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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 09:49:57 GMT0BST From: "James Chapman" <> Subject: 1999 tour To: OK, I'll follow Steve and name a perfect tour list. Only 14 songs, Steve? Bit short ain't it ? :-) Intro: Faces In no particular order Metal Dead Heaven Me! I Disconnect From You I'm An Agent Berserker Everyday I Die My Shadow In Vain The Joy Circuit My Centurion We Take Mtstery Strange Charm Unknown + Hostile This Is Emotion Films The Angel Wars Dark Love and Napalm Bleed In a Glasshouse Crash Your Fascination The Secret I Die : You Die (last track with the crowd singing "and I Die You Die") There's something from every album except Outland and M+Soul. That's it. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 09:16:11 -0500 From: (Don McCrum) Subject: A Not So Re-Issued Thought To: Gary Numan List <> At the three main music stores I haunt, I walk in and they don't say, "Hi" or "Hello" they say either, "Didn't get any Gary Numan in this week" or "Do you have that Numan album from way back in '86, the re-issue?" etc.... So, I guess I've developed a habit of buying everything Numan I can get my hands on. And why is this? Why would I pound through music stores (not my favorite, at least when compared to book stores -- I'm a lit geek) and always look in the Numan bins? Because everything I've gotten so far (19 CDs at the moment -- actually more than my SoM collection) is good, if played during the right moods. Play The_Fury just after you've had to fight your way through rush hour traffic after a horrible day at work? Not too likely, but some of the Random/ Remixes (especially Track 1 on Random 2) work pretty well. And I've realized that there are two albums that ALWAYS have something to fit my mood. Tied for 1st place: A. Dawn/ Sacrifice. The Sacrifice Re-Issue has "Question of Faith (Extended)" and "Play Like God" on it -- keeps me from having to switch CDs while driving (that and when the Cd's on "Shuffle", I get some pretty interesting combinations). B. Exile. Everything from the "louder attitude" of Dominion Day to "Absolution". And I finally got to dance to "Absolution", in a club (with two women no less). They even played "Dominion Day" earlier that evening.... "Absolution" was the perfect ending to a simply amazing evening. Also, Replicas, The_Pleasure_Principle, and Telekon "work" for me more than they don't. Most of the albums in the middle are still excellent (if you ask me), but I have to be in a certain mood, and they work very, very well. (I mean, Outland is what I would call Dark Funk, and I wouldn't suggest listening to most of it just before a date....) How many other artists can go from "Do You Need The Service?" to "Soul Protection" to "Dominion Day", whether spanning 20 years or not? That's always been my idea of a great musician -- one who can go from one "genre" to the next, and do well in each. Granted, do I want to hear Numan do a Judas Priest song...? If he wanted to, I'm pretty sure he could pull it off pretty well.... Although his voice would fit "Prodigal Blues" of Billy Idol really well.... Nah. He does his own thing well enough that covers aren't needed. Adfectarius, (D) -- To the one I am, may I continue to be me. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 01:43:07 EST From: "jon glass" <> Subject: favorite albums To: heres some of my favorite albums since everyone else did it :p: -numan:sacrifice/berserker/telekon -buggles:plastic age/adventures in modern recording(i know thats their whole history right there...oops) -marilynmanson:all the spooky kids stuff -kraftwerk:radio activity -skinny puppy:back & forth series 2(the purple one) -ciccone youth:whitey album/ sonic youth:daydream nation -talking heads:fear of music -alice cooper:flush the fashon/special forces(most anything before 85) -beck:mutations -prick ok thats all i can think of right now...........................:O~~~~~~~ :) jonglass ---what's going on in here, i feel like everythings underwater, GIMME A BREAK, I'M DEAD & I'M ASLEEP!----------------------- "Leo's Operation|The Webpage": "Gidget's Glass Factory": ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 14:21:52 -0500 From: Matthew Roberts <> Subject: Fear Factory Cars To: Gary Numan <> Not too happy about shelling out another 16 quid or whatever it was for t= he super dooper, enhanced, re-packaged "digipack" version of Obsolete. Still, FF's Cars is pretty good, if a little predictable. Better than Shampoo's version. Sadly, I never heard Robert Palmer's live effort... God, just imagine Random 37: Fear Factory Shampoo Foo Fighters Marilyn Manson Robert Palmer Molly Half Head That'd confuse the fuck out of the dear old NME. --- I understand Gary was on TOTP2 at the weekend. Let me guess.... Sister Surprise? --- I was really pissed off not being able to get tickets for the MM gig. It really annoys me that a bunch of celebs & suits get free tickets when poo= r sods like me who actually BUY his stuff can't get to see him. It was only the knowledge that Gary was locked away in the studio working= on new music that stopped me topping myself. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:39:27 -0600 From: Subject: Gary Numan Digest V1 #504 To: (Gary Numan) Non-Numan other favorite albums (no particular order) Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player - Elton John Mad About Town - Slow Children The Commodores - The Commodores The B-52s - The B-52s Panorama - The Cars Synchronicity - The Police Eat To The Beat - Blondie Wish - The Cure Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay Hillbilly Deluxe - Dwight Yoakum Favorite Numan Songs (I can't stop at 3!): Moral (Dance) The Machmen (Replicas) Metal (Pleasure Principle) I, Assassin (I, Assassin) Please Push No More (Telekon) My Shadow in Vain (First Album) Dominion Day (Exile) I've enjoyed reading other lists - very interesting! -Mark Mark Hartlaub Dept of Social Sciences Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi 6300 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (512) 994-5994 (office) 994-6098 (FAX) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 01:53:13 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: GN discography questions To: >Outstanding GN discography questions: > >6) In Jan 1985, the "Change Your Mind" 12" single was issued on Polygram >Records in the US. It contains the Razormaid version, the single version, >and the extended version of "Change Your Mind". What's the catalog number? > Polydor 883 061 1 > >9) In Mar 1988, the Ghost album was issued on double CD in the UK by Numa. > What's the catalog number? NUMACD 1007 > >11) In Mar 1991, the Outland album was issued on the IRS label in the US. >What's the catalog number? X2 13077 >12) In 1992, the Images 11 CD was issued on Numa in the UK. What's the >catalog number? GNFCCD 11 >15) In Aug 1998, the Dark Light album was issued on double CD in the US by >Cleopatra. What's the catalog number? CLP 0303-2 > >Jeff Tolva (The Machman) > Rod Los Angeles ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:34:16 -0500 From: "Michael J. Damrath" <> Subject: My own list (as if you care) To: Gary Numan <> I couldn't help but throw my two cents in. My favorite recordings (not including Numan, everyone else is a vast second place after all) are, in no particular order... Revolver - The Beatles Skylarking - XTC Sixteen Stone - Bush We're Only In It For The Money - Frank Zappa The Hurting - Tears for Fears Rage In Eden - Ultravox Dark At The End Of The Tunnel - Oingo Boingo Stuffed Anima - Oblivion Grin Fun In Space - Roger Taylor Hole - Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel Innuendo - Queen Flat Earth - Thomas Dolby The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Genesis ...That's all for now I guess, Cheers! Mike Damrath ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 16:19:46 -0700 From: "Joey Lindstrom" <> Subject: New URL For "The World Wide Webb" To: "" <> The World Wide Webb has just completed a move into fresh new digs. The new web address is: Please note: this is a very new address and a new domain, and I'm writing this on Monday in anticipation of everything being ready by Thursday - ie: the day this issue of the Digest is to be published. It can take some time for new addresses to propagate around the internet. If you cannot reach this address from your location, try again in a few hours. If there are any last minute technical snafus... well, Murphy's Law applies I guess. :-) Please update your bookmarks accordingly. If you run a website that has a link to The World Wide Webb, or any of its content, please also be sure to update those link pages as well. My thanks! / From Joey Lindstrom / Interocitor Dot Net / / I went to the museum where they had all the heads and arms from the / statues that are in all the other museums. / --Steven Wright ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 22:25:08 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: Numan/Nicholsen CD To: Hey all, Has anyone actually obtained a copy of the "Numan/Nicholsen" CD release? The last bit of information that I had said it would be out in December 1998, but just like before I've heard nothing from anyone regarding it being "in stock" anywhere. If you've got your CD copy already, could you please post me and/or the Digest list with the tracks, times, etc.? Who knows, maybe this release will make the discography someday (if it's actually released) ;-) Cheers, Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 20:55:27 EST From: Subject: Numan CDs for sale To: I have the following Gary Numan CDs for sale: Strange Charm - Outland - New Anger - The Skin Mechanic - Sacrifice - Telekon/I,Assassin - Replicas/The Plan - Dream Corrosion Single CD's for $15, Double CD's for $25. Including shipping anywhere in the USA. See for more info or write to ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Day "Remind Me To Smile" Website: ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 20:33:01 -0000 From: "Antonio" <> Subject: Numan Lyrics page To: "Gary Numan" <> I am currently working on a Numan lyrics section for my Noise Noise site. This is coming along quite well (to see what I've done so far, go to and click the picture of Gary, then click on the 'A -Z & Lyrics' link) However, I am a bit stuck on some of the songs - I don't know the words to most of 'Live at the Roxy', and some of the b-sides are a bit difficult to pin down. And I need a tracklist for 'Human', as I still haven't got that album. Plus, 'd like any mistakes or ommissions from the list pointing out to me. This lyric section will hopefully eventually include words to every Numan song (but not live versions) Anyway - back to the lyric sheets and Smash Hits cuttings... (I'm listening to the songs as I type the words, and remembering the brilliance of some of those lyrics.) Antonio ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:25:02 -0000 From: "machman" <> Subject: Old Numan related Song i need to find To: <> Being a fan since 79 I have pretty much everything that GN has done (like a lot of people) But I Seem to remember a song by Nicky Robson (I Think) Called STARS Can anyone confirm it and can anyone let me have it as an MP3 file I know that GN frowns on MP3 but I assume that it is only the New stuff so anything old that you want in return Please ask and I'll MP3 it and mail it to the kind person back Regards Dean ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 22:15:35 +0100 From: "joeri" <> Subject: Please Vote for 'prophecy'. To: "Gary Numan" <> Hi fellow numanoids, Would you be so kind to vote for the Belgian Gary Numan Site 'prophecy'. I get one year free internet if I should win. Option 3 (prophecy) and then the large grey button (deze moet het worden) = Flemish for ' This site should win'. Thanks, Joeri Peeters ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 08:30:47 +0100 From: "Ingo Weinard" <> Subject: Projekt Pitchfork To: "Gary Numan" <> Hi all of you, on monday 18. january i bought the single CD from the german electro band Projekt Pitchfork "I live your dream" with a Gary Numan Remix 6:45 min.! It sounds brilliant- the song remains a bit to Dead Heaven. It is an uptempo track with a beautiful piano and typical Numan noises and breaks! Dont miss it- by it ! see you your's ingo -- ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 23:05:03 -0600 From: Jeff Tolva <> Subject: Questions always question (part 2) To: Fellow Numanoids, Many thanks to everyone (and there were alot of people) who wrote to me directly with the answers to the outstanding discography questions!! Thanks to you, the "compleat" Gary Numan discography will be even more complete with its next revision. I hope to have the next revision out on Joey's "World Wide Webb" site and/or the new "Gary Numan Fan Server" site sometime in early February, so keep an eye out for it ;-) The only outstanding question which wasn't answered from the last posting was the one about Outland. It was my fault really for not being clear enough as most people wrote to me with the catalog number for the Outland CD which was released in the US on IRS. I should have said I was looking for the catalog number of the vinyl release...oops. As far as I know, the CD has a catalog number of X2 13077, and the cassette tape has a catalog number of X4 13077 (can anyone confirm this tape release for me?). What I was trying to ask before was for the catalog number of the vinyl release of Outland. Does anyone have this release on vinyl? If so, I'd love to know the catalog number for the discography! Thanks again for helping to make the "compleat" discography one of the best sources of Gary Numan release and tour information ever! Jeff Tolva (The Machman) ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:29:36 +1300 From: "D & J Hall" <> Subject: Questions always questions To: "Numan Digest" <> >2) In Aug 1979, the Tubeway Army album was issued on cassette in the UK by >Beggars Banquet. What's the catalog number? I have the Tubeway Army cassette - it came on an orange cassette in an orange case. , I am not sure that mine is the BB release as most of GNs stuff was released here on WEA. To check I would have to get the tape from the attic - no small task, my attic is a scary place. Please let me know if you think this "orange" version is what you are looking for. >11) In Mar 1991, the Outland album was issued on the IRS label in the US. >What's the catalog number? >From the spine of the CD: X2 13077 Hope this helps and keep up the good work! Darren Hall ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:43:36 -0000 From: "Nigel Lunn" <> Subject: Questions Answered To: <> The answers to the questions that you asked on the last digest are as follows. The French version of Are friends electric was on the Atlantic label cat No 11364 Distributed by WEA. Tubeway Army U.K cassette Cat No is BEGC4 The German 7" of Complex was on the Beggars Banquet label, It was marketed in Germany by Intercord Cat No. INT 111.534. The 12" version of Complex was on the same label Cat No. INT 126.503. The American 7" Remind me to smile/I dream of wires was on the ATCO Label Cat No. 7316. USA Razormade 12" version had the Cat No 883 061-1. The German live E.P was on the Teldec label Cat No 6.20457AE. The Roxy album has a white label, No Cat No appears on the cover, but the run out groove has the number TUBE 101. (This wasn't released in 1987). The Ghost CD has the Cat No NUMACD 1007. New Anger I think was pressed for Germany in Holland it has the Cat No 564-24 1022 2 and was distributed by EMI. USA Outland Album Cat No Is X2 13077. Images 11 Cat No Is GNFCCD 11. V96 Festival was at Warrington Victoria Park. Random 2.1 (Metal/Dans Le Park) Red vinyl. Random 2.2 (I die/Cars/Cars) Green vinyl. Random 2.3 (Warriors/Are friends/Vapour) Blue vinyl. Random 2.4 (We are glass/Films/Iceman) Clear vinyl. Dark Light USA Cat No is CLP 0334-2 ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 00:10:04 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: Sacrifice in US To: >Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:23:25 GMT >From: "Michale Stembridge" <> >Don't let my list fool ya - I do love Exile, and have yet to hear >Sacrifice proper but these selections are simply more familiar to me >right now. I'm waiting for someone to release Sacrifice in the States. >I can't find it anywhere... Sacrifice was released in the US on Cleopatra (distributed by Caroline) last summer. The catalog number is CLP-0336-2. You should be able to order it at any reasonably good record store, and I know a number of places have it online. It has four bonus tracks including two tracks from the Sacrifice Extended album. Best of luck. Rod Los Angeles ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 18:10:17 PST From: "Jenny Beck" <> Subject: skin mechanic To: how does this sound!!!! LP Numan, Gary - Skin Mechanic Live Irs Label R3142 $7.00 does anyone know if this is a good deal??? i would appreciate it if you'd mail me :) Thank you :) ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 02:05:43 -0800 From: (rod reynolds) Subject: Strange Charm To: (Gary Numan) >Simon Joseph wrote: > >> Strange Charm, now theres a duffer. The albums only redeeming feature is >> that it is now 13 years old and probably right at the bottom of peoples >> collection. >> As I have been working on the Strange Charm re-issue for Cleopatra in the US, I have been listening to the album *quite* a bit the last few weeks. The re-issue will have five bonus tracks; two extended versions (NTFLT 12" mix and I Can't Stop 10" mix) and three b-sides. It will be released by Cleopatra in the US and Canada within the next six months, with complete lyrics and photos. I have always ranked "My Breathing" as one of my all time favorite Numan songs. I still get a thrill listening to it, it's so evocative and powerful. I love the instrumentation (especially the violin) and the visual lyrics. It just has so much in it... I would like 'Unknown and Hostile' more without the female vocals, or else with them mixed down (like on 'My Breathing' or 'Strange Charm'), as she lends a screamy frenetic sense. 'The Sleeproom' has one of my absolute favorite Numan bits in it, every time I hear the part (at 2:20) where he says "And I'm moving and I'm lying down..." the music changes and I get chills. I wish the whole song were that good. I wish the whole album was that sexy and exciting! I happen to like 'NTFLT' a lot, but I like the 12" version much more than the album version. Even though I can't understand the words and only have a vague idea what the song's about (but since when is that unusual with Numan tracks). 'I Can't Stop' would again be, in my opinion, a GREAT song if they took the female vocals RIGHT OUT. WAY too shrill. And annoying, right from the start of the track. I Can't Stand to listen to it. Under duress (I had to listen to it to check the cd masters) I grew an appreciation; I think there's a good song buried in the production. I love the part where he says "Been up on the power..." where he's singing by himself, but then the annoying screaming starts... and the guitar solo brings me down - so "Journey"!! Has anyone else noticed that the song is only five sentences... I don't like the 'funky/industrial' track 'Strange Charm' much (does anyone have a clue as to what it's about?) save for the chorus "What you gonna think" etc (plus the whole thing sounds *really* '1985'), and not much passion is aroused in me by The Need (it's very noisy, plus such embarrassing lyrics "Come on feel the need in me"). I do like 'This is Love', although I've never much cared for any Numan ballads. (*gasp!!*). As for the b-sides 'Time to Die' I enjoy quite a bit, the other two ('Faces' and 'Survival') are mostly vague instrumentals which seem unfocussed or unfinished to me... I guess that's why they're b-sides!! All in all, not the strongest Numan album, perhaps (like we could ever agree on that) but I like it a lot. I love how he talks about being famous and his career... ("Assassination by the radio", "We all rearrange the same old songs", "I know that I'm not all that pretty, I know I don't sound like I should", "Been up on the power been down and ashamed", "I can't stop for all your stories"... the whole album's very telling...) and it definitely has it's *ahem* Charm. Rod Los Angeles > A duffer? I don't think so! Don't you like "My Breathing" if >nothing else? It's not at the bottom of my collection, I can assure >you :-) > > It gets played as, if not more often than more "in" Numan albums, >and I tend to really enjoy it when I do. I'm not sure why, but >"Unknown + Hostile", "New Thing From London Town", and "I Can't Stop" >all put a huge grin on my face, possibly because many people hate >them! I'm even warming to "The Need" - possibly through it's comedy >value. I think the general consensus is that there's some great highs >and awful lows-but not complete shit like M+S. (I said general-don't >shoot me if you disagree :-) > > Then again, if you think "Poison" is a brilliant song, and that >M+S is better than SC then I'll forgive you for having rather too >much alcohol :-) > >But the bottom line is, I LOVE STRANGE CHARM. > > Which brings me to another point. The only CD I have of this album >is in the boxed set, and I would really like a disc with just the 8 >album tracks. > I understand that there's no extended version :-( (I just >looked at a past digest and it said so!) > So how much is an original Strange Charm CD worth? I know that Vinyl >Tap are selling it for a seemingly unbelievably steep 60 UK pounds, >but I have seen a couple offered on this digest for $15 or $20 or >something,(when I happened to be offline ) which seems quite cheap. > I would have thought it to have lost value with it being reissued in >1996, and it being essentially the same as the original. > >I would just love to have the original Strange Charm ( and The Fury) >CDs if possible, but there's no way I can aford the prices Vinyl Tap >are charging (they seem to be very expensive for some reason-I saw >they are selling I Can't Stop 10" for ten pounds, and I got it at a >record fair for one pound!) and it's my 21st birthday in a couple of >weeks, and they would be great presents (to buy with my birthday >money). > > Can anyone help me out? If no-one can sell me the original Strange >Charm CD, then I wouldn't mind the reissue but I'm not willing to pay >quite as much for the reissue > >James > ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 03:51:58 PST From: "Dalis Car" <> Subject: Top 10 all time fave albums To: In order and subject to change from time to time. 1. Dance Gary Numan 2. The Wall Pink Floyd 3. The Waking Hour Dalis car 4. LA Sexercisto Devil Music vol 1. White Zombie 5. Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson 6. Filter Short bus 7. Everlast Whitey Ford sings the Blues 8. Metallica And Justice for all 9. Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust 10. Japan Gentlemen Take Polaroids ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:08:57 -0600 From: Valerie Iglar-Mobley <> Subject: your wish is granted, Robert To: Robert Trousdale <> Dear Robert, > The band I wish had put out more albums from your list is Jesus Jones. > I think they only had what, three? Actually, they just put out a fourth album, 'Already'. Not as intense as their edgy, edgy 'Perverse' of '93, but still an excellent album. But then, I love Jesus Jones. Amusingly, I just saw in Tower the other day, a "Back To Back" cd compilation of Jesus Jones and EMF singles. I guess they've given up on pretending they're two different bands! (That's a joke, for all you fellow fans out there. Hearing those two on 'Random 1' was an exquisite high point for me on that album.) love to all, Benjamin Iglar-Mobley P.S. ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************