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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 02:03:26 +0000 From: Charlie Boy <> Subject: amusing story + top 10s To: Heard a funny story re. Numan recently. A friend of mine was in Kylie Minogue's band (awful Australian "singer" famous for some reason in England) and they were flown by helicopter to a Radio One roadshow in Blaackpool (Northern seaside "resort"). The keyboard player was terrified of flying and was trying as hard as possible to stay calm. They were hovering a few thousand feet above the crowd waiting to land. I should add for the benefit of recent American Numan converts that Mr Numan is one of the UK's foremost display/stunt pilots and is one of one only about half a dozen pilots in the country who is a CAA (FAA equiv.) certified examiner, so if you go for your display pilot rating (probably the hardest test in aviation), Gazza could be the examiner. So he's VERY good. But in England he has a totally undeserved reputation for crashing etc (it happened once in 82 but he wasn't flying AND it was a mechanical fault) which totally eclipsed his musical reputation once the hits dried up. Anyway, Kylie Minogue's helicopter pilot hovering above Blackpool pointed out to his passengers that Numan had just joined the pattern and could be seen beginning a display for the crowd. An ex-pop star flying loop-the-loops etc in a WW2 Harvard a mile away in the same airspace was too much for the already-terrifed-but-so-far-well-behaved keyboard player in the helicopter, and he just snapped. My unruffled guitarist friend looked over at him, and saw that in a matter of seconds he had turned bright luminous green and was so completely covered in nervous sweat that he "looked like he had stepped straight out of the shower." The man was too shaken by the experience to even mime to backing tracks once they had safely landed. My favourite 10 Numan tracks are: 1 Complex 2 My Breathing 3 Absolution 4 She's Got Claws 5 Warriors 6 My Centurion 7 Tracks 8 God Only Knows 9 Noise Noise 10 Please Push No More Fave 5 albums: 1 Telekon 2 Warriors 3 Exile 4 Ghost 5 Dance Fave 11 (?) non-Numan albums of all time (no order): Night And Day - Joe Jackson What's Goin On - Marvin Gaye Hats - Blue Nile Way To Blue - Nick Drake Lotus - Santana Spice - Spice Girls Everything Must Go - Manic Street Preachers Tribute - Ozzy Osbourne / Randy Rhodes Songs In The Key Of Life - Stevie Wonder Brave - Marillion The Pearl - Harold Budd I thank you. Charles Kennedy ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:45:18 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: Boys Like Us To: "Gary Numan" <> A lot of digesters have been wondering what all these signatures referring to "Proud Member Of Boys Like Us" is all about. "Boys Like Us" is the group for gay, lesbian and bisexual fans of Gary Numan. The "Boys Like Us" Web page is: All are welcome to visit, but homophobia will not be tolerated. Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy Proud Member of Boys Like Us ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 23:30:21 -0800 From: Subject: Desert Island Discs and othersuch stuff To: Numan News Digest <> I love this idea! It just shows how diverse we really are as Numanoids, and makes great reading! Ok, so here's my list of favorite albums besides Gary's (subject to change with my mood): Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Talk About the Weather" Marc Almond "Stories of Johnny" The Damned "Phantasmagoria" Gene Loves Jezebel "Immigrant" Human League "Dare" kd lang "Ingenue" The Mission "God's Own Medicine" Duran Duran "Duran Duran" Simple Minds "Sons and Fascination" Ultravox "Vienna" Can you tell I graduated from high school in 1982? ________________________ ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:06:36 -0600 From: (Paddy) Subject: everybody else is doing it. . . To: Here are my ten favorite albums (well, mostly cds now) (sans Numan). Of course, this does kind of shift a little from time to time, but here goes. . . Magazine "Correct use Of Soap" David Sylvian "Gone to Earth" Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" The Jam "Compact Snap" (yeah I know, it's a compilation, but it's so good) The Fall "This Nations Saving Grace" James Brown Whatever that latest two disc set is called The Merry Go Round "Greatest Hits" (since thier sole album didn't have all the really great stuff on it) Hank Williams "24 Greatest Hits" Cheap Trick "Cheap Trick" (the first album) I hope greatest hits albums count here, cause if they don't I guess I gotta rethink. I hope you all are shocked and made ill by my selections. I'm living in a country that picked VHS over Beta, RCA over Columbia color, and Windows over Mac. Where's the sanity?. ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:44:39 -0800 From: David Banks <> Subject: Favourite Albums To: Hi everyone in Numan Land!, Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth regarding everyones favourite albums. I find it interesting to see what other music people like to listen to as a break (often only very short) away from the huge catalogue of Numan material. These are not in any particular order (compilations and 'greatest hits' not included), but I finish with my "Top 10" Numan albums in order. DPB Favourite Albums 'Wedding Album' & 'Rio' - DURAN DURAN 'Lament' - ULTRAVOX 'So Red the Rose' - ARCADIA 'Dare' - HUMAN LEAGUE 'Songs From the Big Chair' - TEARS FOR FEARS 'Introspective' - PET SHOP BOYS 'The Mix', 'Autobahn', 'Radioactivity' & 'Computer World' - KRAFTWERK 'Primative Man' - ICEHOUSE 'Tenement Symphony' - MARC ALMOND 'New York, London, Paris, Munich' - M 'Savage Garden' - SAVAGE GARDEN 'Lexicon of Love' - ABC 'New Gold Dream (81,82,83) - SIMPLE MINDS 'Discovery' - ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA 'Nightflight To Venus' - BONEY M 'Hot August Night' - NEIL DIAMOND DPB Favourite Gary Numan Studio Albums 1. 'Sacrifice' 2. 'Berserker' 3. 'New Anger' 4. 'Telekon' 5. 'Automatic' (with Bill Sharpe) 6. 'I, Assassin' 7. 'Exile' 8. 'Warriors' 9. 'Pleasure Principle' 10. 'The Fury' DPB Favourite Gary Numan Live Album 1. 'White Noise' - Without doubt, his best live album. I just love the 'intro' that blends into 'Berserker' - very powerful. Needs to be played VERY loud!!! I know, like most people, this can be influenced by the mood that your are in, but the above have stood the test of time. I am a bit amused to see the passionate replies regarding the albums 'Machine and Soul' and 'Strange Charm'. A couple of my all-time favourite tracks appear on those albums - the extended version of 'Machine and Soul' and 'My Breathing' are excellent. Gary Numan last toured Australia in 1980. When 'Dominion Day' was released, there was talk of an Australian Tour later in 1998 - which never happened. What's the story, what's going on. Get our hopes up, and then we get let down. WHEN IS GARY NUMAN GOING TO TOUR AUSTRALIA - THE GREAT SOUTHERN LAND He has got heaps of fans here, and I believe he likes Australia. Well at least that's off my chest, I just hope something happens. best wishes, David Banks "I'm a ghost in the dark..............." AUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUSTRALIAAUS ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:12:57 +0000 From: Andy McHaffie <> Subject: Fear factory To: Gary Numan <> I bought the Fear Factory CD with my Xmas record tokens, and to be honest was dissapointed with Cars. After a furious fast heavy first 10 songs or so, Cars is remarkably faithful, and the FF singer doesnt growl once.... :( However I did get into conversation with a guy at the Garbage concert in Reading this week who was wearing a FF T-shirt (I was wearing my Exile) and he recognised the name, and wanted to know more... Garbage were excellent, but Moloko the support band were even better. See them live if you get the chance ! Andy McHaffie - A proud member of Boys Like Us -- -- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 12:27:35 -0600 From: "Alice Hartlaub" <> Subject: introduction To: <> I'm new to the mailing list. I began listening to Gary Numan in 1979. I was introduced to Gary Numan by "Cars", I bought the 45 single (remembe those?), and found that I liked the B-side "Metal" even more. Therefore I bought "The Pleasure Principle" and I was hookd. I immediately bought "Replicas" and then continued buying albums up to and including "Beserker". During that time I did feel like I was Gary's only fan. No one I knew listened to Gary Numan, although most had heard of "Cars". I drifted away from Gary Numan after "Beserker" for no particular reason. His albums were more difficult to find and I never heard any more on the radio. Only four months ago I got a job which allowed me internet access. After looking around a bit I discovered Gary Numan websites and then read about the excitement for "Exile." I found, bought it, and am back in the "Numan groove." I enjoy linking to NuWorld and other Numan sites and I must admit it feels nice to know that I'm not the only Gary Numan fan in the world. Through NuStreet I recently bought CDs of Tubeway Army/Dance and Telekon/I, Assassin and boy, do they sound good. To hear "This Wreckage" after almost 15 years is great since I'd lent away and lost my turntable years ago. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Gary's music and lyrcis helped me to get through college and I'll always have a special place for Gary Numan. One of my all-time favorite lyrics is: I was standing outside your door Waiting for the grey men to go When my mind turned on me With a vengeance I had never known My own Take care, Mark ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 20:14:25 -0000 From: "Simon Joseph" <> Subject: low charm To: "The Digest" <> I`ve just retrieved from the BOTTOM of my collection Strange Charm. Blown all the dust off and put the CD on. OK I bought the rerealese about a year ago but I think this is only its second play (the first to make sure it did not jump). Managed to sit through My Breathing but now am glancing purposely at the skip key on the remote. "this is uncertain this is unsound" ummmm. Numan is the most coolest icons going, except of course for the cover of this LP (and maybe the fury "cover" NOT THE ALBUM) The cover is ......well sad basically. Remember the video of new thing? I normally hide behind the sofa when it comes on. I can`t stop impressing that almost everything else Mr Webb has done has been great, but this is room 101 stuff, would`t even touch the sides. "Are you gonna scream oh (yes)... I just don`t like this thing at all". That bit is a crib off bowies Low LP, nothing wrong with that though. Simile the `gone wrong` from sister suprise listen to "Beauty and the beast" you`ll hear what I mean. That might be kind of interesting if people were to talk about those little nagging thoughts of GN being guilty of plagiarism, What no no no I hear you say, and the other way around. I`ve come to "this is Love" I do quite like this, Gn`s skills are normally better suited to more harder offerings but this for me is one of the exceptions. Oh yes the CD version omits Time to die (my fav of the period), like the LP, but not the tape this about sums the year 86 up. Oddly a friend of mine who has been a noid since since the same era as me, thinks the same, but he does like My Breathing. Sorry James an Rod but I`ve listened to it again and its still a duffer, but I will buy the us version if Rod, unlike his predeceases, remembers to put time to die on:-) Right now where did I find this LP arrr yes let me put it back just where I found it. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:03:08 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: Machine & Soul/Numan Web Ring To: "Gary Numan" <> Does anyone know what has happen to the Machine & Soul web site? And Klaus? And the future of the Gary Numan Web Ring? I'm concerned about dead links on my NumanBoy web site as I'm sure other site authors are. Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy Proud Member of Boys Like Us ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:12:48 EST From: Subject: March Convention To: Are any US list members going over for the March convention? Please email me if so.. Thanks, Brad ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:36:56 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: NumanBoy's Favorites To: "Gary Numan" <> A bit late I'm afraid...but here are my all time fav albums.... 1) (tie) "Beatitude" - Ric Ocasek "Telekon" - Gary Numan 2) "The Cars" - The Cars 3) "The Queen is Dead" - The Smiths 4) "Discover" - E.L.O. 5) "Listen" - A Flock Of Seagulls 6) "B-52's" - B'52's" 7) "Black Celebration" - Depeche Mode 8) "Live at Budokan" - Cheap Trick 9) "Replicas" - Gary Numan 10) 5 way-tie) "With Sympathy" - Ministry "Saturn Strip" - Alan Vega "Parklife" - Blur "Wish" - The Cure "Dookie" - Green Day This was a really tough list to throw together..since I've been buying albums since 1974 ("Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" - Elton John to "Candyass" - Orgy. My musical tastes have grown and changed over the years. This is the closest I can come to my all time favs ) out of over 1100 in my collection. My current favs differ from my all-time faves in that they include Backstreet Boys (yea I know I'll get shit) to Legendary Crystal Chandelier. Will they last? Only time will tell. Fav artists of all time is a different list....for a different posting. Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy Proud Member of Boys Like Us ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:07:49 -0000 From: "David Ellison" <NUMANBOY@PRODIGY.NET> Subject: NumanBoy Update To: "Gary Numan" <> Yes, it's true! The NumanBoy site has finally been updated. The biggest news is that I am now running the Gary Numan Fan Directory (founded by Sean Caszatt, and formally hosted at his Sleeproom site.) Please check your listing or add yours, if you're not already listed. I've got stacks of pics that will be added to the site over the next few weeks, so keep checking in! Cheers! David a.k.a. NumanBoy Proud Member of Boys Like Us ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 05:33:47 -0700 From: "Joey Lindstrom" <> Subject: NuServer Now Online - REALLY! To: "" <> In the last Digest, I announced that The World Wide Webb had moved to a new home. This was, of course, written a few days earlier, back when I was still young and hopeful, when I had dreams that maybe, just maybe, the domain name authorities would have their freakin' poop in a group, and that the people installing my new high speed line would realize that, in addition to receiving data, I might also want to SEND some! :-) Anyways, it's now Saturday morning, and the new domain name is JUST NOW starting to propagate around the 'net. By the time you read this, I *HOPE* you will be able to visit some of our member sites: Gary Numan Fan Server - http://GaryNumanFan.NU The World Wide Webb - http://webb.GaryNumanFan.NU Outland - Scary Numan - http://scary.GaryNumanFan.NU (Actually, it's unlikely you'll be able to find the new Outland URL by Sunday morning - seems that InterNIC has been attacked by a bunch of idiots sending in fraudulent domain name registration changes and thus they're currently processing all applications by hand - this one STILL hasn't been done!) My apologies for any confusion and/or inconvenience all this has caused in trying to visit our sites, particularly Outland and The World Wide Webb. The hardware has been up and running and correctly configured for weeks - I naturally assumed that the so-called experts, the people who actually earn their livings in this biz, would have a clue as to what they were doing. I won't make THAT mistake again. :-) Man, the goofball that showed up to install my ADSL line gave me the wrong IP address range, the wrong gateway IP address, *AND* the wrong netmask. The only thing on the data form that's filled out properly is the primary and secondary DNS servers for their own computers - and he only got those right because they were pre-printed! Why should I, a guy who's never done this before, know more about this than the guy they send to install it? Sorry, was I ranting? I'll stop... for now... / From Joey Lindstrom / Visit The NuServer! http://www.GaryNumanFan.NU / / He was a multi-millionaire. He designed the little diagrams that tell / which way to put batteries in. / --Steven Wright ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 12:11:14 +0200 From: (Chris Turner) Subject: Play Like God To: Hello all from sunny and very hot South Africa at the moment. Can anyone help me out with the words to "Play like God"? They are not in my re-issue Sacrifice CD and I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. If its somewhere on the net, just point me to it. Thanks in advance. Keep Well NUMAG ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:44:27 EST From: Subject: Project Pitchfork meets Numan :) To: Hi asked me to pass on this tidbit to the Numan Masses...enjoy! And thanks to Boris (Broso) for keeping me in the know...whatta guy! whatta guy! Rick in DC <<just received the Project Pitchfork single "I live your dream" which contains a remix by Gary. Well, to start first it=B4s a little bit frustra= ting to see a band with wich we shared a lot of small club stages 7 years ago doing it big time and me not (;-)). But then it=B4s actually great for the= se guys. The song itself is very good a quite melodic midtempo ballad with a great hook line in the gothic/ebm field - more electronic than the current wave of german dark`n`hard band. I like it very much. The Gary Numan remix is a different sort of thing: nearly 7 minutes of pu= re "exile" sound complete with drumloops, waves and farting dragons. This wou= ld be great if numan would not have taken the melody out of the song. So it sounds just like "Oh I got some leftovers from "exile" let=B4s do 'em toge= ther and it=B4ll work". Hm. Even though I like the "sacrifice-exile" sound a lo= t, the remix sadly is inferior to the original version. But that=B4s a really good one. It=B4s worth buyng the cd for its main son= g even for numanoids. The GN mix is not bad - but not very good either.>> ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 02:35:38 EST From: "jon glass" <> Subject: songs numan should do live To: heres some song i would choose if i was to pick his songs & dye his hair blue again :): a question of faith my shadow in vain (with the synths going mad) everyday i die (1979 live version) magic my breathing a somehow reworked version of the skin game angel wars Me! i disconnect from you M.E. i dont believe the secret the aircrash bureau down in the park (with the really fast highhat like the origanol) i dream of wires life machine(hopefully reworked) replicas deadliner prophecy exile & then he makes everone cry by doing a child with the ghost & love isolation! & then I die:you die it'd be beautiful!! PS: if anyone has a copy of john giorno's "scum & slime" video or recorded version send it to me!!!! jongidg etglass ---looks like a tv set sitting on a refrigerator GIMME A BREAK, I'M DEAD & I'M ASLEEP!----------------------- "Leo's Operation|The Webpage": "Gidget's Glass Factory": ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 00:30:34 -0800 From: Pythoness <> Subject: Strange Charm To: Re: Rod's Review of Strange Charm: I actually couldn't agree more with Rod's assessment of this album (with a tiny exception). I have a huge emotional attachment to it (for reasons far too complicated and tedious to bother to elucidate here), but it sure is a mixed bag! "My Breathing" and "I Can't Stop" on the same album! Is the man versatile or what? :-) Took me days to listen to it when I got it way back then; the title "My Breathing" really put me off (as I've said before, my reaction was, "What next--'My Digestion'?"), and it's still one of my favorite songs. "The Sleeproom" is my second favorite off this one. Notice that they're both short on the female vocals. The only place I disagree with Rod is that the chorus of "Strange Charm" is my least favorite part of the song--and I think "SC" is actually a really good number deeply buried under saxes and the shrieking harpies. Oh, and I guess I don't think "I Can't Stop" would be a good song unless not only were the female vocals taken right out but the lyrics replaced and the tune completely redone. :-) But I'll be buying the reissue, no doubt. zg Ziggy Blum Ziggy's House O' Vermin Updates delayed by procrastination! Check back eventually! --------------------------- All novelists are fundamentally seekers & describers of the real, but the realism of each novelist will depend on his view of the ultimate reaches of reality. --Flannery O'Connor ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:55:03 +0000 From: colin_l <> Subject: The Fury 1998 To: Tower Records in Glasgow has 2 copies today in Imports section, of 1998 Cleopatra re-release of The Fury with 5 bonus tracks @ 17.99. And Esprit ( offering Teletour'80 & Wembley '81 Tour Book -v.likely only one copy of each. ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 09:37:58 +0000 From: Tom Gorham <> Subject: Well done Digest 505 To: "Gary Numan" <> Digest 505.... absolutely no MIME files, unreadable attachments or spam: is this a first? Tom Gorham ------------------------------ End of Gary Numan Digest ******************************