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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 19:14:24 -0000 From: "Stephen Slater" <> Subject: 1999 Tour To: <> Hi Gang, As Gary sounds like he is doing a 1999 tour I thought I would compile my favorite tracks for this live tour,of course some people will disagree with my selection,so have ago yourself and lets see who is the nearest if the tour goes ahead. It is for fun so do not rip me to pieces if you disagree, remember we are all fans who have our own opinions 1) Cold Warning ( Berserker ) 2) Boys like me ( Dance ) 3) Dominion Day ( Exile ) 4) Music for Chameleons ( I, Assassin ) 5) Absolution (Exile ) 6) Films ( PP) 7) A Question of Faith ( Sacriface ) 8) Prophecy ( Exile ) 9) The life Machine ( Tubeway Army ) 10) Bleed ( Sacriface ) 11) Miracles (The Fury ) 12) Magic ( Sacriface ) 13) Friends 1998 Version 14) Cars 'E' Reg Model All the very best for the year Have lots of fun Steve ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:58:16 +0100 From: "M.Tressler" <> Subject: booking To: Simon also said: "Well worth the day I <booked> off work to listen to it" just wanted to say to the world that the expressions: book, booked, booking, as pertaining to moving really fast, originated in a small city in Pennsylvania named Connellsville (my hometown) a little over 20 years ago (right about the time i started listening to Numan). I used to walk to town to pick up sci-fi mags and comics, and my older brothers' friends would yell, "Book is booking to the bookstore to buy a new book!" (should i point out my nickname is Book?) Sorry to bore you all with such worthless info, but i've been hearing the phrase that i inadvertantly invented everywhere, including TV and movies, and needed a little validation. There, i feel better. bookman BTW, would anyone want to trade a Tubeway Army/Dance CD for my Tubeway Army reissue CD? -- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:37:28 +0000 From: Andy McHaffie <> Subject: Fave albums To: Numan Digest <> Well here's my choice: My fave albums of 1997/1998 in no particular order Gary Numan - Exile Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals Hole - Celebrity Skin Tom Robinson - Having It Both Ways Bob Mould - The Last Dog And Pony Show Andy - A proud member of Boys Like Us -- -- ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:19:58 GMT From: "Michale Stembridge" <> Subject: Favorite recordings To: greetings all, This time I couldn't resist the temptation. Here are (some) of my favorite albums. I opted to broaden the spectrum to include artists besides just Gary. In no particular order... Pleasure Principle Exile Movement - New Order Reproductions/Travelogue - The Human League Orchestral Movements in the Dark - OMD Only Theatre of Pain - Xtian Death The Path of Sorrows - Xtian Death The Gift - The Sisterhood Beauty and the Beat - GoGo's (the great commandment) - Camoflauge Eat to the Beat - Blondie The Sky's Gone Out - Bauhaus ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:47:30 EST From: Subject: MP3 cover To: For the MP3 of the month on RTE:Online I've posted the Broom Room Annex cover of "Oh! Didn't I Say", recorded in February 1996. Everyone is encouraged to download this free song. I do this with covers and other songs that could be legally problematic to market. I'll keep it up through January and probably a few days into February before I post a new MP3 of the month. RTE:Online is located at ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:35:01 -0500 (EST) From: "Michael R. Ward" <> Subject: my top ten (or so) To: numan digest <> in no particular order tears for fears-saturnine martial & lunatic gary numan-telekon nitzer ebb-showtime omd-crush cabaret voltaire-listen up with cv a flock of seagulls-listen gary numan-metal rhythm david sylvian-brilliant trees bryan ferry-in your mind go west-dancing on the couch buggles-age of plastic luxuria-beastbox men at work-contraband keith richards-main offender gary numan-isolate ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 05:51:14 EST From: Subject: NUMAN VIDEO FOR SALE To: Gary Numan <> Lots of stuff here !! Berserker tour/Touring principle/Numan Newman video/MORE !! Visit my web-site for track listings and more info. or e-mail me direct. VIDEODROME/New Wave video - ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:43:16 +0100 From: "M.Tressler" <> Subject: pale pail To: Simon said: "...I`ve not had a cigarette it 9 days so I kind of feel like one, <pail,> nervous and very very irritable." Simon, you're pale, not A pail. bookman -- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:35:46 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: Questions always questions To: Fellow Numanoids, As I endevour to make the "compleat" discography even more complete, I find there are several unanswered questions within the discography from some time ago, and I need your help in filling in some of the gaps! I figure someone must own these little gems! Most of the answers I'm looking for are simply the catalog number of the particular item in question, so if you actually own the item in question, it should be rather easy to answer. If you have answers to any of the following questions, please write to me so that we can all share in the information! I've listed the following in date release order (as far as I know it anyway): Here goes... Outstanding GN discography questions: 1) In May 1979, the 7" single of "Are 'Friends' Electric?" b/w "Down In The Park" was issued on a French label. What's the name of the label and the catalog number? 2) In Aug 1979, the Tubeway Army album was issued on cassette in the UK by Beggars Banquet. What's the catalog number? 3) In Nov 1979, the 7" single of "Complex" b/w "Bombers (Live '79)" was issued on a West German label. What's the name of the label and the catalog number? 4) In Nov 1979, the 12" single of "Complex" b/w "Bombers (Live '79)" and "Me, I Disconnect From You (Live '79)" was issued on a West German label. What's the name of the label and the catalog number? 5) In 1980, the 7" single of "Remind Me To Smile" b/w "I Dream of Wires" was issued on a US label. What's the name of the label and the catalog number? 6) In Jan 1985, the "Change Your Mind" 12" single was issued on Polygram Records in the US. It contains the Razormaid version, the single version, and the extended version of "Change Your Mind". What's the catalog number? 7) In Mar 1985, the "Live E.P." single from White Noise album of "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and "Berserker" b/w "Cars" and "We Are Glass" was issued on a West German label. What's the name of the label and the catalog number? 8) In 1987, the bootleg album "Live At The Roxy 77" was issued possibly in the UK. Was there are label name or catalog number on it? 9) In Mar 1988, the Ghost album was issued on double CD in the UK by Numa. What's the catalog number? 10) In Jun 1989, the New Anger album was issued on a West German label (possibly EMI). Is that the name of the label and what's the catalog number? 11) In Mar 1991, the Outland album was issued on the IRS label in the US. What's the catalog number? 12) In 1992, the Images 11 CD was issued on Numa in the UK. What's the catalog number? 13) During the V96 Festivals in August 1996, Gary played in Warrington on August 18th. What's the name of the place where that festival was held? (i.e. the August 17th festival was held at "Hylands Park" in Chelmsford) 14) In Mar 1998, the tribute album Random (02) was issued on four seperate 12" singles in the UK on Beggars Banquet. What are the colors of the vinyl, and what's the catalog number(s) for these 12" singles? 15) In Aug 1998, the Dark Light album was issued on double CD in the US by Cleopatra. What's the catalog number? What I'd like to do is periodically post outstanding questions from the "compleat" discography in order to better serve Numan fans everywhere!! Many thanks in advance for any information you might have! Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 14:31:32 -0000 From: "kev trimmer" <> Subject: RECORD COLLECTION To: <> HI ALL=20 IVE BEEN A FAN AND COLLECTOR OF NUMAN'S FOR AN AGE.. I NOW WISH TO SELL = MY COLLECTION OF VINYLS AND CD'S, FOR A LIST JUST E MAIL ME=20 SEE YA KEV ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:22:48 -0000 From: Pearson Mark <PearsoM@EU.MWHSE.COM> Subject: Reply to Alec's Reply. To: "'Numan Digest'" <> Hi Alec, Regarding your reply to my posting: You Wrote: "I loved reading your recollections of by-gone eras that you participated in." Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a bit of a glum day and I needed to write down what I was thinking about. The digest seemed like an appropriate place to put it given the subject matter. The Late 70's/Early 80's are very dear to my heart and I'll never forget the influence Numans music had on me at that time and subsequently. You Wrote: "But, please don't ever make the mistake again of assuming that all that goes on in the USA is crystalized in Hollywood films, like Pretty In Pink." Never said it was. I just said it was MY perception of things given that I had never been to the USA at that time. You Wrote: "That's pretty silly of you, don't you think? " No actually I don't. Look, I dunno how old you are but at that time in MY life I had never been to the USA. Also there was no satellite TV or quite as much information on the REAL USA as there is now. There was also no Internet or any of the stuff that helps us get a truer picture of things today. You Wrote: "I remember hating that movie, and others, that tried to capture certain trends of the time. " Actually I quite enjoyed it. It was harmless enough and pretty inoffensive. It did however paint a picture of USA youth culture which may or may not be accurate. It's such a huge fucking place that you can go to the next state and find things totally different anyway. Pretty in Pink certainly gave a "Middle Class West Coast" feel to the scene which was a million miles away from my view of that period, that's all. The point I was trying to make was that if PIP was indicative of the way one may have experienced the early 80's then it would make perfect sense to not Identify with Machine Numan in the same way as someone like myself. You Wrote: "Actually, it's worse now than it ever has been." Again I disagree. I love a lot of what comes out of the USA now. Most of the comedy or good movies I see now comes from the States. Seinfeld, South Park, The Simpsons, Frasier, Friends.... All great stuff, works of genius. The funniest movie I have seen in years was There's Something About Mary. I thought I was gonna have a Heart Attack laughing. I think it's waaaaayyy better these days. When I think back to stuff like the Brady Bunch or Three's Company, or even worse the American Fawlty Towers that didn't even have Basil in... That was bad !!!!!! You Wrote: "That was just so insulting, what you wrote, even if it was unintentionally so." You have got to be kidding me???? Gimme a break here. I used a movie for chrissakes to portray what MY, repeat, MY perception of early 80's USA MAY have been like. I travel to the USA several times a year on buisiness so I NOW know 1st hand how things are. Did you never get influenced by a movie when you were a kid? Damned sure I did !!!!!!!!!!! I think you are way overreacting. If I got pissed off everytime an American took the piss outta my accent I would spend my life being pissed off. Everytime I walk into our USA office I get blasted with "Gawwwwd blesss yer Maryyyyy Pawpins" in a bad Dick Van Dyke accent. It's funny !!!!!!! That's how my colleagues think we all talk over here. I don't trash them for it because I know they are not trying to be offensive. I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote and I don't think you were REALLY offended at all, coz there's absolutely no reason for you to be. Luv on Ya !!!!!!!!! Axeman. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 20:01:57 -0800 From: alec way <> Subject: Ruby To: Antonio brought up a good point when mentioning the "band" Ruby and their one and only record, Salt Peter, in his top ten. I can't think of two people I'd love to see Gary collaborate with more than Rankin and Walk. With all due respect to NIN, Manson and others, there's just that certain intensity, focus and passion on Salt Peter that immediately struck me as legit when I first gave it a spin. For emotional layering and detail, it almost, ALMOST, approaches a Numanesque realm. Not quite but almost. --A ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:15:10 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: Strange Charm ain't shit either! To: Simon Joseph wrote: > Strange Charm, now theres a duffer. The albums only redeeming feature is > that it is now 13 years old and probably right at the bottom of peoples > collection. > A duffer? I don't think so! Don't you like "My Breathing" if nothing else? It's not at the bottom of my collection, I can assure you :-) It gets played as, if not more often than more "in" Numan albums, and I tend to really enjoy it when I do. I'm not sure why, but "Unknown + Hostile", "New Thing From London Town", and "I Can't Stop" all put a huge grin on my face, possibly because many people hate them! I'm even warming to "The Need" - possibly through it's comedy value. I think the general consensus is that there's some great highs and awful lows-but not complete shit like M+S. (I said general-don't shoot me if you disagree :-) Then again, if you think "Poison" is a brilliant song, and that M+S is better than SC then I'll forgive you for having rather too much alcohol :-) But the bottom line is, I LOVE STRANGE CHARM. Which brings me to another point. The only CD I have of this album is in the boxed set, and I would really like a disc with just the 8 album tracks. I understand that there's no extended version :-( (I just looked at a past digest and it said so!) So how much is an original Strange Charm CD worth? I know that Vinyl Tap are selling it for a seemingly unbelievably steep 60 UK pounds, but I have seen a couple offered on this digest for $15 or $20 or something,(when I happened to be offline ) which seems quite cheap. I would have thought it to have lost value with it being reissued in 1996, and it being essentially the same as the original. I would just love to have the original Strange Charm ( and The Fury) CDs if possible, but there's no way I can aford the prices Vinyl Tap are charging (they seem to be very expensive for some reason-I saw they are selling I Can't Stop 10" for ten pounds, and I got it at a record fair for one pound!) and it's my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks, and they would be great presents (to buy with my birthday money). Can anyone help me out? If no-one can sell me the original Strange Charm CD, then I wouldn't mind the reissue but I'm not willing to pay quite as much for the reissue James ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:49:21 -0800 From: Pythoness <> Subject: Those Other Albums To: First--really good to hear that Gary's not answering mail is nothing personal. :-) Thanks for forwarding the note, Derek! Nextly, I *like* Joey Lindstrom's idea of *not* including Numan albums in the list of one's favorite music--it took a huge amount of confusion out of the process, so I think I'll follow that lead (thanks, Joey!). My favorites change from hour to hour and, actually, when asked what "my favorite" whatever is, I tend to say I don't *have* any favorites, unless you want to know what they are right NOW. With that caveat, and in no particular order: -Incredible String Band: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter -Sisters of Mercy: Floodland and/or First and Last and Always (Note to Matthew Roberts--Yeah, I know I said I like their early pre-album stuff best, and I do taken one at a time, but not as an *album!* --and thanks for your reply: I **always** agree to differ!) -Tones on Tail: Night Music -Brian Eno: Before and After Science -Eno/Cale: Wrong Way Up -Derek Bell: O'Carolan's Receipt (did someone say "Celtic sound"?) -Dead Can Dance: Serpent's Egg -Andy Prieboy: Upon My Wicked Son/ Sins of Our Fathers (equally wonderful) -Ultravox: Ultravox! -A particular recording of Beethoven's 9th Symphony: I can find the conductor's name if anyone cares -Huun-Huur-Tu: The Orphan's Lament --And I have to second the motion on Cluster & Eno's After the Heat! Zg (you may wish me Happy Birthday.) Ziggy Blum Ziggy's House O' Vermin Updates delayed by procrastination! Check back eventually! --------------------------- All novelists are fundamentally seekers & describers of the real, but the realism of each novelist will depend on his view of the ultimate reaches of reality. --Flannery O'Connor ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:29:42 -0800 From: Robert Trousdale <> Subject: To Joey: Guess what? :-) To: Gary Numan <> Well, this could have probably gone on private e-mail, but I am unable to send things to Regarding your list, like all of it btw, Big Pig did indeed release a second ablum "You Lucky People" in 1990 on Mushroom records: D30251. It is eminantly forgettable. I think I may have choked down one listening of it. And I was a HUGE fan of "Bonk". The band I wish had put out more albums from your list is Jesus Jones... I think they only had what, three? Man, you also got me thinking about my favorite albums from the earlier days... such as: Fragile - Yes Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Chicago - Chicago (The one with Saturday in the Park) Autobahn - Kraftwerk Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield Boy, I gotta listen to a bunch of albums this weekend... And Joey, if you want to have a tape or something of the BIG PIG, shoot me an e-mail. -Escher ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:23:25 GMT From: "Michale Stembridge" <> Subject: Top three favorite Numan songs? To: Don't let my list fool ya - I do love Exile, and have yet to hear Sacrifice proper but these selections are simply more familiar to me right now. I'm waiting for someone to release Sacrifice in the States. I can't find it anywhere... 1. Down in the Park. 2. Metal. 3. Films. ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************