay, okay. If the studioheads just can't >bring themselves to abstain like that, they could include the JLAB >version of "Cars" off 'The Mix'-- since that's had a kind of 'single' >release on that dance compilation I mentioned-- though I think the Spahn >Ranch version would be the more adventurous choice.] > >If the disc were actually marketed as the follow-up to 'Premier', and >had a color photo cover-- instead of all the muddy and dark black and >whites we keep seeing-- such a disc could actually do pretty well. [My >vote is for the picture used in the Pulse! article about indie labels, >you know, where he's standing in the tube. It having appeared in that >magazine already would give the album a kind of retrofit publicity >plug.] And, since it's all material that has already been remastered >for rerelease, if it could be turned around in time for the holiday I >can actually imagine it bringing a slew of new noids on board. > >The topper for my holiday wish list: make this happen, Rod Reynolds! > >Lots of love to all, > >Benjamin Iglar-Mobley ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 05:22:11 EST From: "jon glass" <> Subject: you guys are crazy :) To: alright this digest is far from boring... i was on the oliver stone list for 3 months & i fell asleep everytime, i started using it when i couldnt sleep & it worked like a rabbits foot. they started talking SPORTS! so you all should feel lucky sports arent invading the digest (knock on wood ;]) & we're lucky its not just a list of MANNEEDSSEX0004 chatting to some HOTCHICK*5596 about sports & their unmentionables the whole time. there are FAR WORSE things on the internet right now. ..................have a gleefilled day.............................. love, the too depressed & too tired to sleep jon gidget glass "no concentration means 'fail' these days..." ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************