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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 13:27:45 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: A copy of the Cleopatra White Noise To: Just got the Cleopatra White Noise CD. The author of the liner notes gives Numan much praise. And I've learnt things from this. Hohokam was apparently John Webb's band. White Noise was much more successful than Living Ornaments. Are these statements correct? *************** *Nick Hadfield * * I'll show you things you've done and then I'll ask you why ---------------------------------------------------------------- Get your free email from AltaVista at ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 9:23:46 +0100 (BST) From: "Jon Garland" <> Subject: Asylum - it happened to me To: Here I am at last - the man Phil Marsh has been citing in the great 'Asylum' controversy. I feel a bit like Peter Mandelson (British Labour Party MP), as though I've been 'outed', & now have to spill the beans. I've always been a bit wary of ordering from unofficial sources as you hear so many tales of people getting ripped off. However, a couple of years ago I did place an order with Asylum, who, a month or so later, paid in my cheque. I then waited for my goods to arrive, and waited, and waited ... but nothing arrived. I sent a slightly-miffed & puzzled letter off to Asylum, asking 'Where's my order got to?', and then I waited for a reply ... and waited ... and waited. Eventually, I cursed my luck, gave up the chase, wrote off my money & just put it down to experience. I felt I'd been ripped off but then, perhaps I was a fool to order from unofficial places in the first place. The cautionary tales had proved correct. So, in light of the above, I was a tad surprised & miffed to see the charming Daniel Turner state of me: 'Still waiting to hear from this guy who's order I never sent, he must be a bit stupid. I know if I ordered something and never got it I'd at least ask where it was.' It strikes me as truly bizarre to slag people off without knowing the facts, especially in a forum used by other Numan fans who are also potential customers. Is it really a good idea to call badly-treated customers 'stupid'? I've got nothing against organisations that provide bootlegs to fans - I tried to order some, after all - but if I don't receive material from them, then an explanation, or indeed any communication at all, rather than personal insults, would be helpful. Back to politics - I used to think that members of the old Tory government were ignorant and incompetent, but now that many of them are out of a job, perhaps they should go to work for Asylum - they seem ideally qualified. Jon ********************************************* Jon Garland Research Associate Scarman Centre, University of Leicester Email: Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5701 Internet: ********************************************* ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:22:40 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: Cleopatra News To: Hello. I talked up the head of Cleopatra the other day about some Numan projects. I mentioned the "singles" idea and the "12" album" idea. He kind of nodded re the Singles and re the 12" album asked "is there enough stuff?!". (send me your track lists!) So there you go. We talked about the IRS material, which I would like to include on any Singles album, and he said he had been talking to Miles Copeland re some other artists and would ask who has the rights to the Numan IRS albums, but they are probably owned by Capitol. Since they didn't sell much the first time around my guess is they aren't that interested in reissuing them. But who knows. Maybe in that case they would let them go cheap (ie to Cleopatra). But like I said, Cleo is barely interested in getting the remainder of the Numa albums out, let alone even more of the same. (not the best Numan material imho opinion anyway). But I will keep at it. Next year. I asked about the live recording of the Palace show in Hollywood. Right after the show I posted here that I had seen some of the video and it was spectacular (it is). But aside from the Manson incident, apparently the sound quality on one of the tapes is not good enough for release. It seems HIGHLY unlikely that it will ever see light of day, sadly. Especially since what there is is wonderful (digital video?!!) So that's that. (I will see if I can 'borrow' it) Cleo has mentioned nothing to me about releasing the Extended Exile album domestically and last time I asked about it (seems like years ago) they said they weren't going to do it. But I will keep at it. Derek wrote: >Since then, I have been >unable to elicit a response from Gary via email to anything. In addition >to his lack of updates on NuWORLD (last one was to say Extended Exile is >postponed to Nov 23) he appears to have stopped reponding to my emails (and >in some ways I hope others' too). I found the same thing. While he was never REALLY ATTENTIVE towards my faxes and emails (sometimes I think he really DOESN'T care about his catalog) the last email I sent Gary took MONTHS for him to respond to. Even Cleopatra said he's been hard to reach lately... I hope he is locked in his new studio working up some wonderful material... Bye for now, Rod Los Angeles ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 06:53:44 -0500 From: "Troy L. Walters" <> Subject: Content for the Digest To: Gary Numan <> Hello all, This'll fatten up the Digest... and surely stir some debate (or launch a death squad in pursuit of my life). Just wanted to throw out a few thoughts for your consideration. As with most posts I send, it will be skipped and/or ignored. So don't expect any new discussions to start here. I'll try to keep it from being boring or too controversial... (warning: I failed in this attempt) Personally, I think this Digest is great - no matter the content. If I begin reading something I don't agree with, I still read it and move on. No one is standing next to me with a gun to my head (I'm sitting and holding it myself, at present) making me reply to messages that I do not agree with. For the most part, I do NOT agree with most every post! And my reasons may be too contradictory for most to understand. For instance, the homoerotic issue. I am not a homosexual (but at least one of my best friends is - true story) and I am guilty of making off-color remarks toward homosexuals on a daily basis. But, I'm not a bigoted hetero with issues. In fact, I can not be considered prejudice by anyone simply because I HATE EVERYONE as a general rule and make off-color comments about EVERYONE all the time. Think of comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Chris Rock, (early) Eddie Murphy and that sort who make cracks about certain people - roll them all into one, and that's how I behave (much to my spouse's dismay, but ultimate amusement). And to be able to make such comments about others, one really must know something about them to be able to make such comments - which I pride myself on. I'm an observer. An outsider. And I'm a certain type of person who OTHERS look at and make comments or draw conclusions about. Even Steve Harris (the guitarist on the Exile tour - who else) admitted to me (after the Chicago, Illinois show) that he thought I was going to inflict physical harm on his person when I first approached him after the Cleveland, Ohio show. I AM a bad "biker" stereo-type! I live and breath it. Harley-Davidson runs though my core of existence like blood through my veins. It is a huge part of who I am. As is Gary Numan and his music. Every since I first began listening to Gary Numan (being from the US, it began with CARS), I have been chastised for being a fan of Gary Numan. But I am also a devoted fan of RUSH (the Canadian trio) for which I have received the same. I have always been, and consciously CHOOSE to be set outside of the "norm." It is my nature to sit outside of most every situation and observe. Only when I am among fellow "bikers" or I'm at a RUSH concert or am lucky enough to see Gary Numan perform live, am I ANYTHING like those around me. And even then I stand out from the crowd. I intend to! I spent 9 years in the US Air Force. It is possible to wear identical uniforms as the others and stand out in formation - I always did. I relish my differences! I use them to my advantage. Take the utter terror that Steve felt as I approached him - I have little or no trouble walking through busy areas. People have a tendency to get out of my way. I like that. I like for people to wake up from their daily trance and stare at me when I walk in public. I enjoy it. I encourage it. And, I do the same toward others. As Gary Numan fans, we are outcasts - in one way or another. We are either disconnected or perceive ourselves as disconnected from all the others. But, as outcasts, we are a group of outcasts. Those who choose to nit-pick differences within a group this small are even more petty than I -- and I am incredibly petty! I accept Benjamin for who he is, and expect the same from him. I accept Richard for who he is, and expect the same from him. I accept Joey for who he is, and expect the same from him. No, I'm not "like" any of them - but I'm exactly like all of them! I am who I am and I have no intention of changing that for anyone - nor do I expect anyone else to. I WANT to hear Benjamin's interpretation of the homoerotic-ness of Gary's lyrics. I like new twists on something I have formed an opinion of. I don't have to agree, but I'm open to others thoughts - no matter how far removed they may be from my own. THAT is a great deal of WHY I am a Gary Numan fan. I do not agree with everything Gary sings about. I don't claim to understand everything he sings about. I try not to overanalyze any of it. But, once in a while, Gary hits a nerve that no one has managed to hit before. Gary can bring a thought into perspective - for me - in a way that no one and nothing has been able to before. And the way it becomes crystal clear for me may not have anything to do with what he is singing about - or in any way mean to me what it does to others. That is the whole point! We are all alienated from everyone else. We need to embrace that, not attempt to make others see things our way. I want to know others interpretations on everything - I may not be able to relate, or even understand their perspective, but I want to know. It helps me to understand more about why I am who I am. Gary Numan happens to be very good at helping me in that way. I happen to enjoy "Cry, The Clock Said" and would be willing to say that it is my absolute favorite Numan song. Why? Hell if I know. I just substitute (the name of the place) for "Sydney" for where ever it is I want to "slide out" of at the time. I have even chosen to perceive "Sydney" as a person's name, substitute the name of someone else in my mind and *wham* an affect like no other! I happen to enjoy Machine and Soul - very much. And I don't understand how it could be any more "un-Numan" than anything else. Play Bombers and Replicas (the song) back to back. They are nothing alike. To me, that's the whole point. The Dance album was preconceived - Gary has admitted as much himself. He made the most un-danceable album and named it Dance. I don't see anything Gary does as un-Numan - or he would never have allowed it to go public. As controlling as he is (another admission by Gary himself) does anyone honestly believe that anything we have gotten our ears around that Gary has done is not a part of him? I think this Digest is responsible for Gary's admitting that Machine and Soul was his worst work and that he only did it out of desperation. Bullshit! It IS a part of Gary - he can offer us nothing less! And there is something there that attracts me. If it were not for the danceiness of some of Gary Numan's music, I would not be open to ANY type of dancey music. Disco had an adverse affect on me as does country (music) - I refused to listen and it stuck for a long time. I still leave ANY establishment that plays country and refuse to return (and in central Indiana USA - I stay out of A LOT of places!). I don't care if everyone posts about what their favorite Gary Numan song is to masturbate to - I'll either read it and absorb it, or I won't. It doesn't offend me, because it has nothing to do with me - I may find it interesting, I might not. I say, throw it out there. If you're afraid of what others will say or how they'll react - then you're not ready to... yet. Pick your moment. Anything that anyone wishes to share with me ultimately makes me a better person - even though I am very much against THAT whole concept! But the damage is done. The people on this Digest are as much a part of it as anyone else I have any contact with - I'm a sponge. Some of it is too much and doesn't get absorbed - but if it keeps coming around, eventually it will get absorbed and because of that I become a better person. So, with that - I thank you all for the input. I only hope that we can all continue to have affects on each others lives, from each extreme possible. But in order for that to happen, we each need to accept that there is an opposite extreme to whatever we believe and, without it our belief may not be as strong. I have nothing against a homosexual, unless that homosexual has something against me - and then it has nothing to do with that person being homosexual, it's a matter of lack of respect for me as a person by another person that I take issue with. You can substitute homosexual with any other "label" you wish - it still remains true. I am a fierce adversary, and part of that is because I will attack at the core when provoked, not merely attack the surface. When others make comments about me, and they know nothing or very little about me, it has little or no affect. There is no threat, as I am secure in who I am. Now, it seems, Gary has become secure in who he is. He has said that it is coming through in his recent works. Well, Gary is influenced by others, as are all of us. In the last Digest, an interview was posted in which Gary stated " I love the dark side but Iíll stay clear of the religious side next time." Well, no more homoerotic lyrics - no more religion. Those seem to be the two most controversial subjects on this Digest. They generated the most discussion. What will we all discuss now? I'm sure Gary will be able to trigger something in each and everyone of us with his upcoming release. Perhaps we should contemplate how Machine and Soul rates compared to other music - you know, outside of the Gary Numan discography! How does it compare to the Janet Jackson and Price albums which inspired it? Or does it compare? I think there is something to be proud of in the Machine and Soul album - mainly that Gary Numan released it. Not that I like every song Gary Numan has ever released. I've read that some enjoy I Sing Rain. I've listened to that song many times, but I can not seem to get through it any more. At work, I will run from one end of the cramped machine shop to the other to skip that song (as well as You Got the Look), even at great risk of severe personal injury. We all have our reasons. Now, if Gary could get more under Cleopatra and less dependent on Eagle, he might get somewhere. It seems obvious to me that Gary is NOT satisfied with Eagle at this time. Another IRS fiasco? I hope not - time will tell. But Eagle better get off their ass and PROMOTE Gary, or things will not end well - simply my prediction. Enough for now... I'll post again - if I'm not hunted down and killed (or attempted to be killed, I do carry a legal concealed weapon, spent six years as a very well trained security person and am very handy with the weapon of my choice... just so you know). Take good care all, -- Troy L. Walters Indiana, USA Heading straight for the Numan-llennium -- Beware of the IDGAF Syndrome... (c) ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 09:58:36 -0500 (EST) From: (Alison Koppel) Subject: fan club To: does anyone know what is going on with the numan fan club? when are they going to start selling stuff? it says the store was going to reopen in september. that's funny, it's november & it's still closed. "I TURN OFF THE PAIN, LIKE I TURNED OFF YOU ALL, NOW THERE'S ONLY M.E." ~gary numan - the pleasure principle~ ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:25:15 -0500 From: "Brian Foster" <> Subject: Gary Numan Digest V1 #485 To: "Gary Numan" <> Um, excuse me- Is there any hope of ever obtaining an NTSC copy of Numan/Newman: The Best of Gary Numan video? I bought long ago in San Francisco, but when I stopped to get gas, someone stole it off the back seat. I never got to see it, and haven't seen it available anywhere since. Nearly fifteen years later and it still makes me want to hunt down the bastard and introduce him (or her) to the rape machine. Sob. If I somehow obtained this tape, I just know my life would suddenly make sense, I'd land that dream job, get the girl and live happily ever after. Or at least, I'd be really happy. I have Shadowman (quality less than perfect) but know. Does anyone remember that alternate version of Down in the Park on the Times Square soundtrack. I like that one. My fav song, if anyone cares, is "Exhibition" Sincerely, Brian O'blivion >You can be replaced, you know< ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:43:56 -0000 From: "david maplestone" <> Subject: INTRO TO MAILING LIST To: <> THANKYOU FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR LIST.I HAVE BEEN A FAN SINCE 1980 AND I = AM 31 LIVE IN NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND.I HAVE APPROX 60 CD ALBUMS 30 CD = SINGLES 90% OF ALL VINYL RELEASED . I ALSO LIKE D.MODE AND KRAFTWERK BUT NUMAN IS GOD. ANYWAY THANKS AGAIN. DAVID., ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:44:24 -0000 From: "Stephen Page" <> Subject: IRC To: <> Sorry, I forgot to mention in my earlier contribution that if any gay = fans are on IRC to join gaynumanoids. A channel that I started and would = love to see more visitors too, though obviously I'm not there all the = time !!!!!! If you join IRC do a whois on Tiddler and you will find me = :)))))))))) Stephen "Welcome to, your nightmare" ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 07:16:55 GMT From: Subject: Make money working at home!! To: WOULD YOU STUFF ENVELOPES FOR 1,000'S WEEKLY $2 For Each Envelope You Can Stuff SIMPLE, PLEASANT WORK YOU CAN DO AT HOME HELP SOLVE YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS. No more worries over inflation, recession, bills, rising gasoline prices and other costs. If you are looking for easy income to relieve financial pressures, you owe it to yourself to investigate our offer. 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Thanks. _________________________________________________________ DO YOU YAHOO!? Get your free address at ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 00:56:58 +0100 From: "Patxi Villegas" <> Subject: New To: <> Yes.... The revolution. 350MB Now avalaible, new sections soon. Collaborators are wellcome. NumanMania - The First GARY NUMAN Website From Spain ==================================================== e-mail: ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:14:18 -0800 From: Ralph Ferrin <> Subject: Numa re-issues on Cleopatra To: Does anyone know whether the Cleopatra re-issues of The Fury, Bezerker, and hopefully Strange Charm are remastered like the Eagle box set? 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I certainly think > >it;'s not rubbish, but Gary's certainly done better, but it pisses on > >3 tracks on the same album (especially the horrible dirge of a title > >track). The intro, however is great-as Martin Purvis says "like a > >battering ram"-very powerful. I reckon Gary also uses synth like a > >battering ram on Berserker- just listen to the title track on White > >Noise :-) > > > > I'm also going to comment on a much-maligned Numan song: > > > >"I Can't Stop" > > > > Why do loads of people hate it? I happen to really enjoy it, I > >always sing along (in my head) whenever I hear it. But it just seems > >to get dismissed as being crap. I'm a sucker for catchiness. > > Just days after you nominated one of my fave songs ("Berserker" live > from White Noise, the one you mention above) for Song Of The Week, and > thus making me think you had great taste, along comes THIS little > missive to blow away that perception. > > :-) > Well-this is the third time I've been apparently slagged off on the digest (all my different people) for simply disagreeing with someone's tastes. This time I'm actually going to defend myself. I certainly think implying that I have bad taste was a bit harsh. I've had god knows how much from people who don't like Numan giving be grief, but to have my tastes questioned from a fellow digest reader is a bit unexpected. I'm certainly hoping that the :-) sign implies you were joking. > I absolutely love the song "Telekon". Can't really say why - it's one > of the ones I play over and over whenever the Telekon CD is in the > player. It's definitely one of those "ya either love it or hate it" > songs. So far, however, nobody's nominated it for Song Of The Week. > :-) > Well I hate it. I see that on the AFE website it was very much the fans' least favourite song on the album, so I think many would agree with me. But replace this and Remember, I Was Vapour with We Are Glass and I Die:You Die and you have a great album. > As for "I Can't Stop", I think it's not well liked by Numan fans for a > number of reasons, the biggest being that it SOUNDS like Gary was > trying desperately for a catchy radio hit. It lacks "Numanness" in > many ways, and that chorus just drives me *NUTS*. There's another song > bein' played right now (to death) on our local rock station, called > "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. Same thing - good enough song but the chorus > just drones ON and ON and ON and ON until you're sick to death of it. > Maybe it's the stuff that pop music is made of, but it's not the stuff > that Gary Numan music is made of. > I suppose one of the reasons I like this song is because I'm a relatively new Numan fan, and before hearing it I had read all sorts of bad opinions of it on various websites/digest issues and I wasn't expecting very much from it. It turned out to be a lot better than I expected. It may sound poppy but compare it to the rest of most pop music and it seems to come out well above average IMO. A lot of my favourite Numan songs are very catchy-"Berserker" being one of them. If you don't like ICS for the reasons claimed here, then surely hearing "Do you want to come...." over and over again must surely annoy you. Yet Joey claims it's one of his fave songs. Interesting :-) > I personally don't have the problem with the "wailing female vox" that > many others do, so that's not my reason for disliking "I Can't Stop", > but that's another that others cite. In many ways I thought the female > vox really helped on a number of songs, notably "I Wonder" - still my > fave Numan ballad, btw. > Having been reading past digests from 1994, this same Joey claims that Machine+Soul is his 2nd favourite album! I have to admit I really like "I Wonder" and also "The Skin Game" and "Cry" but a lot of songs on it are as bad as, if not worse than "Telekon". The poll results which are out soon tend to suggest M+S is very much Gary's poorest album, as it supposedly lacks Numan-ness. But Joey obviously takes it on face value-just like I do regarding I Can't Stop! > Strange Charm was a very incoherent album in many ways - seems like > he's set out to accomplish too many widely varied things with this > album, and yet he only coughs up eight songs. There's some high > points, notably "My Breathing" and "This Is Love" (I know I'm gonna > catch hell for including THAT one!), but "I Can't Stop" just doesn't > come close. And that annoying false ending *REALLY* bugs the hell out > of me... :-) > Well as i think I've written before SC is very varied but apart from "The Need" which sounds like Gary is making up as he goes along, I absolutely love it. On some albums , it could possibly be claimed that all the songs sound the same but not this one. Replace TN with the wonderful Time To Die (and rearrange the track order a bit-don't want to finish with 2 successive ballads!) and it could threaten Berserker as my favourite album. I certainlt think I've justified myself very well:-) I also think I've still got a very good taste in music-I've read a lot of Joey's posts in back issues and I agree with the majoriy of them-especiaaly the favourite live tracks from 1994! Just so happens that I've hit a 'hotspot' ! Well I reckon this makes the digest less boring :-) James ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:48:03 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Telekon v I Can't Stop To: Having just looked at Andy's poll, I noticed I Can't Stop wasn't doing all that well at 153 out of 210. But I also noticed that Telekon was at a very lowly 181. I reckon I am fairly justified. Time to stop harping on about it-I've made my point James ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:54:00 +0000 From: tina freeman <> Subject: The Images albums ..... To: >Hi just a note of thanks to Tina Freeman and her great Principle web >>site. A great source for Numan photos and thanks for all the real >media >files of the Images series. I'd never even seen these before. I >think >the 7b download is a duplicate of the 7a, (I downloaded it twice >and both >times the file that unzipped was called 7a and was the same >size) but >I'll take what I can get! >Thanks! No,I thank you for taking the trouble to visit my site in the first place , the Images Albums ( 7b is now fixed btw ) were only on release through the fan club to the best of my knowledge but can be found ( second hand )at Sister Ray records here in the UK or at record fairs. However due to the rariety these albums can be very expensive and so since I figured I wasnt going to be treading on anyone's toes I decided to put them online. For anyone who doesnt know about these albums ,well,they are a recorded autobiography conducted by Peter Gilbert , they were done at regular intervals throughout Numans career up until the Sharpe and Numan story. For anyone who thinks they dont need to listen maybe because they have the book , well think again ... These albums contain alot more information than the book does for a start and also the book is Numan's look at the past from his view on life now ... These albums were recorded over years , his views on his music and his life have changed enormously since the tubeway army days and it is often interesting as you travel through time how he contradicts himself years later. As you would expect from him , the content of these albums are both funny and sad , they were to me a real insight into the growth of Gary Numan and that is something you can never get from a book. Tina Freeman ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:49:07 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Thoughts on Derek's suggestions To: In the last digest, Derek Langsford wrote: > > THE DIGEST ASKS GARY - AN EXPLANATION OF THE SITUATION > > > I can ask him again if he has time to deal with 10 to 20 questions a month, > but unless he responds in the affirmative, there is nothing more I can do > to regenerate the feature. With his schedule to get the new album ready by > January, I think the probability of him saying "yes" is next to nil. > > Any subscriber's disappointment is matched by mine over this state of >affairs. > I would very much like to see it come back, although I do think that getting the new album finished is Gary's main priority. I think 3 years between Sacrifice and Exile seems a very long time, but that can be explained by the fact he was looking for a record label. I certainly hope it comes out before October 2000 :-) > DIGEST BORING? > > The Digest is only as good as what the subscribers post. There tend to be > only a small propertion who carry most of the load. I used to post at > least once each Digest, but kids, a real job, household responsibilities > have taken their toll. I applaud those who post regularly to the Digest, > but considering it has been going for over 7 years, and is approaching its > 500 issue it's not hard to understand why it flags between album releases. > And with the time between them now more than a year, that lull is > inevitable. So, it's up to each and every one of us to make it > interesting. Peter's satire was a very funny way to express his > dissatisfaction. If everyone was that creative discussing how boring the > Digest had become would be fun and interesting :-) > I certainly think Joey Lindstrom's comments about me in the last digest were very interesting :-) > There is a lot to write about really: > > What do fans think about Gary's hints for the new album - real drums, fewer > drum loops, a more direct sound, more guitars? > I would certainly like to hear more real drums and less drum loops, but more synth instead of guitars. Synth anthems and catchy synth riffs, with very heavy synths like the PPG Wave. (Sounds a cross between The Pleasure Principle and Berserker :-) ) > Should Eagle reissue the live or extended albums? Should they be remastered? > I would love to see the extendeed albums remastered, for the main reason that I am missing the extended versions of both Sacrifice ans Machine + Soul. Having them remastered would be even better. Concerning live albums, I certainly think they should remaster Dream Corrosion, because the sound quality on the original isn't very good (I don't want to start an argument about it). I think a lot of people would like this. > Should we inundate Cleopatra with emails to release the recording of the > Exile Tour show in LA (sans Marilyn Manson)? > It's certainly been a while since we have had a live album so I would definitely vote "Yes". I do have a bootleg of the Chicago show and I would really like it-if it was mixed properly, that is. I can't even hear the vocals on Friends and Dominion Day. > Why are we still fans of this guy after 20 mostly very hard years? I don't know-I've only been a fan for just over a year! Just my 2 cents worth, James ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:22:42 EST From: "jon glass" <> Subject: vote To: welp didnt want to do this but im in the mood.... favorite songies at this very moment: 1. remind me to smile 2. i dont believe 3. this is love 4. skin game 5. aircrash bureau 6. tracks 7. my shadow in vain 8. conversation 9. a question of faith 10. angel wars no leasts today aside from emotion & your facination. by the way DOES ANYONE KNOW THE WORDS TO THE PLAN VERSION OF: my shadow in vain? jongidgetglass ---what's going on in here, i feel like everythings underwater, GIMME A BREAK, I'M DEAD & I'M ASLEEP!----------------------- "Leo's Operation|The Webpage": "Gidget's Glass Factory": ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:41:26 -0000 From: "Stephen Page" <> Subject: Well Done To: <> I would like to say that I thought the Thursday (12/11) digest was = great. A great read with quite a bit of humour. Well done to us all. I would also like to claify a point. If the digest does get boring we = can only blame ourselves as we are the ones contributing to it. We must = also not forget, or take for granted, the fact that someone is behind it = all ensuring it remains and is sent out regularly. I am amazed by this = commitment and would therefore like to express my personal thanks to = those people. Whilst I personally am not that interested in polls, they serve a = purpose, in addition to getting us talking about one thing or another = (ie the "This Wreckage" single). I did like the song, but feel it was = the worst possible single from Telekon.=20 Ben, whilst I appreciate your comments I do feel that there should never = be a situation where either the straight or gay people win. If the = straight section think they have won anything they are truly mistaken. I = for one will not be scared to raise issues regarding being a gay Numan = fan, or issues relating to the homoeroticism in Numan's lyrics if I feel = I have something constructive to say. If people don't like then don't = read it.=20 Although as Numan fans we all have at least one thing in common, we are = also individual human beings complete with the faults and good that come = with that, and therefore this digest will be made up of a whole variety = of people with different experiences and feelings. All anyone can ask is = that people listen to each other, and if they have a constructive = comment to make on an issue then to raise it to allow for an interesting = cross section of opinions. My thanks to the people that have emailed me to welcome me to Boys Like = Us. I am proud to be a part of it and am sure we will to provide = continued healthy contribution to the digest. Stephen "Welcome to, your nightmare" ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:40:09 PST From: "William Wilson" <> Subject: Whitenoise To: Duncan, As far as I can remember Gary explains the Laughing during "AFE" (Whitenoise LIVE version)becuse the support band(Hohokam) walked on stage at this point dressed in drag,yep!!,just the usual last night jape's . Cheers!! William Wilson (Glasgow Crazie) MUSIC OF QUALITY HAS NO FEAR OF TIME (PETE WYLIE,WAH!) ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************