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Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:40:17 -0600 From: Valerie Iglar-Mobley <> Subject: 'Plan'ned "Vain" lyrics To: jon glass <> > "DOES ANYONE KNOW THE WORDS TO THE PLAN VERSION OF: > my shadow in vain?" Dear Jon, Here they are, as printed in the 'Asylum 1' box set: "Stroll to the cafe, My god how time flies And I close up my brain, Another friend dies And me I'm just the same Soaking up broadway, Nightlife in detroit And I'd buy new york ladies, If these lights weren't so bright And me I wasn't there Stagger down mainstreet, A knife in my side And I fall to the gutter, In tears but with pride And me I'm feeling ok Moving out of central, This waiter knows me well Says he'll spill the whole story, He may be lying well I can't tell And me I'm not that kind I've been searching for my shadow in vain How can I be still while my lifeline remains I've been searching for my shadow in vain How can I be still while my lifeline remains With him Try to steal a needle, Bring peace to my head And I'm stumbling down the alleys, I find killers instead And me I'm the cause of it all Street corner women Are taking their toll Now they look at me, I'm dying, And I'm growing old And me I'm loving it all" How accurate those are is debatable, since the lyrics printed for that set contain plenty of mistakes. I think it sounds more like: "I can only steal while my lifeline remains". Let me say again, though, I LOVE my Asylum box sets! In one fell swoop they brought me all his first eight albums on disc, along with a slew of bonus songs I'd never heard from him. The "My Shadow In Vain" on 'White Noise' sounds like it has some of these lyrics added (like the "Stagger down" verse) but much of the rest of it sounds completely new. It's hard to tell, his singing is so slurred. Anyone want to take a shot at that one? Of course, the real challenge for coming up with lyrics is still 'Live At The Roxy.' If someone could help out with THAT one, I'd be forever grateful (as would we all). And I'm standing by my contention from Digest #443 that it's someone else singing on "Positive Thinking." A few further musings about that release. If we consider original vinyl releases only (instead of the "let's cram it full" cd reissues), that album actually includes 9 out of its 12 songs that aren't available on other albums! That would seem to indisputably lock up its status as another Gary album to be counted alongside all the 18 others, as I suggested in Digest #480, and not just another "live" with the odd b-. You read that right, I said "18" others. Like it or not, 'Human' IS a Gary album. And with our boy cowriting and singing on EVERY song on 'Automatic', I'm afraid I do count that as one of his, as well. It's not like 'Radio Heart', where he only sang on three of the songs, and didn't do any writing. If they're his lyrics, they're Gary songs. And if it's him singing his songs, it's one of his albums. Do the math, fellow noids. That puts the count at 19-- yes, 19-- albums that have been released of our hero's music. True, 'Roxy' was not released by him-- but by a bootlegger-- but then how involved was he with the release of 'The Plan'? Still with me? Have you guessed where I'm going with this? That's right, that means next spring's album will be.. GARY'S 20TH ALBUM! [sounds of fireworks, cheering, and mad revelry] I plan on celebrating insanely the night it comes out. Any other 'noids in the Chicago area feel like putting together a Gary night in honor of the event? Drop me an e-. And now, let the debate about the actual count commence. lots of love, Ben Iglar-Mobley *** "I can see in your eyes, you're not quite sure about me." ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 23:43:27 +0300 From: "Peter Enright" <> Subject: 3 wishes To: "Digest Numan" <> "The Moscow Times reports the hasty release of the "TikTok Man" from Moscow Psychiatric Clinic 12. There was nothing the doctors could do for him. And apparently the Russian Weapons Research Centre could not risk any further casualties, and returned his laptop. The toll so far is 28 personnel comatose." Meanwhile, as Peter snores in the next room, like a chainsaw in reverse, the mysterious TikTok Man secretly taps away on his laptop ... Numan do the following: 1. Appear in a movie. A British film. A real sinister, nasty piece of work-type character with a great script. Not a comedy, but a genre that befits his dark music. (Like the sci-fi psycho-erotic thriller I am trying to persuade the Mafia to help me make in Moscow - hint, hint) Although he's stated that he hates the idea of acting, a good director could bring a truly spine-tingling performance from him ... hint, hint. And he could do his own make-up. 2. Release a classical orchestral version of some of his songs. I touched on this several months ago and feel it deserves another mention. You know, something you can slip on while your friends are over to try your new recipe, or maybe that special candle-lit dinner for that special someone ... nudge, nudge. I always get a kick out of playing the piano version of DITP at dinner parties, and waiting until someone asks "Who is this? It's very good!" One Russian friend actually assumed that Numan was a classical German composer ... (Which leads me to ask, since I know absolutely nothing about classical music, or any other music for that matter, how would one handle the percussion in some of Numan's music? I mean one can't employ a drummer in an orchestra ... can one?) Tracks like Films, Replicas, Telekon, The Aircrash Bureau, Conversations, The Joy Circuit, I'm An Agent etc. would easily translate into orchestral music. But we have to retain that percussion somehow. 3. Release his own brand of salad dressing ... or sausages. Actually the debate on Numan's favourite way of cooking sausages was one of the more interesting debates on the Digest ... BBQ? Jesus H. Christ! Brian O'blivion is writing to the Digest! I saw the movie many times (too many actually). He still lives! Long live the new flesh! "After all, nothing is real beyond our perception of reality. Surely you can see that can't you?" - Brian O'blivion The TikTok Man At home at last in brass monkeys Moscow - where's my long Johns? ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 01:28:58 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: Cleopatra re-mastering To: Hello. The Cleopatra version of Sacrifice is not remastered. Well, it kind of was, as they worked with the sound to make the bonus tracks more consistent with the regular album tracks. When I compiled it I only had the two original albums to work from (reg + extended). So no, unfortunately, not fromthe original tapes at least, as I would have liked. The Fury is remastered, from the box set, except the 12" version of I Still Remember, which was never 'mastered' on cd. A guy I know here in LA did it, I gave him a credit in the booklet. Berserker will be remastered except for some of the bonus tracks (still undetermined). I suppose I should put that info on the cover; honestly it never occurred to me. I should have put "includes previously unavailable track on cd" on the Fury cover, too!! (darn!) Strange Charm... won't be out until probably April 99... so I don't know yet. Probably. Remodulate is way remastered!!! (the studio side anyway). You should have heard the first couple versions (unremastered) Yuk!!! What a mess... I think (hope) it sounds good now, though... Regards, Rod theartdept Los Angeles >Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:14:18 -0800 >From: Ralph Ferrin <> >Subject: Numa re-issues on Cleopatra >Does anyone know whether the Cleopatra re-issues of The Fury, Bezerker, and >hopefully Strange Charm are remastered like the Eagle box set? >Thanks for the info. >--------------- >Ralph Ferrin > ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 12:04:42 -0000 From: "downstat" <> Subject: Cleopatra reissues To: "Gary Numan" <> > I talked up the head of Cleopatra the other day about some Numan > projects. I mentioned the "singles" idea and the "12" album" idea. > He kind of nodded re the Singles and re the 12" album asked "is > there enough stuff?!".(send me your track lists!) > edited > > But like I said, Cleo is barely interested in getting the remainder of > the Numa albums out, let alone even more of the same. (not the > best Numan material imho opinion anyway). > Is there really any market in the US for all these compilations - Remodulate, The Mix, White Noise, Dark Light, etc.? What next? A compilation of "mid-80s dreary instrumental b-sides"? A compilation of collaborations and covers including London Times, Dadadang, On Broadway, Dollar, Bill Sharpe, 1999 and U got the look????? The Beggars Banquet re-issues are excellent, as is the Numa Years box-set. But everything else HAS GOT TO STOP!! The U.S is virtually a new market for Numan. Most people have never heard of him, and don't have any understanding about his history, past form or back catalogue. If Numan was an established act in the U.S I wouldn't have any objections. But at the moment, he is trying to build up his reputation. His reputation must be based on his new material, and the best parts of his back catalogue. Issuing endless compilations of live tracks, b-sides, 12" versions, etc might attract the custom of already established U.S. Numan fans. However, if an 18 year old Switchblade Symphony fan saw Numan on the recent tour, didn't have any Numan material, and went out to make a purchase, some of this material quite frankly would stop him dead. What would the SS fan make of The Fury album, - both musically and visually?? It may of been appropriate to reissue The Fury in a few years time when the reputation is established. But certainly not now. I'm not suggesting that there should be a cover-up regarding some of Numan's past albums and images. But what I am saying is that to break into the U.S market requires a focused and clear strategy. Re-releasing every album, dozens of out of date live albums (who REALLY needed White Noise???) and compiling endless compilations isn't such a stategy. Numan needs to put all his energies into getting his new album out. Likewise, Cleopatra need to start saving all their resources (both time, money, and PR coverage) into marketing it. > Cleo has mentioned nothing to me about releasing the Extended Exile album > domestically and last time I asked about it (seems like years ago) they > said they weren't going to do it. > > But I will keep at it. Exile has gone. Finished. Let's move on. If they're that fussed, existing fans in the US can buy the extended album via the Internet or fanclub, or even on import. New fans can buy the existing "proper" version. Regards to all, Austin London ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:07:10 -0800 From: Gregor Torrence <> Subject: Cleopatra release of The Fury. To: (Gary Numan) I just returned home with the cleopatra release of The Fury. Even though I have the original Numan release of it, and also the Numa Years Boxed Set, I found it the previously unreleased tracks irresistible. Way back in '85 I really loved this album, so I thought I'd check out what never saw release back then. Here are the bonus tracks, and some of my unsolicited opinions of them: 10. Call Out The Dogs (Extended) 6:56 11. I Still Remember (RSPCA 12" version) 5:22 12. Anthem (B-Side of Your Fascination) 3:29 13. Tribal (Demo version of Call Out The Dogs) 5:57 14. The Fear (95 Remix) 6:16 Total Running time is 69:45. The extended Call Out The Dogs is not new to CD, so I will just mention that IMHO it is by far the best version of this excellent song. The RSPCA version of I Still Remember is great too. (It is new to CD.) I like the engineering a bit better, and the reworked lyrics are more a tear jerker then the original. Plus you get the rare pleasure of having a really good idea of what the song is about: a neglected and abused pet. Tribal is completely new to me. It is only recognizable as Call Out the Dogs in the chorus which is nearly identical. The synth bass is sparse and there is a prominent guitar part, which sounds to my ear like Rrussel Bell. In fact, the guitar part helps keep the track from sounding as dated as other tracks on the disc. It sort of makes me wish there was more guitar on the whole album than just the acoustic strums in Miracles. The mix sounds a bit quick-and-dirty, like you'd expect from a demo. The verse lyrics sound like Gary's making them up as he goes, which is also what you expect from his demos. I like hearing these earlier sketches of what was later reworked into one of the albums strongest tracks. It's not as memorable as the early version of We Take Mystery To Bed, but I'm glad to have it. Psycho completists will need to buy this and the Numa Years boxed set to get all of the Fury B-Sides on CD, which is a bit annoying, but then if you added We Need It, Anthem, No Shelter, Puppets, and The Fear to the Cleopatra release, it would have had to have been released as a two disc set. Happy conspicuous consumption, Gregor. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:49:10 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: FINAL POLL RESULTS To: I have closed voting for the album poll. I have had 30 votes which is somewhat disappointing. Many thanks to all those who voted. Here are the results (in reverse order) 16. (dead last-surprise, surprise): MACHINE+SOUL (average rank 14.27) 15. THE PLAN (average 12.30) 14. OUTLAND (average 11.80) 13. STRANGE CHARM (11.10) 12. METAL RHYTHM (9.73) 11. TUBEWAY ARMY (9.10) 10. THE FURY (9.07) 9. WARRIORS (9.00) 8. I, ASSASSIN ((7.37) 7. BERSERKER (6.57) 6. DANCE (6.20) 5. EXILE (5.97) 4. THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (5.87) 3. SACRIFICE (5.80) 2. REPLICAS (5.60) And the favourite album is...... 1. TELEKON (5.23) I put the average ranks in to show how close things were. M+S was last by a significant margin-nobody at all ranked it in the top half. Obviously there seems to be 2 favourite periods-(when he was big from 79-81 and his recent return to form). See how my list agrees with it: 1. BERSERKER (this only came "best of the rest"-I was hoping it would be higher) 2. SACRIFICE (agree) 3. THE FURY (disagree) 4. STRANGE CHARM (I must be mad!) 5. THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (agree) 6. I, ASSASSIN (almost agree) 7. TELEKON (the title track and Remember I Was Vapour stop me from rating this very high but apart from that I definitely agree :-) 8. EXILE (almost agree) 9. METAL RHYTHM (almost agree) 10. REPLICAS (I guess the reason this is high is because it was so far ahead of its time but because I'm a new fan but several tracks sound dated IMO) 11. DANCE (er....) 12. MACHINE+SOUL (only one person dared rank it higher than this!) 13. TUBEWAY ARMY (almost agree) 14. WARIORS (never have been able to get into this) 15. OUTLAND (agree) 16. THE PLAN (agree) So it would appear that for the next album what is wanted is more dark stuff. Some are saying bring back real drums but maybe I would like to see the return of analogue synths as well. The newer ones just aren't the same, despite me rating Sacrifice very high.. I'l be back with more stats later..... James ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 08:47:28 -0500 From: "Michael J. Damrath" <> Subject: Gary Numan Digest V1 #486 To: Gary Numan <> Damn, Troy, what a post. You seem like just the kind of person I'd love to meet, and stay way-the-hell-away from at the same time. Troy Walters makes one hell of a point. What a diverse group of individuals Gary Numan fans are! I was struck by this in D.C. at the 9:30 club. I have never before or since been in a group of people gathered together in common purpose that were all so different from each other. I was greatly amused by some, frightenend by others, but immediately befriended by almost everyone. I knew from the very beginning that being a Gary Numan fan would set me apart from those around me. It is perhaps one of the reasons that I found it so irresistable. I often wished that I could find more Numan paraphenalia so I could display my banner of difference more prominantly. I currently find myself wearing my Exile Tour shirt everywhere, I am certain to wear it threadbare. Troy also makes a good point about Machine & Soul. I will have to admit it's one of my least favorite Numan albums. HOWEVER, I would still choose to listen to it over almost all of the remainder of my very extensive Non-Numan CD collection! It IS Gary Numan music after all. Thanks Troy! and keep pissing-off everyone! Michael J. Damrath ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 22:00:15 EST From: Subject: Here's a poll for ya - Numan Sex To: Alright, to spice things up, and if it's not inappropriate, which Numan album or song (if you're into quickies) have you or would you like to have sex to? Make it funny if you like. It's stupid, but a good giggle is what we all need. Hopey (enjoying single life, but wishing she'd meet a guy into Numan!!!!) ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 12:02:28 -0500 (EST) From: "Michael R. Ward" <> Subject: items for sale To: numan digest <> i have one copy of asylum 1 (4 cds) that i would like to sell. best offer of $75 takes it. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 12:57:20 -0000 From: "downstat" <> Subject: Jason Smith and MTV To: <> I read on the AFE site that MTV were flying over to interview Jason Smith and film his band the Numan Principle in concert. This was supposed to happen in early November I think. Did it happen???? (It all seemed rather odd to me. After all, why not fly over and interview the main man himself?) I'd be interested to hear what happened. Austin ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:52:04 -0500 From: "D&T WHEELER" <> Subject: me too! To: "Numan Digest" <> Jon Glass wanted to know if anyone knows the lyrics from The Plan's = MSIVain... me too! So, what is the verdict... are we going to see (be able to buy) Exile = Extended?? I for one would love an extended of Dark. I enjoyed DomDay and = DeadHeav, but I want more!! I didn't care for Down in the Park 20th, = but it has now grown on me. Has anyone ever noticed or maybe mentioned (before I joined the Digest) = that some of the samples from Exile come from the "transporter" rings in = the Stargate movie?? Especially the last two tracks on Exile. Where can a Pennsylvanian (USA) get a paperback copy of PrayTTAliens?? Maybe internet? Later, "I am the darkness that crawls into you" Tim ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 05:38:58 -0500 From: Brian Moloney <> Subject: MP3's To: Gary Numan <> I fail to see how the downloading of deleted or rare tracks as MP3 files could affect Garys career. New material yes, but archive that he doesn't seem to care about? If, and when he releases new material in any format, I will buy it. Regards Brian ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 20:42:40 +-1100 From: Martin Purvis <> Subject: Nick Hadfield's questions To: "'Gary Numan Digest'" <> In answer to Nick's questions - those statements in the White Noise sleeve notes are, in fact, a load of bollocks. Living Ornaments 79/80 was number 2 in the UK charts, White Noise was number 29. And Hohokam were not John Webb's band. I dunno who writes Cleopatra's sleeve notes, but I wonder if they used to be employed by Receiver Records, because the accuracy level is about the same. Martin ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:36:56 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: Numan covers compilation? To: Hello. I am going to propose a Numan covers album to Cleopatra. I would appreciate it if anyone who feels inspired would send me information on cover versions (or remixes) already recorded. I have several titles (Marilyn Manson, Replicants, Nancy Boy, Tia, etc) but know there are a few more. Record label info and year of release would be very helpful. Please send to me and not to the list. I'll let you know of any happenings. Thanks for any help. Rod Los Angeles ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 07:59:09 -0600 From: Brad LaVoise <> Subject: Pleasure Principle Spotted To: Hello, Was looking through a Borders Books and Music here in St. Louis for Praying To The Aliens. Had no luck of course, has anyone found the paperback version anywhere in the U.S. I asked but they want the ISBN number, even though I had the author's names, etc. I happened to walk by on the their endcaps that display cd's with the headphones that you can use to listen to the albums before buying. What did I see, about 10 copies of Pleasure Principle CD, the one reissued by Beggars Banquet. Of course I was in shock, I put Cars on for my son, it is one of his favorites. Only error on the card on the display by the selections was that this was Gary's first album. If anyone has found it at a bookstore here in the states, please let me know where. If not guess I will have to wait till Gary's online shop is working. Brad ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:09:59 +0800 From: Jean Burgess <> Subject: Q&A To: Gary Numan <> Hi Y'all Just thought I'd stop by and answer some questions. Regarding how Gary's music should be composed, well, I like Gary to do what he thinks is best, if I was to mension my personal taste, then I like the industrial sound, I like real drums, I like lots of bass, I like music to sound dark and heavy. Regarding what Eagle should reissue, they should do a little market research to establish which is the best option. Why am I still a fan after all this time. Its a long story. Firstly I was looking for an artist who I liked all their music not just the odd single and Gary came along. Then I read his interviews and realised we had things in common, regarding experiences with people and people at work. After that I became competitive, wanted all his records, every 12", re mix, etc. Then I was addicted, obsessed, my life was empty without going to some concert or gig. Then I came to Australia and I lost touch with his music, having to push Dj's to play his music, every week. Now I'm pretty cool about it all. I have no debilitating obsessions to deal with, my life has changed and now I find I miss the comradship I used to get when I was in the UK. I think the digest adequately fills this void, however I look forward to being able to return to England in the not too distant future, maybe the old obsessions will return. The main thing that holds me fast is that Gary's music never loses its impact on me, some of his tracks send a shiver through my entire body and not many tracks do that, his music cheers me up when I'm down, fill me with a desire to keep fighting those invisible enemies. Somebody wrote that they feel Numan fans are outcasts, I feel the same, I've been an outcast most of my life. In a way, Gary was proof that you can be a successful outcast, speak your mind and still get on, it leaves me feeling there is always hope and the biggest obsticles in life can be overcome. Well so much for the life and times of grizzly Jean. sees ya ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:39:21 EST From: Subject: Slagging/birthday To: Howdy. Y'all are slagging each other off rather a lot lately, aren't you? And for no adequately explored reason. To that I can only say: YOU'RE ALL FOOLS! ALL OF YOU! ;-) (And yes, for those unclear on this point, a "smiley" after a remark which seems insulting, means that the speaker is only joshing with you. The wonders of ASCII, eh?) Anyhoo, I'm assuming it's Thursday (19 Nov) for most of you, so I'll just wish myself a Happy Birthday! No more Iggy Pop's "Sixteen" for me, nope nope, now I'm right out of ABBA! Dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17... I plan to take a merry, libidinous band of youths to see "Velvet Goldmine." Should be a blast. No matter that the Metro half-wit slagged Numan in his review of it. In Numan matters, I got a video bootleg of the Exile Toronto show. If the individual who made this bootleg is a Digest member, may I ask you a question? What's the point of taking the trouble to get a camera in there and bootleg the show... if you only record bits of each song, all halfway-blocked by some person and his girlfriend?! I'm assuming that the dub I got is faithful to the one it was copied from. I just don't see how such a frankly half-assed recording can be of much good as a memento to the cameraperson or as a bootleg to give to other Numan fans. Not that I'm not grateful of course. :-) It has its moments. Just not many of them, and not for very long. Cheers Riana "Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone" - Rush ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 06:06:25 -0700 From: "Joey Lindstrom" <> Subject: Song Of The Week + Response To James Chapman To: "Gary Numan" <> The Song Of The Week for Wednesday November 18th 1998 is: We Have A Technical Nominated by Jason Warner Listen to it at In regards to James Chapman's highly personal message in Digest #486, I have crafted a detailed reply. Unlike James, however, I feel that such off-topic discussions are better suited to email than the Digest, where 95% of the readers couldn't give a rat's ass. If you're one of the 5% who'd like to see the reply, email me and I'll send you a copy, along with any replies it generates. As for everyone else, please enjoy the rest of this Joey-rant-free Digest. / From Joey Lindstrom / Interocitor Dot Net / / One night a jet flew a little bit too close to my house. I was walking / from the living room to the kitchen, and the stewardess told me to sit / down. / --Steven Wright ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:23:16 +0000 From: "ade" <> Subject: to Nick Hadfield...Are these statements correct? To: numan <> To Nick (and all)... Are Hohokam John Webbs band? Sorry but that'll be a NO. HOHOKAM were one of Numans "very slightly" better support bands..they followed him on the 1984 Berserker UK tour... their band line up at the time were George Kamm, Steve Devier, Dave Earl and Tony Alum...they released a couple of initial singles of Numa record label "King" and the much poorer "Harlequin Tears". John Webb did release a single shorlty after by the name of "The Experiment of Love", still on the Numa Label..with backing vocal from Karen Taylor, (Gary's backing singer from Berserker). John has been in a number of bands though.."ACCENT & NIGHT SQUADRON" being examples of just two. Living Ornaments or White Noise..which was the most successfull?. I can only speak as far as the UK is concerned but Living Ornaments box set reached number two in the UK album chart and they both also charted as seperate albums though only reaching 47 & 39 respectively..but then most people already had the box set!! Whilst White Noise managed a chart position of 29. Though on a personal note I feel this would of reached a higher position if its release had not been preceeded by the Live EP that had Numans 4 popular songs on..which non numanoids baught instead of the LP... Here' s a question though...has anybody been able to get hold of an "Official" Pal video release" of "The Unborn"...all the normal sources are saying it has only ever had US/Jap distribution..... Ade-p I'm the smiling know I won't forgive and you know I won't forget.... ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 02:39:57 EST From: Subject: Wherefore art thou Klaus? To: Thanks again for the Images series, Tina! I downloaded the 7b, so now my collection is complete! Listening to it right now. It was great to hear Gary's Dad's perspective on the first side. Definitely this autobiography is not subsumed by PTTA. On another note, I share Martin Harper's frustration at the apparent dissolution of the R3 project. If you're out there, Klaus, please give us an update! I'd love to see the CD come out. Notwithstanding my own contributions, Noise Noise and Cars, I think from the previews Klaus posted that it sounds like the fan efforts were a lot better than the "professional" efforts on the other compilations. Perhaps if producing the CD has become too much of a headache, the project could be re-incarnated as an .mp3 webpage. I'm not sure what kind of legal problems would be inherent in this, but I think it would be nice to have an open-ended site where you could upload and download covers of Numan songs by fans. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:31:33 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: White Noise To: I had a feeling that Gary's laughing on AFE was because he sings "Now a light fades out .." twice-because he lost his place. Obviously I have been proved wrong. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:29:32 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Yet more about Telekon To: I have read in "Praying to the Aliens" that when Gary was in Japan, they played "Telekon" at the nightclub. They obviously played it because they thought because it was the title track, it had to be a good one - and it emptied the place! If Gary had called the album "The Joy Circuit" or "I'm an Agent" then the problem would most likely not arisen :-) Next time it's 80s night at Planet Earth in Newcastle, I should take along my Telekon CD and ask the DJ to play track 3 and see how it goes down. I'd be ashamed, although it may lower the price of the drinks :-). ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************