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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 11:49:01 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Andy's poll versus mine To: In the last digest, Andy McHaffie wrote: > The poll at is still runnning, and will be > ongoing, but just to compare things with James Chapman's, here is how > the results compare. My poll ranks individual songs and comes up with an > album rankig, while James' ranks albums as a whole. With 24 ballots > receoved for my poll so far, compared to 30 for James', here's the > comparison so far. > > James' results in brackets > > > 1. THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (4) > 2. REPLICAS (2) > 3. BERSERKER (7) > 4. SACRIFICE (3) > 5. THE FURY (10) > 6. TELEKON (1) > 7. DANCE (6) > 8. EXILE (5) > 9. I ASSASSIN (8) > 10. WARRIORS (9) > 11. METAL RHYTHM (12) > 12. STRANGE CHARM (13) > 13. TUBEWAY ARMY (11) > 14. OUTLAND (14) > 15. MACHINE AND SOUL (16) > 16. THE PLAN 1978 - CD (15) > > There are some interesting comparisons there. I realise Andy's poll includes B-sides and extra tracks so this shows that the Fury and Berserker B-sides are possibly better than the actual albums or better in comparison to all the B-sides from the other albums. I also think the I, Assassin extra tracks are very good, giving a great 78-minute CD to listen to without skipping (yes, I even like Bridge? What Bridge?- how about that one to make love to :-) ) (this from the same persom who admits to liking I Can't Stop and Unknown+Hostile) :-) There are also some albums that could possibly be criticised as being "less than the sum of the parts", which could apply to Berserker and The Fury, and others where people prefer the concept or mood rather than the individuyal songs (like Telekon and Exile). I don't really believe that-if the album has good songs then it's a good album. I don't really understand all this "sum of the parts" stuff. Just my opinion. What would be really interesting is for the same 30 people who voted in my poll to also vote in Andy's as well and compare the results. James ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- "And Ralf Schumacher is the son of double world champion, Michael Schumacher Murray Walker, 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 00:14:45 EST From: Subject: A Numan Christmas Album?? To: Hi everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable holiday... Please keep in mind that I had a blazing fever going on when I thought of this, but.... Could you imagine, just for a second, if Gary made a Christmas Album?? ;-) He could put on original songs, or do the classics 'his way'! Could you imagine 'Frosty the Snowman' ala Replicas? "FROSTY the SNOWman..... WAS A VERY JOLLY soul...." Just a little levity for you all this season! Yours in Numanness.... Keith ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:35:56 -0800 From: Derek Langsford <> Subject: Anyone have the Numan/Nicholson CD? To: And if you do, could you post the track listing - some of us want to know before we import the thing some 5000 miles :-) Also does the Radio Heart reissue have anything new compared to the original? Derek ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derek H. Langsford "Numanews" San Diego, California, USA The Gary Numan Digest email to subscribe -----------------------------------------------------------------------------k ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 02:36:22 +0800 From: Jean Burgess <> Subject: back to the UK, sanity plea To: Gary Numan <> Hi di hi! > PS: Jean Burgess, you are returning to the UK after living in Oz ... are you > NUTS or what? (gagging sound) Am I returning to the UK, I hope so, am I mad, probably, but not for that reason. Is the question, why do I prefer to live in the UK to Perth, Australia, or just a straighforward concern for my mental health? Well I like things about Australia that can't be got in the UK and I like things in the UK that can't be got in Perth (I should emphasise Perth, because there is a difference compared to the rest of Australia). It boils down to what's important in my life and what's important to me is connectivity with the Numan scene, the possibility to meet other fans without travelling hundreds or thousands of miles, the possibility to dance to Numan (absolutely crucial point). You're Australian are you? Have you been to the UK? I'm wondering what comparisons you're drawing on and what experiences. I know that if I ever do go back to the UK I will miss the sun, the soft sandy beaches, the cafe experience and the few friends I've made here since arriving in 1989, none of them Numan fans. It's really hard to explain because I have very different priorites to most people I suspect. Music, dancing, entertainment and Numan plus like minded friends are more important to me than a career, better cost of living or better lifestyle. I've sacrificed and lost 2 jobs over Gary Numan. It depends on what you mean, of course it sounds like I'm getting all serious about this, but I'm just curious, perhaps you could enlighten me regarding your perspective (apart from that you were joshing, I don't think I lost the sentiment, did I?). I hope I haven't started a patriotic debate here, I'm not patriotic in the least, if I was I would never have left the UK in the first place. I'd actually consider living in Germany, I hear there's a really great Industrial scene there. Where ever the great music and club scene is basically. Regarding the Unborn, I watched it with the intention to buy it, thinking it would have some unreleased tracks, but there's nothing on it for me, I think it's an instumental of the latest music he was doing then (can't remember which one), the film I think is badly put together, it had potential but I think it lost the plot somewhere in translation. What's the news on this Martin Clunes film he's in?, that should be a good film. While I'm on the subject of sound tracks, Dark City preview used Dark as the backing track, which I saw on the big screen, I couldn't wait to see the film, then I didn't hear the track at all, I thought, what a huge mistake, it fitted perfectly with the images in the film I thought. I don't know about other countries, did they use Dark in other countries as well for the previews? Sex and Numan: well I know the two subjects go together, I think it would be really telling something about myself if I was to answer that one, but I prefer perfect silence myself as both require my fullest attention and I can't be in two places at once. I think for the newcomer going solo, it would have to be every day I die, die, die, die, die, die. Actually if I listen to that long enough it sounds like whirl, whirl, whirl (surreal). I'd love to get out Live at the Roxy, but I'm actually supposed to be revising for a programming exam. I always used to work out Gary's lyrics for myself, mainly because I need to know approximately what he's saying so I do the appropriate hand gestures when dancing. Toni knows don't you? Well I'm off to the Asylum, just need to squeeze back into my straight jacket first (they're very restricting you know). Scoobie doooooo! ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 06:57:05 PST From: "Jenny Beck" <> Subject: conan O brien To: they had a gary numan segment on conan??? when?? what happened??? ARGH!! i have 8 numan mails to catch up on! this is what happens when i get behind! i miss stuff :((((( jenny. ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:12:47 -0600 From: "Kevin Dyck" <> Subject: cover tune. To: "Gary Numan" <> Here's throwing a question to the wind... I would like to someday do a = cover tune of one of Gary Numan's songs. Anyone know who to get a hold = of to get permission, and how? Kevin Dyck ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:08:12 -0600 From: "Kevin Dyck" <> Subject: Gary Numan Digest V1 #488 To: "Gary Numan" <> Personally, I think the song that would set the mood would be "Please Push No More." It shows what a sensitive guy you can be. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 09:57:45 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Gary Numan Digest V1 #488 To: In the last digest, Nick Fox wrote: > >So it would appear that for the next album what is wanted is more > >dark stuff. Some are saying bring back real drums but maybe I would > >like to see the return of analogue synths as well. The newer ones > >just aren't the same, despite me rating Sacrifice very high.. I'l be > >back with more stats later..... > > Yeah I'd love to hear the return of both real drums and analogue synth > 'like' sounds. > Maybe the analogue synth has a slightly more natural and warm sound to > it. (including true random drift) hehehe > Sometimes the imperfection makes the sound, > whatever real drums and analogue synths would certainly be welcomed by > me. > > Great! I thought nobody at all was going to take it seriously. New synths just aren't the same are they? I wonder how it would sound if Gary tried to do the intro to I Dream of Wires on new synths. Actually in my ratings I rated the 3 PPG WAVE albums very high but they are way better than the synths used today. I am not one who's good at describing sounds, but I think gary's synth sound went downhill in about 1987 when he started using that lighter synth with that stupid sound that reminds me of someone letting down a tyre or dinghy or something. If you don't know what I mean listen to "River" on the Numa Years and that sound is al over the place.This sound seemed in evidence all the way through Metal Rhythm (which I still reckon is a decent album because of its consistency), Outland and Machine+Soul. The piano sound on the last two albums is a lot better, but just isn't the same. Yes I know I may be living in the past but I know what I like. Then again, there's hardly anything by Numan that I dislike. And for Numan to make love about This Wreckage? Or that dodgy instrumental on the B-side of Cars? Or This Ship Comes Apart ? :-) Or even...dare I say it...."Telekon " ???? (very big :-) ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- "And Ralf Schumacher is the son of double world champion, Michael Schumacher Murray Walker, 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 21:01:01 -0500 From: "Troy L. Walters" <> Subject: Holiday Greetings from Gary and Gemma To: The Gary Numan Digest <> Hello all, I recently received a card from Gemma with a photo, along with a card to all the USA fans Gary and Gemma met on the tour - especially KAT (whom I still haven't heard from!) - to wish us one and all happy holidays. Gemma asked that I pass it along, so... Visit my website (SCAR) and you can read a very special holiday wish from Gemma and Gary. URL at end of this post... Gemma wrote this about Gary's new studio: "it's brilliant. He's a very happy bunny in there. He'll be starting the new album on Monday, finally. I can't wait." I got the card on Monday, 23 November 1998 and she dated it 23 October 1998. So, he should have began the new album on 26 October 1998. And, for those of you interested, Gemma mentioned that her hair is now turquoise (was red, but she got bored) and short! Hope to get a photo of that! Now, a little explaining... I received the card as a thank you for a couple CDs I compiled and sent copies to Gemma. I mentioned to her (and Gary) after the Pontiac, Michigan show that I had made a compilation CD of Numan (and related) material as a "For Promotion Only" package and sent them to a couple of local radio stations in central Indiana. It contained covers by Marilyn Manson, Republica and Gravity Kills as well as Gary's versions of the same songs and a few others - especially off of Sacrifice and Exile (UK version). Unfortunately for me, they disappeared! I did everything right (so I thought), sent them to the music director's attention and everything after I spoke with them on the phone. But somehow, they grew legs and walked out of the stations. Great! I went to great lengths to include the lyrics, a short bio, and I sent along a wealth of other information. I know, I know... serious violations of established laws... blah, blah, blah! Well, when I mentioned it, Gemma said she'd love to have a copy of a CD like that - so I sent her the original (my very first CD that I burned that was not of my own music). It wasn't as "nice" as the two I sent out - sonically or visually, but - hey, she's got the real deal! Then, I compiled a CD of Numan ballads - well, sort of; (track listing): Numan MellowMix CD (there are two of these, two different titles) -- Down In The Park (Piano version) (didn't someone recently say they hate that one?) -- Do You Wonder (off of HUMAN) -- Wonder Eye (early version of I Wonder) -- Time To Die -- A Child With The Ghost -- The Seed Of A Lie -- This Is Love -- Don't Call My Name -- I Still Remember -- Love Isolation -- New Life (off of HUMAN) -- Whisper -- You Walk In My Soul (extended) -- Mother (off of HUMAN) [I noticed several of the road crew called Gemma Mother] -- Absolution -- I Wonder (extended) Yes, I Wonder is a little repetitious on there - I have my reasons. A certain someone (a member of this forum) did something very nice for me and I wanted to repay on an equal level. It turned out so well, I decided to let Gemma in on it. I have it on MiniDisc and it is one smooth disc. It can change the mood of an entire month! If you're into that sort of thing. I've also made a Numan compilation titled "In A Word" which is all one word titled songs besides the ones on The Pleasure Principle! And it still isn't all of them (Navigators, Dark, Scar (ext), Generator (ext), Voix, Films, Confessions, Stories, Bleed (ext), Cry (ext), Warriors, Photograph, Metal, Prophecy, and Whisper) which comes in at exactly 74 minutes. Well, I sent Gemma a copy of the Numan MellowMix CD too. She wrote that she's been playing it in her car - "a bright pink ACV" (I think, not sure if it's actually an A). I was petrified that Gary would flip-out about what I did with the radio CD (he didn't seem pleased when I mentioned it in person - maybe he was preoccupied [or thought I meant him harm ;)]). Anyway, Gemma wrote: "your motives for "burning" it are extremely kind. Gary thought it was brilliant & lovely that you did what you could with the radio stations. Thank you for trying - Silly Radio People! They're missing out." I'm not giving up on this! I now have Cleopatra ready and waiting (thanks to Mr. Reynolds) to ship out promo packets (e-mail address available upon request - there are strict guidelines). I plan to work on a particular DJ (already have her attention and interest) and get in that way. Why? Well, my goal is to get airplay, obviously, but also to start a campaign to get Gary Numan to play in Indianapolis on the next North American tour. And I will succeed! So, I've been thinking... How about WE (I mean the Digest as a whole) put our heads together and create the ultimate Gary Numan CD compilation: EVERYTHING YOUR LISTENERS EVER WANTED TO HEAR BY GARY NUMAN BUT YOU WERE TOO AFRAID TO PLAY! We could, maybe, get Mr. Reynolds to assist with the clearances and possibly even more, maybe, hopefully, it would be kindda nice... get the support of the label(s) and push this thing hard! We could get it together by the time Gary finishes the new "album" (which could aptly be named "Return of the Hero" - after being sacrificed and exiled). And accompany the NEW CD as part of the promo package. And I'm talking about THE compilation, the one absolute compilation of Gary Numan material as chosen by Gary Numan fans around the world! We could all put in advanced orders for such a thing so the record label(s) see it's a great idea. So, they'll see more Numanoids shelling out more cash for yet another compilation, but the end will justify the means! Anyone with me? (Sound of crickets chirping - otherwise, absolute silence). {What?! Are you CRAZY?! Another compilation?! Well... yeah, but not available to the general public. Jeez, whaddaya think I'm stoopid 'er sumthin'?} It's just a thought (I have way too many of those - MOST of which make _way_ less sense than this one!), and I decided to share it. It's a fluke that Gemma even has contact with me (I was beginning to think the whole bunch disappeared off the planet, being incommunicado for so long). So don't get the impression that I feel some great closeness to any of them. It's not that way. Just got lucky I guess. Not as long as the last post, but I feel better. Happy Holidays to one and all. Take that how ever you do... I'm not a religious person, I'm not into celebrations or gatherings (though I do enjoy huge meals and gorging myself) or crowds of any kind (ESPECIALLY family). All I mean by it is: my most sincere and best wishes to you all, all year - but it gets contagious around this time of year... Even if I do hate everybody! ;-) -- Troy L. Walters Indiana, USA Heading straight for the Numan-llennium -- Beware of the IDGAF Syndrome... (c) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:21:18 -0600 From: Valerie Iglar-Mobley <> Subject: making love to Gary To: The Gary Digest <> Dear all, I'm not sure I'd want to have sex with Gary playing in the background, not unless it were another numanoid sharing my bed. Except for 'Dance,' I think his music creates a feeling too cold and isolated for it to be the soundtrack to loving. I prefer anything by the Cocteau Twins; their music has great atmospherics and Lis Frasier's voice is erotic and heavenly. And Erasure's 'I Say I Say I Say'-- probably their warmest album. It makes me wonder if Andy Bell ever hits those high notes when he's with his lovers. But for something truly outstanding, nothing can compete with Dead Can Dance. Their music makes for a very special kind of experience of amour, though. Having them playing during coitus brings out the sacredness and reverence of sex. Candlelight and incense would not be out of place alongside. And I suppose I might as well also suggest This Mortal Coil, and fill out the last of the 4 A.D. record label's 'ethereal three'. But they make for a very moody and mellow tryst. If anyone wants to try any of these suggestions out, let me know how it goes! :^) lots of love, pass it along, Ben Iglar-Mobley * * * "We're heroes, We sparkle at night." ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 20:59:55 +0000 From: Tom Gorham <> Subject: Messages in MIME format To: "Gary Numan" <> I know I'm going to get kinda anal here, but could people PLEASE not post to the digest in MIME format? It breaks up all the messages and renders them unreadable to those of us who use text-based email clients. I suspect that most of the people quoting MIME are PC owners using Outlook Express. Just change your setup options... Thanks very much... Regards Tom Gorham ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:26:43 -0000 From: "Nigel" <> Subject: Nicholson & Numan To: <> Well the Nicholson & Numan CD rears It's ugly head once again, I like many others ordered this CD along with a video, from Matt Nicholson over 12 months ago, and until recently I had given up all hope of receiving it. After many phone calls to 'The Record Label' I finally got hold of Matt the other day, he assured me that everyone who ordered will be receiving there CD's in the next couple of weeks, and also because of the long wait he would be including some special items swell, (White labels, signed items etc). So if you were one of the ones that ordered, give him a ring on 0181 3327245 and make sure he still has your details. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 12:02:27 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: Numan interview disc To: Fellow Numanoids, I recently bought a 7" picture disc single with the catalog number NUMAN 7P on it. It has a black and white photo of Gary (ala The Fury tour) on each side of the single, and runs a little over 11 minutes total. Judging by Gary's responses, I'd have to guess the interview actually took place in 1984 rather than 1985 (as the photos suggest). Gary refers to his "big tour" last year which I'm guessing was the 40 date Warriors tour from 1983. He also says a little something about the new image being blue and white (most definitely Berserker from 1984). I'm sure this thing is a bootleg disc, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to who was the absolutely aweful interviewer. Putting Gary in a defense mode for most of the interview, this guy practically insults Gary by asking him "why he was 'left out in the cold' while other bands like Duran Duran 'made it'". Gary shoots back with "I wasn't, 'Cars' made it before everyone else came along". Can anyone else say for sure when the interview took place, or where it took place? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 07:38:46 EST From: Subject: Numan Video To: Gary Numan <> Hi everyone.I have the following titles for sale on video. TOURING PRINCIPLE ' 79 / SNL ' 79 / ARE FRIENDS ELEC. O.G.W.T MICROMUSIC ' 81 WEMBLEY FAREWELL THE BERZERKER TOUR / NEWMAN,NUMAN PROMO COMPILATION Please e-mail me if you would like any further information.These are excellent copies of hard to find Numan items. - ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 20:09:11 +0100 From: "joeri" <> Subject: Please Vote. To: "Gary Numan" <> Hi, The Gary Numan Site from Belgium 'Prophecy' is nominated for 'site of the week' by planet internet. You would make my day if you would vote for 'Prophecy' and Gary Numan on next adress: (It only takes a few seconds) Closing date is November 30th. Thanks, Joeri Peeters ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 09:00:22 EST From: Subject: saying hello To: Hello all. I just started on the list. I've been a Numan fan since '86. Other musical tastes are pretty broad (seems to be the case with alot of Numan fans); lots of punk, British invasion, Tangerine Dream (etc.). I have a question for anyone who may know - where can one get "Dance" on CD? I have seen on line a combination of "Dance" and "Tubeway Army" (odd pairing, don't you think?), but I really just want a plain, old CD of "Dance" for a Christmas present. Thanks! I'm glad I discovered this list! ~Phil ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:15:01 EST From: Subject: Sex and Sax To: In reply to Hopey, re Numan songs to shag to, my fav has to be 'The Rhythm of the evening." It's got such a thrusting sax line and that "woh oh" just makes it perfect. P.S.- Foxy- are you a "Landscape" gardener? ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 14:57:56 EST From: Subject: Sexy Numan music and other foolishness To: Nick Fox sniggered: <<Don't ya mean all of "US" Exclusion is not an option. <g>>> Well, I forget whose sig this is (and due credit to him), but... "Everybody's infected except me." ;-) Then again, "she is wisest who knows that she does not know..." I've made a fool of myself more than once in this Digest! :-) As to Gary's "slurred" vocals, well, this can at least be explained for his live appearances. The sound was, I understand, atrocious for much of the recent N. American Exile tour, so even if he was singing distinctly, we couldn't tell. :-P Moreover, Gary has, after all, confessed to being "shit with the words" to the older numbers. A very good reason to mumble. :-) I'm thinking here of the "Dream Corrosion" version of "The Machman" where the whole first verse is just a bunch of babbling. Regarding which of Numan's songs are best for boinking, I couldn't say, having had no firsthand experience (cough), but I'd have to go for the cockeyed ones. "Creatures," "Tricks," and of course "Everyday I Die" - especially the more recent live versions (Dark Light, Portland bootleg, etc.). And for when you're falling asleep afterward - "I Nearly Married a Human" parts 1 and 2. The most sleep-inducing music known to man, and I mean that in a good way!! Cheers! Riana "If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right" - Faithless ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:15:07 -0500 (EST) From: "Michael R. Ward" <> Subject: THE NICHOLSON & NUMAN SESSIONS (1984-1994), radio heart, i can't , stop, and sex To: numan digest <> The complete history and recordings of Radio Heart, Dadadang & Numan. This CD features all rough mixes, demo mixes, guide vocals by Hugh Nicholson leading up to the Master stage where Gary Numan records his vocals. Plus all the mixes, remixes and extended mixes. Listen to the original version sung by Hugh, read the handwritten drafts, the recording studio sheets. The Compact Disc features a Poster (Broad Sheet) with original handwritten lyrics, photographs, travel tickets, hotel rooming lists, television schedules UK & Germany, everything that is in the archives!. -i imagine the other cd Radio Heart is the original radio heart cd with the 3 tracks with numan and the one with sir elton john. -also i am gonna admit i am wrong. i pulled on the babylon 4 cd and listened to the extended mix of i can't stop. i think i might grow to like it (but not be my favorite). -finally i think for sex (with someone else not alone) i would pick absolution. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:15:19 -0500 From: Matthew Roberts <> Subject: White Noise Sleeve Notes To: Gary Numan <> Nick, going back to your Digest post of a while back..... as usual the sleeves notes are wrong. HoHoKam weren't John Webb's band. Despite the fact that chart positions don't relate directly to sales figures for several reasons and despite the fact that Living Ornaments wa= s originally only on sale for 4 weeks (although it re-appeared in the shops= much later), it seems incomprehensible that White Noise was more successf= ul in commercial terms. The LO Box set went to No.2 in the charts, and the individual albums reached something like no's 40 & 50 on their own. I think White Noise wen= t to around No. 30. I don't think any of these albums were originally released in the States, so he can't be talking about there. We occasionally get similar stories from Gary. For example he has said th= at I,Assassin was his worst selling album. Er, No.8 in the charts??? I doubt= any of his new albums since 1982 have outsold I, Assassin, with the possible exception of Warriors (backed by his long UK tour). Matthew Roberts ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************