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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 15:12:10 PST From: "Jenny Beck" <> Subject: 10 pences To: 10 pences? whats that mean?? ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 13:33:17 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: A few digest back! To: Hello all, Just re-reading digest 471, and the second post on it from King Richard about the Girl "As I am taking her money, the song changes to DOWN IN THE PARK, she perks up, gives the first lines a listen, shakes her head sadly and says " HHMMPPHH, didnt take long for someone to copy MANSON, I swear, get popular, and everyone does your songs." I looked at her, smiling, and told her that this is GARY NUMAN that she is listening to, not a MANSON copy. "THIS IS A MANSON SONG !!!!!!!!" I put the NUMAN cd up on the counter, pointing out that it was from 1979 and that MANSON had made a cover of the song, It was a NUMAN song... She took her cd and left all angry like..." Well, it just keeps proving the point I make to people every now and again. Most people that buy music, buy it because it is hot or "in". Then, they only pop it in a player and go about their business. They do not "read" the liner notes, or study the music as it plays by giving it their full attention. I looked at the Manson single in a store once, and right there on the package, it says it was written by Numan! On to another note. As time goes by, my priorities change. I now have several Numan clothing items that I must admit I will never wear. There are folks on this list that would, and so I would like to offer them up to anyone that would like to make me an offer on them. I you need, I will try to get pictures or scans of these items. They were bought new, and then simply put on display. They have been in a box now for nearly 10 years. They are as new as the day they were bought! I have a couple of scarfs, Yellow w/red stripes down each side. Has black silk screened "Gary Numan" down the center, and a black silk screened picture of Numan from the Warriors cover. one end silk screened says Warriors UK tour 1983 White w/red stripes on each side, with an even thinner black stripe beteween the red. Has red silk screened "Gary Numan" w/red Numan pic from Fury LP. on one end, in red silk screened letters, has "The Fury U.K. Tour '85" (this one the silk screener got a little heavy handed on the Numan pic.. then I also have a Berserker (PAL VHS) tape. This one I bought new, but have never been able to play, as we have the NTSC setup here in the US. I just got lucky a few months ago, and got a US version to watch, so I can now let this one go. I will also be scanning some old magazine articles of Numan, and posting them on the web so anyone wanting to see them can. Things that may have been missed by some, and some that are just really old. So, I will post again when I have the scans done. Take care all, Mark A Hubbard ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 10:29:34 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: A few general points To: I see the NU Street store has finally opened. Although this has to be welcomed, what other star has to work on their own ordering service? Is it true that things are still just the way they were with Numa - with Gary doing all the musical stuff as well as the artwork, newsletters, T shirts, Web etc. This is incredible - the album is bound to be late and Gary will always say he is too busy. Also with NU Street, the larger range of items on offer means many more transactions. But no one has said whether extra staff are being taken on. Many have been disappointed with the fan club's previous speed of respond. Surely it's not just going to be down to Gary's parents again? Eagle are certainly getting a good deal from Gary. As well as all the administrative stuff he does for them, they haven't even got to sell Exile Extended themselves or arrange distribution! Although I like the album, three of the tracks have already been used for the Dominion Day singles (The Angel Wars was on the Cassette single). This still leaves some good new stuff for me - although Exile itself was hardly in need of extension. In the latest newsletter, Gary suggests the sound quality of this album might be better than the original. I don't think so. Finally, what happened to Danny Turner? Has someone knee-capped him? Nick Hadfield ---------------------------------------------------------------- Get your free email from AltaVista at ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:01:09 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: Asylum?/The Plan? To: "Gary Numan" <> To the fellow Numanoid you wrote recently offering for sale, Asylum and The Plan (picture Disc) PLEASE write again...a slip of the finger deleted your e-mail! OOPS! Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy Proud Member of Boys Like Us ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:09:11 +1100 From: random <> Subject: Berserker Tour in Oz?!!! To: Gary Numan <> Rod Reynolds wrote: > Plus there's six or eight never before released concert photos from the Berserker tour in Australia (also not > blurry). What Berserker Tour in Australia?!!! We never got it! The only time we had Numan here was for the Touring Principle! cheers Random 'Boys like me, we get used to, things like you' ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 07:06:16 PST From: "Kris Coolens" <> Subject: CD release To: Hi Gary, I have made some good dance- and disco songs, including a dance-cover of your song "Are Friends Electric?". I say good, because they have already showed their succes at parties and in dance halls. Do you know some interesting record companies who are able to recognize good music, so I can send them some demo-cd's? I would like to have my music released. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Kris Coolens. ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 15:13:13 EST From: "jon glass" <> Subject: cleopatra records art To: i dont know what you guys are complaining about, EVERYTHING i even bought from cleopatra had horrific cover art! ALL of it i was almost tempted to make my own cover for!! switchblade sympohny, kraftwerk-the model(YUCK! & the Liner notes! MYGOD!), in goth daze...BAD BAD BAD. so you see we cant critisize cleopatra for its cover art...they just never know what they're doing :p. bye bye ==old scars dont show== JONATHAN leo's operation="" GIDGET-- glass factory= GLASS--- "" ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 10:03:58 -0000 From: "Gary Hough" <> Subject: Exile Extended To: <> What's all the crap about this album not being sharp in clarity? Bollox. Numans vocals are clear as day, just got my copy this morning and slapped it in the CD player. It's excellent. Those who don't agree get a hearing test, new hi-fi system or get the new spice girls album and give it a rest ;-) Gary ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 13:03:42 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: Exile Extended & Nicholson/Numan To: Fellow Numanoids, Like the first review I read on the Digest regarding Exile Extended, I have to say I rather like the extended mixes of the Exile tracks. I really like the regular version of Exile, so the extended version just has more to like :-) I guess I should preface that opinion with the fact that I like Gary's extended mixes in general, and I think the Exile album is one of his best since Telekon. Again, it's only my opinion, but when you add almost 30 minutes to the original album, I think you're really getting your money's worth on this one! I've also been keeping tabs on the Nicholson/Numan '87-'94 CD which no one seems to have yet. I've been searching the various online music shops and found that no store actually claims to have it "in stock". Two online shops, Tower Records and CD Now, seem to have it available for "special order", but that generally means they've been told they can get it (but they still don't actually have it in stock themselves). The COW (Cheap Or What) site hasn't been updated since Oct 12, 1998, so I wouldn't put much faith in the fact that they have it or can even get it. Before you part with any money, I would suggest waiting until one of these sites says they actually have it "in stock". Keep in mind this CD has been promised for a long time, and many Digest members have sent money to places without the CD being stocked. The most current information I have says it has a release date of Dec 10, 1998, but all indications are that it still hasn't been released yet. I can't wait until someone from the Digest posts that they've actually got it! Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 06:38:06 EST From: Subject: Extended Exile..... To: fellow Numanoids.... Extended Exile...on the whole it's great !!!! but in one of two place it dun 'arf dddrrraaagggg on !!!!!!!!! As for flogging Non-Numan Stuff via the digest....pack it's not the done thing old bean !!!!!!!! ;-) Tony j Everybody's Infected.......except me ppppsssstttttttt......any one wanna buy a 1982 Ford carefull owner....low mileage..blah blah blah bl...... ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 12:40:31 -0500 From: "Troy L. Walters" <> Subject: Gary Numan appears in PLAY To: Gary Numan <> For those who do not know, PLAY is Columbia House's (newer) Music Club... you know, get twelve for the price of one, buy four more in three years kindda thing. The Artist Spotlight features eight artists: barenaked ladies, celine dion, maxwell, trisha yearwood, funk master flex, fear factory, titanic soundtrack, and earl klugh. This covers a pretty wide variety of musical styles! As you probably guessed, Gary Numan's name appears in the snippet about Fear Factory's OBSOLETE: "Gary Numan's eerily inhuman guest vocal on the title cut" with Gary's name in bold print! I may be over reacting here, but this thing goes into millions of homes! I was surprised to see it, but in a good way. When I first heard Gary had signed with Eagle, and found out it is associated with BMG, I immediately joined the BMG Music Club with the (admittedly slim) chance that Gary's back catalog would eventually appear as choices. This has yet to happen (unless the, as of yet, unopened latest has anything to offer). I wonder why the catalog has not yet been made available. Bauhaus has been available before, so Beggar's can't have anything against it. Perhaps we should begin a drive to make this happen. I have e-mailed both clubs and have yet to receive a response. There is power in numbers... Just something else to think about. -- Troy L. Walters Indiana, USA Heading straight for the Numan-llennium -- Beware of the IDGAF Syndrome... (c) ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 16:55:52 -0000 From: "Phil Marsh" <> Subject: Gary Numan Fan Projekt To: Been some speculation about this lately. I like others have no idea what's going on, but the URL for the Random project page now shows the logo "Playing To The Aliens" and was last updated some weeks ago. Certainly a change there, as the "Random" pages were up unchanged for quite a while before that. Being an optimist, I would suggest maybe something will happen, and Klaus has just got behind with stuff. No excuse for not letting anyone know though!!! Failing that, a good idea by Joey to get stuff posted. However, if the projekt IS dead and buried (and someone should really get an answer off Klaus about that), maybe KLAUS should do the decent thing and hand over the MP3s and tapes I and many others already sent to HIM! Bye for now Phil ( ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 21:01:08 -0700 From: "richard carter" <> Subject: I have it !!!!!!! To: "gary numan digest" <> HOWDY !!!!!! KING RICHARD HERE... SSHHHHH!!!!! don't tell my wife that I know, it's supposed to be a surprise. But she bought me REMODULATE at BEST BUY the other day for CHRISTMAS....say, come to think of it. She got me a NUMAN cd for CHRISTMAS. that makes it, you would think, A GARY NUMAN CHRISTMAS CD...... I have it !!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YES, YES, YES. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........ow. my head hurts now...... --- King Richard The Kingdom King Richard's 80's Musical Kingdom: Stay for dinner next time...we're having barbecued iguana! Check out the interview from THE CHURCH at KING OF 80'S MUSIC Angelfire for your free web-based e-mail. ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:38:56 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: In a Glasshouse To: Having just got Machine + Soul extended (thanks again, Leon!) and finally heard "In a Glasshouse", there are some things I would like to say about it. It's excellent! Firstly, it doesn't suffer from excessive rock guitar like some songs on the album do. Secondly there is some very nice backing vocal work, like on "Berserker" or "My Breathing" (what I can think of off the top of my head). Thirdly Gary doesnt submerge his voice in female vocals. Fourthly, it's very catchy. And fifthly, there's no annoying sax or stupid horrid-sounding synthy bits (a la Poison, Dark Sunday, Devotion, Emotion) Given all those particular qualities, I would like to say 3 other very strange things about it. 1. Eagle decided to leave it off the boxed set. The omission of this and Tribal, and the wrong version of Call Out the Dogs were IMO the only nitpicks about it-it was great in every other way, but there was plenty of room for "1999"! 2. Gary has often released singles where the B-side is actually better than the A-side (Noise Noise, We Need It, I Don't Belive, Shame to name a few). But this one is 100 times better than Emotion! 3. But the biggest boo-boo of all by Gary was not putting it on the album. It's obvious he was struggling to come up with material for this album, but I reckon if you take that into account it's a decent album, but rather 'hit and miss'. I bet not many people could do it suffering a mental block! But the thing is he had a fine song like this at his disposal which could easily have been incorporated in there but he chose to put a Prince cover on there instead! Defies logic IMO. I guess it was because it bears hardly any resemblance to M+S, or Outland for that matter-if anything it seems to have more in common with Metal Rhythm, which I think is a very good album. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- "And Ralf Schumacher is the son of double world champion, Michael Schumacher Murray Walker, 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 10:28:46 -0800 From: Mike Mckay-Pfeiffer <> Subject: Let's not slam our friends! To: Aren't we being a bit harsh with comments like this: >Whats the deal with this Rod guy??? I don't think he is even a NUMAN >fan. He doesn't seem to know anything about business or Quality! >If he really is a fan.... he should act like ONE! It appears to me that Rod is a HUGE Numan fan, he's one of the few people that actually have a real impact on releasing any Numan material. He's constantly telling us how he makes suggestions and works hard at getting Gary's records out -- so why slag him? If you ask me, the cover to "The Fury" was pretty awful to begin with, and I thought the job Rod did on "Remodulate" was awesome! I hope Rod doesn't take these comments too personally (I would), it would be terrible to lose such a great supportive Numan fan. I haven't bantered on in quite a while so here a few other comments about recent Digest items: It might be fun to joke amongst ourselves about a Gary Christmas record -- but it's a really AWFUL idea!!! I hate Christmas covers by popular artists. It is one of the tackiest things an artist can do, with the exception of Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy." With Gary's (non) religious views, how can we even suggest something so hideous. Please let's keep that idea on the not-so-serious side. And, about the best, best of Gary CD idea, and sending it out to radio stations. I agree with Rod on this -- why not try "Remodulate" first -- because let's be honest - THE ONLY SONG U.S. RADIO WILL PLAY BY GARY IS "CARS" -- has any of us forgotten how bad U.S. radio really is? Hopefully, Gary's next record will have one song that radio will cling too, and the proper promotion to make it happen. I'm not sure "Exile" have either of those things. Has anybody faxed over a "Exile:Extended" form for the CD? I'm going this route to hopefully speed up the process. I also have the same question a few other numaniods have had -- I haven't heard of the extended Sacrifice CD until recently - is this the Eagle release with the extra tracks at the end? Or is there a CD with all the tracks actually extended out? And if there is -- where can I get it? I'll have more bantering soon - it's good to see the "Boring" controversy has ended some very good suggestions and debates recently. Mike "And I know where you want to be You're in my hands but I'll bet you'll just slip away You'll trickle like mercury And I won't hear you" -- the other great lyricist David Gedge of the Wedding Present ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:09:36 +0000 From: Andy McHaffie <> Subject: New Anger To: Gary Numan <> Yeah I have new anger. I culdnt find Metal Rhythm, so I found New Anger not knowing what it was (I already had the MR cassette, so I knew it was similar) Andy -- -- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:28:43 +600 From: Subject: Numan covers album To: Martin Purvis wrote: >Forget about the Xmas songs album, that's old news. Instead of that, Gary >should do an album of cover versions. To help with track selection, I've >been trying to think of the most unsuitable songs of all time. So far I've >come up with... [...] >Hotel California (oh God, please NO!!!!!) Speaking of - anyone with a penchant for vintage synths and a good sense of humor should check out the band Moog Cookbook. It's these two guys (one of whom played with Jellyfish and Imperial Drag and more recently has been backing up Beck on tour) whose albums are nothing but twisted, bizaro covers. Their self-titled debut was a send-up of grunge, including tracks by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Green Day and more. Their 2nd disk, "Ye Olde Space Band: Plays the Classic Rock Hits", is a bit more diverse musically and attacks, er, adapts songs by bands like Boston, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and the Eagles, in the form of the most hilarious version of "Hotel California" you'll ever hear. The press likes to describe the Moog's music as Muzak or elevator music but they're largely missing the joke, IMO. It's much more in the vein of 70's electronic albums like "Switched on Bach". Give a listen (2nd album only, unfortunately) at and hear for yourself. Their clip of "Hotel California only has two (sorta New Age-y and Techno-Country) of the 6 or 7 different styles the song covers. Highly recommended! Doug ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 03:32:59 +0000 From: Emperor <> Subject: OUTLAND and METAL RHYTHM To: Well, I`ve waited and waited and waited and waited for months to hopefully get a cd copy of Outland and Metal Rhythm...I`d ordered them on-line at a couple of web-sites and yet, I still have not recieved them...and I don`t think I ever will. DOES ANYBODY, ANYWHERE KNOW WHERE THERE IS A DEFINITE COPY OF BOTH ALBUMS ? I NEED THEM...I NEED THEM...I NEED THEM !!! `You just suck in the boys` -- PALPATINE ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 13:41:24 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Singles collection To: In the last digest, Rod Reynolds was proposing a singles collection. I think this is an excellent idea to follow on from the BB Premier Hits- all the singles from 84-98 on a single disc (I think they would all fit on a single wouldn't they?) If all the 7" versions were used, then the Fury and Strange Charm singles would be new to CD, and the Berserker ones only available on Receiver rubbish (well MDM anyway-Berserker was on Remodulate wasn't it ?). It would be great for fans old and new. Any chance of the IRS singles being re-recorded or taken from the Babylon series? Count me in for it Rod !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- "And Ralf Schumacher is the son of double world champion, Michael Schumacher Murray Walker, 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 23:58:59 -0800 From: Derek Langsford <> Subject: Sound quality of Exile Extended To: In issue #493 "downstat" <> asked: >Argggghhhhh!!! Is the sound quality a return to the bad old days of >Outland, M&S, and Sacrifice? Is it that bad? While I can't compare well ( I am limited to headphones and a portable while my stereo is in boxes), I find Exile louder than the Extended version. I can't say if it is better sounding. >Can you tell me what the sleeve notes say about mastering? Exile was >mastered at Surrey Sound Studios and then remastered at Hatch Farm. None >of Outland, M&S and Sacrifice went through this process. As a result they >are almost unlistenable. It says it was mastered at Surrey Sound and remastered at Hatch. >If Exile Extended left the Outland studio without being remastered, then it >too will sound like it was recorded in a big biscuit tin. > >Can someone let me know? (I refuse on principle to buy it if GN has >arrogantly gone back to putting out crap sounding CDs just to save a few >bob). If one can believe the credits, it did get remastered. But then again, Gary may have just copies it over from hsi Exile file and not adjusted it to reflect any changes if it in fact was not remastered. My copy was mailed from the UK Dec 4 and arrived Dec 7 here in San Diego - not bad eh, especially fro this time of year, any time of year in fact. I love most of the new arrangements. Dominion Day, Prophecy, Angel Wars and Alien Cure stand out IMHO. It's a really good 74 minute wallow in the atmosphere created by the original. Derek ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derek H. Langsford "Numanews" San Diego, California, USA The Gary Numan Digest email to subscribe -----------------------------------------------------------------------------uwp ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 15:35:11 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: stupid question To: Hello again, I am going back and re-reading about a months worth of digest, and I keep noticing some things. But this one is a simple one, on the M&S Extended, MANY people say they have the version that does not have the extra tracks. My question is this? Is that a mistake/misprint, or is it the non-extended in and exteneded case, or what? Was it just printed that these songs were on a CD, but never were? Later, Mark A Hubbard ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 19:13:03 +0000 From: kevin Goodchild <> Subject: things To: numan digest <> Tony, yes I have the CD Austin, remastered at Hatch Farm panick over Rod, what Berserker tour in Australia was that then ? Martin, I am pink toothbrush your a blue toothbrush (or whatever) Kinky boots white christmas 1999 ! ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************